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September 15, 2013

run down

Running: this week was a cutback, only 54 miles or so. It was supposed to be 57 miles and include a 5k, but oh well...The weather has turned just a touch cooler, and yesterday and today I made an effort to pick it up a little from my usual sluggish pace. It felt ok, but I'm not sure I'm ready to declare a victory over the doldrums.

I love what running has done for my health; at my last checkup, the doctor said "whatever you're doing, keep doing it." And as I approach 50 I'm all too aware that my dad died at 51 of a (sudden) heart attack. Of course, he was a heavy smoker, and overweight all his adult life, and a classic type A personality. So unlike me, who has been thin all her adult life, and quit a 23-year, 3-pack-a-day smoking habit 12 years ago, and who never worries about anything, ever, ha!. I hate that I hobble out of bed every morning, but I can't imagine what I would feel like 20 pounds over college weight and with knees full of ground glass. So I do plan to keep running as long as I can, but as for racing and "training" - I'm no longer sure I want to spend so much time and energy on that.

music: This week contained a couple of it-all-sounds-horrible days, which I was able to plow through. I survived (and enjoyed!) the rehearsal where I was the only violist. I dutifully practiced everything we went over in last week's lesson, and I had even arrived at the point where I could tell that some things were better than they were a year ago, or even three months ago. But...I had a lesson today, so of course my head is full of all my shortcomings. And there are so many of them! I really want to set some goals (getting into a chamber music camp next summer is one of them), but I couldn't bring myself to mention any of them to my teacher for fear he would either laugh at me. Or worse, try to let me down easy.

Posted by joe positive at September 15, 2013 6:25 PM

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Glad you're hanging in there with the running. 54 miles as a cut-back week - wow - I'd like to get UP to 54 miles! Just running (not training) is quite enjoyable - short races while doing that too, as long as you don't expect to run as fast as when in 'full training'.

Posted by: Ewen at September 19, 2013 1:17 AM

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