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August 29, 2013

oh, very young

This week one of the orchestras I play in started up again. Although it's a college orchestra, motivated highschool kids and "community" (euphemism for "old") musicians can participate too. There were a lot of highschool kids at this first rehearsal, and one of them is a student of my teacher, and we both played at that dreadful recital in May.

I remember that at the recital this guy played well and also performed really well too. He wasn't the most advanced of all the performers, but he had a something...anyway, he went to chamber music camp this summer and got really good, and at rehearsal the other night, the conductor put him assistant prinicpal. Not too shabby for a highschool kid his first time in a college orchestra. When my teacher gets back I bet he'll be thrilled with this kid's progress.

Which leads me to wonder...this going-off-to-camp-and-getting-good business is something you would expect in kids - after all, they have summers off to practice, and scads of camps to choose from. It must be great for teachers to see the transformation that can happen over a few months. It doesn't happen much for us "community" musicians; we rarely make the same kind of leaps and bounds, or have anything so dramatic to present. I wonder if our teachers ever get bored with our plodding.

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