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November 26, 2009

the gods have smiled

I've been worried lately. I've been stressed.

1. My marathon training was going so well, and then I developed some achilles tendonitis or retrocalcaneal bursitis or at any rate a sore spot on my right heel. It which improved a good bit after a few weeks of RICE and xtraining and magical kinesio taping and et cetera, but I still feel a bit of something when I run, and a bit more when I run hard (and then afterward throughout the day). Very annoying, and it's been alternately worrying me and pissing me off. But this morning I ran 13 miles with 7 @ 7:20, and now it's after 4pm and my heel is fine, not like I ran a workout. Like I haven't run at all. The gods have smiled.

2. I will not rehash my struggles with the viola, except to say that I play bass very well and have a very good ear and feel for music, and it is just mortifying to hear such ugly sounds come out of that thing when I play. Still, we have decided to incorporate viola into My Little Trotsky (my band), and in the last 2 weeks I've had to 1) rehearse with the songwriter, who had never heard me play viola before and is a very good classical musician, and 2) play two shows, one of which was in front of a lot of people (most of them musicians). Anyway, this must've served as some kind of trial by fire, because the noises I make lately are not nearly so mortifying. I don't wobble and shake nearly as much, and I can get around the fingerboard much better somehow, and correct mistakes more quickly. The gods, they have smiled.

3. Last week I interviewed for my old job, and my old boss said the position was mine if I wanted it, and I think I do want it. It's still not a done deal - there has not been a formal offer yet from the HR department - but I hope that by tomorrow or Monday it will all be settled. I hope the gods find it in them to smile one more time.

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November 11, 2009

current list of worries

1. I've developed a sore foot. It's sore on the medial aspect of the heel, below (and sometimes to the back side of) the ankle bone. It's sometimes sore to the touch, and some of my running shoes rub on it. When it's sore during a run (which is not all the time) I have to work at not altering my gait. But I'm not always successful, so sometimes other parts of me get sore from running funny. I've taken some time off running, which has helped, but not enough. So I worry.

2. So coach says no running for the next 3 days, only xtraining, some of which will include threshold and MP-effort work. He says he thinks I could take an entire week off running and it would not hurt me at all in mid-December, when the race is. He says the bulk of the work has been done. And he's been so right about so many things in the year I have worked with him. But still, I worry.

3. I have received no confirmation (other than an email from the elite coordinator) that I'm really registered for the race. And the race has reached its limit and is now closed. The website lists all the entrants and I am not on that list. The list of top seeds is still from last year. So I worry.

4. I have a lot to do in the next 2 weeks, and substituting xtraining for running adds just a little bit extra time and hassle to each day, and requires a bit more planning and shoving things around to accommodate it. So I worry about getting everything done, and getting enough rest.

5. I worry that I will not get the job I applied for. And people are losing jobs everywhere, and the market is flooded with tons of well-qualified people. And I used to be well-qualified for this job (yes, it's an IT job), but it's been a while and I'm nowhere near as well-qualified as the people who were doing this kind of work, er, yesterday. So I worry.

6. Sunday we are playing a kind of interesting set, just piano and bass, which requires a different approach than the usual guitar-bass-drums or guitar-bass thing we've been doing. I will need to be good, for one thing. And the last song will be piano and viola, and I'm more than a little worried about that.

more worries will be posted as they occur to me.

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November 2, 2009

I allow God Within me to direct my personal finances.

why would anyone post this as his facebook status?

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November 1, 2009

up and down

Yesterday was up; today is down. Yesterday I raced well and PR'd and passed a personal milestone; this afternoon I made a fool of myself in front of 12 or 13 people at my viola recital.

I had practiced so long and so hard. I was even beginning to think it sounded ok - mostly in tune, and vaguely musical. This afternoon I played 1000 times worse than any time in the past few weeks. Not only did the shaky-bow problem re-assert itself, my entire bow arm shook. I sniffed too slowly for the first piece so it was too slow, and I didn't have the presence of mind to cue the accompanist (my teacher) to pick it up. I got lost in the second (2.5-minute-long) piece but somehow put it back together (I know this only because my husband told me; I have no memory of it). I could not look at the audience but I was vaguely aware of (or maybe just hallucinating) people bowing their heads, and I was afraid they laughing, or trying not to. I was mostly in tune, for whatever that's worth. Mike deemed the performance "not horrible." I think the next step up from "not horrible" is "acceptable," so maybe I can shoot for that next time.

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executive decision

Schedule for today says 8mi easy, or rest.

My right achilles has been troublesome all week, heating up after workouts, settling back down after a few easy days. This morning it's undeniably sore, even when I'm sitting around doing nothing. I can tell that the soreness has altered my gait, because my hip and hamstring on that side are tight and sore too.

A tiny little cool front has sent some nicer air our way, and it's something like 73F outside, w00t! And I have a stressful thing (viola recital) looming this afternoon, so some aerobic exercise would really be a good thing.

But no. I really need to give this achilles a day without pounding on it. So why does this feel like punishment?

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