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February 1, 2009


I've been a bad, bad blogger. As a matter of fact, I've almost totally forsaken this thing for facebook. Yes: I, joe positive, deplorer of Twitter and the so-called "need" to keep everyone updated with my every move every minute of the day, have discovered I really like the instant-ness of facebook. I occasionally post stuff that's not weighty enough for a whole blog entry. And anyway, recently I spend so much time inside my head that I don't really feel like rehashing it all here.

But in the interest of reporting on running stuff, since this is a running blog after all, I can say the following:

1) back up to 50 miles a week, and this number is increasing at a reasonable rate

2) supplemented by at least 4 hours xtraining in the gym each week

3) long run up to 13 miles, will increase bit by bit

4) no speedwork yet unless you count a little bit of tempo, which I don't

5) ran a 5k yesterday: 20:54, slowest in a coupla years but faster than I felt capable of going in, so I'm happy. For now. Or about 15 minutes

6) thinking pretty hard about a marathon in May that will not be a good one for me but more like a prep for what I hope will be a good one in the fall

So that's the running stuff. On the non-running side:

1) started taking viola lessons. I really suck, which is a bit of a shock because I've played music all my life, and for the past 20-odd years I've stuck to things I'm fairly good at. This is really a comeuppance, but I love viola and really want to get better. In fact, my dream is to be able to play the Prelude to Bach's Cello Suite No. 5. But right now I'm playing Rockin' Strings and the William Tell Overture (which should not be played on viola, I don't think). And scales. Lots and lots of scales. I'm better at scales than at real songs, so I play scales a lot.

2) my business is doing well despite a) the economy, and b) my utter lack of self-promotionabilityness

3) very worried about the economy and every dollar that flies out my door, even as I continue to spend said dollars on frivolous things like viola lessons. But my husband assures me that everything will be a-ok.

4) holding fast to my resolution to follow politics this time, instead of waking up in 3 years wondering who's running and who fucked up the country the most.

that's all for now. When next I have a thought that warrants more than a few sentences, I'll be back.

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