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January 18, 2009

week something of something

I think, I think, I think I might want to run a spring marathon, but I don't want to decide for sure until this time next week. If I do run one, I know it won't be anything great, just sort of getting back into it.

M: 6mi (9:18p) incl 1mi on grass; 20min stairmaster; 40min recumbent bike (11.76mi)

T: 8mi (8:47p) incl 6x20s pickups, maybe .5mi on grass; 30min stairmaster; 30min gym bike (10.55mi), 30min elliptical (3.51mi)

W: 9mi (8:56p); 30min stairmaster; 45min gym bike incl 5x[1min spinny, 1min easy], 11.11mi

R: nothing!

F: 7mi (8:27p) incl >1mi on grass, also 3x[4min @ threshold (today:7:17p), 1min easy]; 20min stairmaster; 40min recumbent bike (8.94mi)

Sa: 30min stairmaster; 30min gym bike (10.7mi)

Su: 12mi (8:58p), for some reason couldn't get going all that fast today


42 miles running (6:12:46)
5:45 xtraining

Mileage is still low, but the xtraining should help keep weight off, if nothing else. This coming week I will increase the miles to near-50, thanks coach!

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January 12, 2009

eight days later:

up to a big 42 miles last week, plus some gym time...

M: 6mi (9:00p); 15min stairmaster; 1hr gym bike, 18.7mi

T: 15min stairmaster, 30min gym bike, 10.1mi; 30min elliptical, 3.25mi

W: 8mi incl 3x[2min @ 10k-or-slower, 1min easy] (8:58p); 30min stairmaster; 30min gym bike, 9mi

R: 9mi (9:09p), dark --> slow

F: 8mi (8:42p) incl 1.5mi @ 7:17 pace, oops, sched said 7:40s

Sa: 30min stairmaster; 50min elliptical incl 2x[12min @ threshold, 3min easy]

Su: 11mi (8:48p)


42 miles running (6:14)
4:50 xtraining

This week will be more of kind of the same: same mileage, broken up a little differently, and a bit more gym time (this added by me because I'm itching to do more than I'm doing right now, but coach says, wisely, "no not yet"). I'm tired by the end of the day, and the end of the day comes earlier than it ever has, but I'm able to do it again the next day, so it must be enough, or at least not too much.

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January 4, 2009

resolution: No Girl

New Year's Eve we went to a party at my friend Corey's house. Corey happens to be the guitar player and main songwriter in my band, and when she introduced me to someone as "her bass player" it came out sounding a lot more silly and schmoozy than intended. We laughed about it and I spent the rest of the night calling myself "Corey's bass player" and Corey "my guitar player" and my husband "my other guitar player," and when 2/3 of the VU cover band showed up they were "my other other drummer" and "my other other lead singer," respectively. Anyway, Corey mentioned recently that 2009 was going to be the Year She Says No, and I've decided that would be a splendid, splendid thing to adopt as a resolution. There are a very few things that are important to me, and they will take precedence. And everything else, well, fuck it. I'm going to be No Girl instead of a Yes Man in 2009.

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thoroughly enjoyable

grumpy blog-posts notwithstanding: training this week has been thoroughly enjoyable. I'm still slower than dirt, but both legs and both lungs feel pretty normal and pain-free, and I actually look forward to each day's bit of cardio.

This week was a little light on the running, a little heavier on the xtraining:

M: 6mi (9:07p)

T: 7mi (9:18p), despite 4x20s pickups this was pretty slow because I'm extra slow in the dark, ugh; 15min stairmaster; 30min elliptical incl one big hill (3.56mi); 30min stationary bike incl 3 big hills (11.4mi)

W: 15min stairmaster; 1hr elliptical incl 4x[5min threshold, 1min easy], 6.85mi

R: 8mi (8:47p); 15min stairmaster; 45min stationary bike incl 3 big hills, 14.5mi

F: 6mi (8:54p) incl 3x[1min surge, 1min easy] in 5th mile

Sa: 20min stairmaster; 1hr elliptical, fooled with incline+resistance to get some decent long uphill for at least 30 min

Su: 9mi (8:45p), thoroughly enjoyable

totals: 36mi (5:22) running , 4:50 xtraining

So yeah, I've not been just sandbagging about being slow. I am slow. And I don't even have big miles as an excuse. But I feel better than I have in months, and this coming week I'll run more than 40 miles Yee Haw and do some faster stuff on runs, not just in the gym.

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January 1, 2009

forgive my blather

Someone decided this blog was so superawesome that it deserved a mention, so now - especially after a month of saying nothing at all - the pressure is on and I feel compelled to write something. Anything. So here goes.

running/training 8 miles this morning, not hungover from the party last night, where I had only one beer and that early on, bracketed on both sides by diet coke and water and coffee. Later I went to the Y and did 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 45 minutes of the "alpine pass" program on the stationary bike. All this was accompanied by bad 70s fake R&B since the mp3 player is in my car, which has been in the shop all week. The room was pretty boomy, but it brought out the basslines and set my mind to wandering (yet again) about pop music and the ways it's evolved and the ways it's been recorded, and gee I guess I'm getting old, but I could actually find some merit in "Disco Lady" and "Only Takes a Minute" and "I'm Every Woman." Yikes.

nonrunning/nontraining a banner day, and a really girly one too: 1) after the run and the gym, a nice long soak in the tub with some nice-smelling bath salts a co-worker gave me for xmas; 2) started reading the first Harry Potter book, which I received as a Secret Santa present from this place. Until today I was the only literate human being in the western hemisphere who had never read (or started to read) a Harry Potter book; 3) my viola method book has finally revealed the mysteries of the C string, yay! I get a 2-octave scale now for the first time. Also, the playing seemed not to suck quite as much as usual.

I could not have asked for a better New Year's Day.

And this will be the only gratuitous entry all year, I swear.

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