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November 29, 2008

random, not for nothing

1. This week I may crack 30 miles. My leg still gets sore occasionally, but then it goes away. I can cross my "bad" ankle over my good knee without wincing or feeling much of anything; after almost 4 months, this is huge progress. Running generally doesn't hurt at all, unless you count my sore pride when I tried to run fast this past Monday.

2. This week I really fell down on the cross training. One day the Y was closed because of a busted water main, but other days I've allowed myself to get too frustrated with the fact that the machines I want to use aren't always available right when I want to use them, because people are using them as not only workout machines but also armchairs, sofas, and reading desks. I hate waiting but I also hate standing there staring like a bitchy entitled white lady, so I usually end up leaving short of the full whatever-I'd-planned for the day.

3. Next week I have jury duty, and while I'm not going to feign insanity or libertarianism to get out of it, I do hope I get cut immediately. I know it's my duty and all, but the economy is bad and I'm poor and jury duty is going to seriously fuck with my work schedule.

4. I can't keep my hands off the viola. I'm working through a beginner book and have learned to play "The Dreidel Song" and "Lightly Row" (solo and orchestral versions) and "Hot Cross Buns." I remember my dad trotting me out at nine years old to play "Hot Cross Buns" on the viola for some neighbor or relative, and I think (I hope) I'm a little tiny bit better now than I was then. Today the mail brought some rosin, some fingerboard tape, and a mute, so my neighbors may allow me to live until my intonation gets better. One thing I didn't count on was the difficulty caused by my farsightedness; even with glasses, I can't switch focus between the bow right in front of my nose, and my fingers two feet away. So I just look at the music or the wall until my bowing or intonation goes to hell, usually about 5 or 6 seconds. I know blind people play strings, so there's got to be a way.

5. Our non-VU band is playing next Saturday night, with our drummer even, yowza. So any of you people who are local to me and have nothing better to do, well you just better come out to see us or I'm going to get really depressed.

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November 27, 2008


running down my list of feeds in Sage Too it looks like every single blog I follow has a new entry entitled "Happy Thanksgiving!" It reminds me of those PSA station-id things on TV, Season's Best From All Your Friends At WWWW TV 97. Like I really need a Happy Thanksgiving from each and every blog I read. Like every blog really needs to wish its entire readership a Very Happy Holiday To You And Yours. Sheesh.

Apart from that, I really have very little to grumble about if I exclude the state of the economy, which I do (today only). I have a few free days to get stuff done at my leisure. Salty had her baby. Running is going well - 100% pain-free now, and almost 30mpw, which is a hell of a lot better than anytime in the last 4 months. In 10 days I'll go to the sports ortho for a final check, then start (actually) training again, oh my! My business seems to be sustaining itself (even growing!) despite my utter failure at self-promotion. My husband bought me a viola for my birthday last week; I haven't played since I was a kid, but I've fallen in love with it all over again, just like a kid. And much, much more. Things are truly good.

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November 16, 2008

I guess it's time for a weekly

Week 4 of the Pfitzinger plan leaves gallowalking behind, so I guess this counts as "running," so I guess this means I can post a weekly without too much embarrassment.

M: 1hr elliptical (~7.2mi), lower-body weights
T: AM 25min running (2.95mi). PM 1hr ET (~7.1mi), upper-body weights
W: 35min running (3.94mi), 45min ET (~4.7mi, hills, killed me), lb weights
R: nothing nothing nothing nothing but a 10-hr workday
F: 28min running (3.13mi), 30min mtb (hills, 6.5mi), 1hr ET (~7.2mi), ub weights
Sa: 4.5mi running (41min)
Su: 3mi running (27:30) which was not sanctioned by the Plan, 1hr ET (~6mi), lb weights


17.5mi running
32.1mi ET
6.5mi mtb (boo!)

Do I feel wonderful? No. Does it hurt? A little. Am I weak? You betcha. But it gets better every day, I think.

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November 15, 2008

now I remember why I hate music

If we can put a man on the moon, surely we can come up with a random function that is truly random. Maybe it's my bad luck, but I have yet to use a digital-music player that shuffles properly. I always end up with the same song 2 or 3 times in 5, or (worse) 2 or 3 times in a row. At the chiro's office, we use Rhapsody, and the office manager has done a commendable job avoiding the usual Cosmic Blessings shit in favor of guitar and piano music. But one particular guitar song sounds a lot like my dead friend's song "Unsurreal," and that seems to be the song that the Random function loves to hate.

Also: blip, you are a blessing and a curse. Recently I've been introduced to new (to me) stuff by my fave blip DJs; found some very cool awful covers by a guy named Christopher Hintz who, it turns out was on the fegmaniax listserv about the same time I was; and, unfortunately, stumbled on some stuff I thought I could handle at first, but have become very painful earworms. The Reivers were a late-80s folky pop alternative (we called it "college" back then) band from Austin and I listened to them a lot back then, especially in my car many weekends during the 4-hour drive to or from the American Inn in Valdosta, GA, where my dead friend and I used to meet when we first started dating, since he lived in Atlanta and I lived in Tampa. We even skipped Valdosta one weekend to go see the Reivers play in Jacksonville. Though we both tended toward twentysomething melancholy for its own sake, we were at the happy beginning of things back then; we were Terry and Julie, and "Shake Some Action" meant the whole world and all its possibilities were in front of us, and I'd spend the whole car ride to Georgia singing every song on "Translate Slowly" at the top of my lungs.

Given all this giving-in to emotion I was sure I'd have nightmares last night, but to my happy surprise, I had one of the recurring dreams about my friend that I used to have when he was alive. Still, today has done little to lift my mood. It's warm, muggy, overcast and breathlessly still ahead of a promised cold front. This didn't make my weak-legged run any better, and my leg's been holding at about 96% - and no better - for a week now, and I'm staring one of these milestone birthdays in the face, and oh! why can't I go back and change everything I ever did wrong?

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November 14, 2008

Stephen Mirarchi

Some time ago, maybe a year, maybe a bit more, there was this great blog, Body and Blood, by a seminarian and runner named Stephen Mirarchi. It has since vanished without a trace.

How I miss that blog.

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November 10, 2008

love you blip

A friend told me about a neat thing (that everyone in the whole world may know about already) called blip which is a website where you can "be a DJ with your own radio show." I've never aspired to be a DJ or have my own radio show, but I'm really fascinated with blip. It's not just a matter of gathering together favorite songs and/or letting people know how hip you are, or aren't. The coolest thing about blip is the weirdness; you can type "I'll Be Your Mirror" into the search box and get everything from the original album version to Lou Reed live spitting out the lyrics like venom, to some guy in his bedroom with a 4-track who's capo'd the thing all to hell and then doesn't even bother to sing the melody, to someone with the musical sensibility of a shopping-mall organ store salesman. I've also found neat things by accident. For the past umpteen years I've pretty much hated music, refused to listen to anything but Tall Dwarfs and (only grudgingly) old stuff I liked in the 90s and 80s and 70s and 60s, and I only ever listened in the car or when I had to learn something, never for pleasure. blip.fm, you have changed that for me. A little.

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