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November 25, 2007


M: AM 8mi (9:17), PM 4mi (8:27)
T: AM 10.25mi (8:28), PM 5mi (8:43)
W: 7mi (9:12)
R: AM 10.5mi incl 4mi tempo (6:45), PM 4.75mi (9:24)
F: 6mi (9:32)
Sa: 8mi (8:57)
Su: 23mi (8:15). Solo, and rather a late start on a warm day. Started slow, last 3mi @ 7:02 pace

total: 86.5 miles

In our town the young people are too timid to snatch the crown from the heads of their elders. That was supposed to be the title of this entry, but it's just too long. Last night my band played a local microbrew-garten at the behest of the king of all punkrock bands in this mighty metropolis, a band that's been around since the early 80s. Obviously we're not a punkrock band, but the leader of the king-punkrock band invited us to open, and who are we to refuse? Our set was not as together as our last practice, but was still fun, and not one but two fragile pilsner glasses suffered the wrath of our lead singer's highheel boots.

Although we finished at 12:30am - way past my bedtime - I stuck around to watch some of Pink Lincolns' set. I'd never gone to any of their shows because I was always a little afraid of them. And back in the early 90s my band shared a drummer with them, and the drummer never let us forget how cool it was to be in such a revered punkrock band, and we (dead friend and I) were just never going to be that cool. So I kind of hated them. But last night I stayed for a bit of Lincolns, and I liked them. During the second song, a small and tentative mosh pit tried to develop, then subsided into politeness. Meanwhile, closer to the front, someone held up a cellphone to take an instyphoto, and I wished I'd had the eye and the equipment to take my own instyphoto of that odd juxtaposition of oldschool and new tech. Still, that Chris Barrows is the real deal. I'm sure he's older than I am, but he still seems as furious at everything as he was years and years ago. When he does the punkrock frontguy thing holding the mic in both fists right in front of his mouth, you know he's not aping anyone - he's one of the guys who started doing it, and every screamo little boy these days is imitating him.

In a weird surprise, both my husband and I dreamed of our dead friend last night, for the first time in a while. My dream was more vivid (I remember more details, anyway), but in both dreams our friend was manic and unmanageable, the way he was so often in the last years of his life, the way he was when we berate ourselves for not "saving" him. I hope we can both dream more peacefully about him soon.

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November 21, 2007

and another

"I just threw up in my mouth a little."

I can't figure out if this is supposed to be funny, hip, or cool. I guess the first time you hear it, the candor is shocking and a little funny. But legions of twenty- and thirtysomethings posting it as a one-liner response on messageboards everywhere makes this cute-ism unpleasant and just-plain weird.

How about:

"I just peed in my pants a little."
"I just sheet m'drawers. (A little.)"

How's that for confessional; how's that for candor? Funnier hipper cooler?

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November 20, 2007

I love Tall Dwarfs!

I once emailed someone with this as the subject line, and no body. He replied, "They love you too," which I thought was a very sweet thing to say. Man, wouldn't that be nice. For the past 4 years I've been riding around with Tall Dwarfs CDs in my car and listening the hell out of Hello Cruel World, Fork Songs, and Weeville, but for some reason I never opened 3 EPs until yesterday. Joy! Every time I "discover" a new Tall Dwarfs record it's almost something that needs to be studied over and over and from many angles, like other people study art. By now I've listened to those other three records so much that often I hear a song and think, "oh, he's doing his superlow singing/60s pop/Iggy Pop/backwards stuff/Alec sings etc thing now" but as familiar as those can be, each song is still utterly different. I love them!

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November 18, 2007

dodged a bullet

M: 6.5mi (9:29), really sore after Sunday bridge run
T: AM 4.39mi (8:59), rt achilles tightened quite a bit, no speedwork;
PM 4mi (9:08), achilles pretty sore
W: AM 6.57mi (8:56), still sore; PM 4.36mi (9:17), some 1-min walk
breaks, still sore every step
R: AM walked 5.11 miles; PM biked 8 miles. NO RUNNING!
F: 6.2mi (9:44), walked about 1/3 the first mile and progressively
less each mile, ran last 1.2 w/o walking. Achilles 94% better.
Sa: 8mi (8:15), much better, like 99%
Su: 22mi (7:35) w/club friends, so far so good

total: 62.2 miles running, 5.11 miles walking, 8 miles bike

Big deal this week was the achilles/soleus, as I mentioned a few days ago. Taking it easy didn't cure it, and taking it even easier didn't either. I finally decided I could afford to take a couple days off running, and luckily it healed after only one day off. The pace of today's 22 was probably due to a combination of good company, good weather, and a relatively light week, but my leg gave nary a peep, so I'm happy.

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November 15, 2007

more travesties

I love(s) me some...blahblahblah

"perfect storm" used to describe anything but a perfect storm



a little sumpin'-sumpin'

spelling modified to approximate a lisp, i.e. "I'm tho thenthitive"

pronunciation modified as above

cut-and-paste dictionary entries that include pronunciation, usually in an attempt to be snarky toward someone on the internet. People who do that remind me of the comic book guy on The Simpsons.

This has been the morning edition. I'm sure some more will occur to me during the afternoon walk. Feel free to add your own.

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I can't believe it

But in a way I can. I am officially a little bit injured. Tuesday's schedule called for an intervals workout, and I was still sore from Sunday's long bridge run, but I was gonna try the workout, at least. But during the warmup, my right soleus/achilles got so tight I bagged the workout part, then bagged the run altogether around 4.5 miles. It was really kind of amazing to feel it tighten up so quickly, like it was a guitar string. I tried running (very slowly) again later that day - after ice, advil, capsaicin cream, a nap, some magic spells - and it was still tight and sore. More ice, advil, sleep in a strassburg sock, and it felt better Wednesday morning, but still tight and sore and aggravated by anything resembling uphill. Ice, advil, massage (which felt good, but doesn't really help the inflamed achilles), and it felt better, then 4+ miles running during which it hurt every step.

The soreness is manageable, but definitely there. I have come to a bold and radical decision: I'm going to take today completely off running - maybe even tomorrow too - and see if this thing will start to heal. I think if I try to modify my schedule, I'll take too many opportunities to test the injury and see how it's progressing (does it still hurt? how about now? what if I do this? and this?). I think I can probably afford to lose a couple of days' training, especially if it means I can still get to the starting line in 4 weeks.

Sigh. Wish me luck.

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November 12, 2007

inertia has a momentum of its own

As I dragged my achy quads and ITBs and knees and calves and feet through 6.5 miles (9:30 pace!) this morning, I thought: in 5 years I probably won't even be doing this, so best enjoy it now.

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November 11, 2007

fall comes to west central florida

M: 9mi (8:49)
T: AM 12mi incl 3xmile (6:18, 14, 08); PM 3.5mi (9:09)
W: AM 9mi (8:31); PM 5mi (8:31)
R: 12mi (7:57) incl miles 8-11 6:56, 54, 53, 46
F: 8mi (8:47)
Sa: 6.25mi (9:17), dehydrated from just 1 drink Fri night, wtf
Su: 19.8mi (7:48), long bridge run again - 10xhill repeats, everything hurt, bleh

total: 84.5 miles

This morning on the bridge was almost comedy. Just about everything that could have gone wrong did. I've been fighting a cold all week and I was very tired this morning despite having fallen asleep before 8:30 last night. During today's run, every muscle in both legs (and feet!) hurt at one time or another. I ate 2 gels and got sick - not from the gels but from last night's dinner. By 14 miles I was feeling great from the neck up (thanks to the sugar in the gels) but awful from the waist down. In my head I was saying "ok, let's do it, let's go on and finish, c'mon, push, pick it up, get up get up get up" and other too-happy type stuff. And I'd pick up the pace for 15 seconds and then my calf (or shin, or TFL, or hamstring, or ITB, or the ball of my friggin' foot fer godsakes) would force me to slow down again. The average pace wasn't terrible, but after last Sunday's exhilarating run, this was kind of a letdown. The fast woman from my club was having a great day, and there was no question of keeping up with her today. But it was inspiring to see someone else running strong.

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November 6, 2007

I will not look a gift horse in the mouth

A beef about flats: why are they so garish lately? redRedRED or screamin' orange or bigbird yellow, they drag the wearer into the thick of attention-whoredom. Look at me! I weigh more than 120 pounds, but I wannabe fast! I wannabe elite! Though some may argue I have no business wearing flats at all, I've been looking for one that fits my wide forefoot and big amazon feet, doesn't have a whole lot of rubber or hardware stuck onto it, and is a normal color, like white.

I think I found a dream shoe in the adidas adizero rc, which is low-heeled, thin-soled, wide in the forefoot, and makes my amazon feet look dainty and demure. And it's white, with a couple of thin stripes of maroon. It does not shout; it does not scream. If asked, it replies politely,"I would like to take advantage of light weight and good fit, thanks." I wore my brand-new pair for this morning's nontrack workout: 3 x 1 mile, 400m between items, goal 6:20. I was (and still am) a little sore from Sunday's bridges, so I was expecting a lot of pain. Never happened. I ran 6:18, 6:14, and 6:08, and considered doing a 4th mile but decided to stop while I was ahead. And because I'm a wimp :-) With a long warmup and cooldown this ended up 12 miles altogether, and felt just great. I'm sure it was a combination of dreamy shoes and cool 60s weather, but I'm not complaining.

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November 4, 2007

ain't talkin bout love

M: 8mi (9:25)
T: AM 11mi incl 6x600 (2:13 avg), PM 3mi (9:17)
W: AM 8mi (9:24), PM 3mi (8:44)
R: 12mi (8:13) incl 2x1.5mi (6:57, 6:56 pace) last 4mi
F: AM 9.12mi (9:10), PM 3mi (9:25) under the influence of diet soda; do not try this unless you are racing against me
Sa: 6.5mi (9:05), 61F, ahhh
Su: 18.5mi (7:19) incl 6x.5mi bridge repeats w/ very fast running-club person

total: 82.1 miles

This has been a pretty interesting week. I did a lot of thinking in addition to the self-flagellation after the half, and came to the conclusion that I race poorly because I avoid pain like, well, pain. I came to this conclusion right about the same time as this blogging runner, and since she wrote much more eloquently about it I'll just point you in that direction.

So I made a point of trying to run workouts hard enough to hurt, and I did, and they did, as you can probably see from the paces of the non-workout runs. I ran Tuesday's "600s" all on the road, and they weren't all quite 600m, but the times averaged 2:13/600m, which is on the fast side for me. The midweek 12 was supposed to include something hard the last 4 miles, but I wasn't sure what. By Thursday morning I was tired. My ambitious 4@6:30 became 4@6:45, then howbout 2x2@6:45, no, 2x2@7...In the end I just managed 2x1.5 just under 7min pace, but it hurt, so I guess that made it ok.

This morning's 18+ was kinda neat, especially because it could have been really awful. Earlier this week a really fast woman from my running club asked if I wanted to join her for a long run with hill repeats. In this part of Florida we don't have real hills, so we run on bridges, and the bridge she was talking about was a smaller bridge on the approach to that bridge, the really big bridge my friend jumped off of. Since last July I have not been anywhere near that bridge, will not drive on it, have had inexplicable trouble even looking at pictures of it. On the other hand, I knew it would be good to run with a really fast person, and hills could only help. On the other other hand, I don't know this woman very well, and I just didn't want to drop a 9billion pound bomb on the whole thing. So I decided 1) to meet her there, and 2) not to say anything about anything. This morning I woke up to beautiful cool weather and drove out there actually feeling pretty optimistic, and then somehow I got lost. I got off the highway too soon, then got back on only to realize I'd passed the last exit before the bridge. And it was pitchblack dark and the bridge was all lit up, and I thought I was going to have to drive all the way over it and then turn around and drive back, and I said (aloud, to no one) "it just can't get any worse than this." Thanks god there was a tollbooth, and thanks god the woman there told me how I could turn around without having to drive all the way to Bradenton, and I was so grateful that I just thrust the dollar toll at her and took off, found the turnaround, and made it to the meeting-place on time, like nothing had happened. And it turned out to be a really great run - 18.5 miles with 6 half-mile hill repeats, all (well, most of it) done while chatting at paces I never dreamed I could chat at. And yeah, we saw the big bridge quite a few times. We also saw some mini coopers, some fishermen, and a whale.

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November 1, 2007

I'm set free to find a new illusion

I subscribe to about a zillion RSS feeds, one of them being headlines from The Register, a UK-based tech publication. I just took a look at the headlines for the first time in a month, and realized I don't give a shit about any of it. I'm completely uninterested, yay!

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