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September 30, 2007

back among the living

For the past 6 weeks or so, I've been juggling 2 part-time jobs, one semi-active band, the heaviest part of a marathon training schedule, and other stuff like laundry and sleep. Juggling those things while neglecting a host of others, I might add. As this week ended, I shed one job and finished the heavy training, so I have time for other things now, most of them fun. Some of them, anyhow.

But first, here's some running: Twin Cities is a week away and I'm about as ready as I'm going to be. I haven't raced much this summer, and I haven't raced longer than 12K since March, but I've tried to be diligent about speedwork and putting chunks of MP into longer runs, and I managed 5 weeks over 90mpw with quality (contrast this with last summer's training, which was completely devoid of any quality). So I'm just hoping for good weather and apart from that we'll have to see how it goes.

I won't bore anyone with all the training from the weeks I didn't have time to post. But here's this one, the 2nd week of taper:

M: 6.43mi (9:49, really)
T: AM 6mi (9:25), PM 4mi (8:52)
W: 10mi incl 2x[1000, 800, 400], avg 3:50, 3:03, 87s
R: AM 8.25mi incl last 4 @ 7:19, 7:17, 7:06, 7:00. PM 4mi (8:36)
F: 6mi (8:38)
Sa: 7.35mi (8:44)
Su: 8.13mi incl 5K (19:18, 1F, PR)

total: 60.2 miles

Monday and Tuesday my legs were really trashed from a hard weekend - Saturday I ran a mediocre 5K, and Sunday bounced back for 17mi @ 7:29 pace with my club friends. But by Wednesday the taper had begun to work its magic and I felt good again. For this morning's 5K we had our first little break in the weather - 73F and inly 71% RH at racetime - and that really helped. The schedule said 13 miles today, but I had a good race and got the PR I wanted, so I'm good with 8.

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September 3, 2007

away from the numbers

first, the week:

M: AM 8mi (9:30), PM 5mi (8:58)
T: AM 10.25mi incl 8x200-or-so (avg 5:19 pace), PM 4mi (8:57)
W: AM 11mi (8:44), PM 6.09mi (8:54) at xc practice
R: AM 6:52mi (9:15), PM 6mi (8:46)
F: 7.3mi (8:53)
Sa: 7mi (8:53)
Su: 10.21mi incl 5K race - 19:31, oops, make that 19:34, 5F, 1F40 (no masters division in this race)

total: 82.5 miles

next, the critique:

The week looks light because I raced Sunday instead of doing the long run. I'll have two long runs this week instead.

Tuesday's "200s" were done on the road, pretty much down-one-block-hard-right-then-another-40-feet-to-the-start-of-that-hedge-there, which came out to about .13 miles on the gps. The hard-right with 40' left to go was probably not a good idea, but otherwise the workout was fun, mostly because the items were so short and also because I'd been watching some of the IAAF short track events so I could imagine I was Tyson Gay or something (jaw relaxed, cheeks and lips a-flyin' like in the slo-mo on TV). A water meter reader cheered me on and I told him I'd dedicate the last item to him, haha.

Wednesday afternoon I arrived at xc practice early to make sure I'd get a few miles in. Little did I know that practice would involve some more actual running on my part. I ended up with 18 for the day, and suddenly I felt very, very tired. Thursday I was to meet someone very early for bridge repeats; she overslept and it was just as well, because I was toast.

After a massage and a couple of easy days I felt normal again, and I raced yesterday for the first time since June. I swear to god the clock said 19:31 when I crossed the line; in fact I was so focussed on the clock that I forgot to turn off my watch. This was bittersweet, because 19:31 is my current PR, so yesterday's time was almost-but-not-quite a PR. At the awards they announced the time as 19:31. But the official online results say 19:34, which plunged me into the depths of despair. Now it's definitely not a PR, not even close. After all this work I'm not even as fast as I was 'round this time last year, which was not even all that fast. bleh.

Today I did yesterday's scheduled long run - 22 miles - and I'd planned to stay at a moderate pace until the last 7 miles, then try to hold 7:15 pace until the end. Didn't happen. I was very content to go 7:30-7:45, but I could not get under 7:30 and hold it for any length of time. During the last 2 miles my stomach rebelled, and I ended up slowing to no-cramp speed (in this case about 9:15, ugh). Again, a failure.

As I was trotting through those trots-avoiding 9:15s, I started thinking about how some anorexics will talk about "being" a given weight, like the number is their entire identity. I've never been anorexic, but I do notice a tendency to think about "being" a certain number (pace or time) and letting my happiness depend on that number. Yesterday I wanted to be under 19:31 (under 19:30, truth be told). Today I wanted to be 7:15, but could never be any better than 7:30. 19:30 and 7:15 are successes; 19:34 and 7:30 are failures. Sheesh, such a stupid way to think!

On the other hand, I'm working and working and working, and I'm only treading water.

What should I be doing differently?

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