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August 26, 2007

week ending 8/26

Yes, we are 6 weeks out.

M: AM 7mi (8:56), PM 4mi (8:31)
T: AM 9mi incl 5xhalf-mile, short rests, avg 3:06
W: AM 11mi (9:07), PM 2.5mi untimed at xc practice; I shoulda planned this better
R: AM 11mi (7:47) incl progression miles 2-6, hard 10-11. PM 5mi (8:43)
F: AM 8.5mi (9:07), PM 6.5mi (8:47)
Sa: 7.5mi (9:01)
Su: 20mi (7:51)

total: 92 miles

My schedule calls for 2 more weeks in the 90s and then it's blank except for the long runs. We'll see how those blanks get filled in. I'm absorbing this mileage pretty well so far, but I worry I'm not getting any faster. Then again, 6 weeks out I'll worry about any old thing.

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August 23, 2007

pear-flavored vodka

doesn't really taste like pears unless you mix it with something else.

a dream from the other night:

My dead friend was all manic and living in a garage apartment or motor lodge or something someone had lent him while he was recording, or finishing up recording, or something. I came to visit where he was staying and it was a wreck, with crap strewn all over the place and taps dripping, fixtures broken (by my friend, presumably in a fit of frustration), etc. He was ranting and raving at me, about me, about everything, but I hung out for a while without responding to any of the rant subject-matter and eventually he calmed down. He said "you're going to take care of me? I know you're looking out for me." And I said I would. Which, as it happens, is (almost verbatim) the conversation we had the last time I saw him alive. Later in the dream I got him chauffered over to a small rented hall where his post-recording party would be, and he and some very special guests would be playing. He was talking with the sound guys and stage guys about the way things were to be set up, and I marveled at how competently he was able to communicate with these guys when just hours before he'd been a raving lunatic unable to find his own keys and cellphone. When I woke up from this dream there was no gut-punch, surprisingly. Where's it hiding?

oh yes and this week's quality included 5x800 (3:06avg) Tuesday and a run down from no-man's land (7:39) to sub-any-marathon-pace-I'll-ever-see (6:56) during this morning's 11.

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August 19, 2007

autumn is your last chance

Yet another Robyn Hitchcock documentary on Sundance this afternoon, this time about the current tour and new band featuring Pete Buck, Scott McCaughey (my husband had to identify them for me) and a drummer I'd not heard of . Damn but they are all so old. Scott McCaughey looks like a member of the Grateful Dead, and Pete Buck looked like exactly the kind of well-fed indie-guy-got-rich I would pray to god didn't get seated in my section at the restaurant. The program featured a bit of a party at Robyn Hitchcock's house where he and the band and some very special guests played in the living room, and part of me wished I could've been there, and part of me wished that Nick Lowe didn't look quite so much like a distinguished gentleman and that John Paul Jones wasn't there at all. I watched the program with very mixed emotions. For some reason it makes me very angry to see all these people getting so old.

Anyway, here's some running to go with the inarticulate ranting:

M: AM 7 miles (9:27), PM 4mi (8:55)
T: 9mi incl 800/mile/800/800/400/400 road workout, short recoveries,
made my goal but not as easily as I'd hoped
W: AM 9mi (8:47) incl uphill sprints, PM 5mi (8:56)
R: AM 10mi (8:15) incl 2@6:46, 1@6:48, 1@6:57; PM 5mi w/xc girls incl
5x400 (7:20 pace bunny), untimed but with a lot of stops and starts
F: AM 7mi (9:03), PM 5mi (8:55)
Sa: 8mi (8:47)
Su: 22mi (8:37) solo and unmotivated

total: 91 miles

Oh, the excuses I can make for today's slow slog! I started a new (2nd) job this week that requires me to be on my feet a lot, and yesterday I was, well, on my feet a lot. And though I tried to drink a lot of water between appointments it was still nowhere near my usual
pre-long-run intake. And then my (aging, VU-tribute) band played last night so I was on my feet a lot. And I didn't get to bed until fairly late and I didn't get dinner until right before bed. And then 5am came way too soon, and you know how we 40somethings need our rest (even though we pretend we can stay out all night like we used to). And then it was like 80F, sunny and humid this morning and I did not have my pals from the next county to drag me along at a decent clip; my own unmotivated legs were all I had. Yeah, I'll blame it on that...

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August 12, 2007

quickly weekly

First, running:

M: AM 11mi (8:10), PM 4mi (9:08)
T: AM 9.5mi incl 2x[1000, 800, 400], short rests (3:50, 3:04, 87). PM
2mi (9:26)
W: 9mi (9:00)
R: AM 11mi (8:30) incl 4@7:12, PM 4.36mi (8:53)
F: 12.14mi (8:57), PM 3mi (8:27)
Sa: 9mi (9:09)
Su: 21mi (7:53) incl 4 slow warmup miles and a strong finish

total: 96 miles

This week looks a little heavy because I took the miles I didn't do last Sunday and tacked them onto various runs this week. Next week will be more normal.

I was pretty happy with this morning's long run despite the overall pace. I wanted to finish without a death march and I did, even though I had to run alone for most of it and moderate the pace a bit in the middle:

4 wu (9:25 --> 8:25)
4 @ 7:30
6 @ 7:45-8 (that's the moderatin' part)
2 @ 8:10 w/ a slower companion, more moderatin'
2 @ 6:50
3 @ 8/7:45/7:30

Other (non-running): got my real official hang-on-the-wall-according-to-the-statute massage therapy license. Had an interview for a massage job and had to give a demo massage, which I was horrible at. Somehow got offered the job anyway, so as of tomorrow I am a real live massage therapist. And still a SQL DBA, and a bass player, and someone who sometimes shows up for xc practice, and someone who picks dog hair up off the floor.

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August 6, 2007

joe positive, LMT


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August 5, 2007


Running: this was sort of a cutback week, mainly due to work (weekend overnights, just like old times), but I needed it. I still got some quality in, and apart from being very sleepy I feel better than I did this time last week.

M: AM 7mi (8:46), PM 3mi (9:23) just dead, ugh
T: 9mi (9:17)
W: 9mi incl 5x800 on the road, w/short recoveries, not stellar (avg 3:07)
R: AM 7mi (9:08) in hard rain, PM 4mi (8:46)
F: AM 12mi (8:19) progression, PM 3mi (8:46)
Sa: 11mi (7:41) with friends
Su: 7mi (8:34) after overnight shift

total: 72 miles

I'm amazed at how much harder it is to accommodate all-nighters than it was a year and a half ago. Last night I managed a 45-minute nap, and then today I slept 90 minutes in the morning and maybe 20 this afternoon, but I'm all dazed and logy, like I actually ran the long run I didn't run this week. I'd planned another 4 miles this afternoon, but if I wait until it cools off enough, I'll fall asleep.

During this afternoon's nap I dreamed I was daydreaming and all of a sudden cried out "what if what if what if what if what if!" without regard for anything going on around me. What was going on around me was John Doe spinning records, and my outburst startled him a little. The what-if's woke me up.

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August 2, 2007

the good I'm doing

Runningwise, this is turning into a major cutback week. I have to work overnight Saturday, so I won't be running long on Sunday. Some disturbance in the Gulf has given us lots and lots and lots of rain the past 3 days, and if there's anything I really hate it's running in the pouring down rain. In fact, I just got in from what was supposed to be a 12-mile fast-finish run, but after getting pissed on hard and splashed by traffic for over an hour I gave up in disgust. I did manage a tepid speed workout (800s) yesterday, but I don't know what I'll end up with for the week. I think I need the break, though; the "great" feeling of a few weeks ago is long gone, and the little aches and pains have become more constant and nagging and easily-tweaked and harder to recover from. I can still do workouts and I'm really glad, but I feel I'm skating close to the edge.

I've noticed that my dreams sometimes get very weird right after the end of a stressful situation (changing jobs or, in this case, getting past the national boards exam). Yesterday I dreamed I was having some major dental procedure done, and my dead friend was there to keep me company. The dentist's office was out in the open, and someone walked by, recognized my friend, and asked "hey, would you play that old song, 'the good I'm doing'" (which was one of the first songs we wrote together). I fully expected my friend to flat-out refuse, since that song was from long ago, and very different from the kind of music he was known for lately. But he produced a guitar and played it, and I knew he was doing it 1) to distract me while the dentist was pulling all my teeth, and 2) to let me know (without actually saying so) that he did *not* regret having played in a band with me or writing songs with me or any of that stuff.

This is surely a case of believing what you want to believe.

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