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March 30, 2007

my wife and my dead wife

How on earth did Robyn Hitchcock get so old? And Nick Lowe? And Morris Windsor and Scott McCaughey and

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March 25, 2007

every day's a holi-day

Spring break's officially done and boy, are my arms tired. Between schoolwork, regular-work, running, and other stuff (like bassplaying) I've managed to pack more into this past week than most normal weeks. School starts tomorrow, which adds 6 hours at just about half-speed to every weekday. I am almost, but not quite, looking forward to the boring bits.

Running's been going fairly well, not least because I've been able to recover at my own pace. The week went like:

M: 6mi (8:11)
T: 17mi (7:49)
W: 6mi (8:13)
R: 8mi (8:28), ok, it's catching up with me
F: 7mi (8:09)
Sa: 9.86mi incl "5K" (3.21mi) race - 20:05, 1OA. 6:06/6:15/6:26/1:17 (.21mi)
Su: 16mi (8:26), yes I am tired now

total: 69.9 miles

I'm pretty sure the 5K course was long. The turnout was ultra-low, and I led from wire to wire. A 5K won in 20 minutes is nothing to crow about, but I got a nice-sized gift certificate to a good restaurant, so I ain't complainin'.

Running the 5K was part of my plan to rid myself of the aversion to speedwork and short races. I can't say that I now looove fast running, but I didn't die or stop or puke and it was really bearable for a short while. This coming week I have no races planned, but there's a track workout Wednesday afternoon and I am just going to have to do it, no arguing or whining.

Something I've been thinking about: the whole idea of praying on your knees. To me it says: you are big and I am small; do with me whatever, or nothing, as you wish. Not that I pray on my knees, or even really pray at all. But I wonder what it would be like to believe in something to the point where you would - without thinking - throw yourself on the ground because it is big and you are small, and it made you and could unmake you. I haven't ever discussed it with anyone (except now you, dear readers, all 3 a' ya), but I suspect that many people are really reluctant to consider something that 1) is bigger than themselves and 2) might not be interested in every little thing they think or say.

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March 19, 2007


Hearing the Jam's "Start" used to hawk Cadillacs just about breaks my heart.

Standing in the living room this afternoon with my dirty dusty bass around my neck, trying to learn or relearn velvet underground songs for our first practice tomorrow night. It's going fairly well; I don't have much feel but the notes are coming out ok. I tend to stare off into space while I'm playing and suddenly realize I'm fixated on that old band photo of me and my friend and our drummer, so I keep trying not to look in that direction. He's smiling in the photo and I can just imagine him smiling at me struggling with these songs. "I'm set Free" sounds for all the world like it's in D but on my bass it's in C, how can this be possible? Did they use a 12-string or just tune down, or do I not even know how tune a bass anymore? For reference I pop in Mission of Burma and "That's When I reach for My Revolver" is in E, just like it's supposed to be, and to my amazement I remember how to play the song all the way through, and I do.

I really must try harder to stay busy.

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March 18, 2007

spring friggin' break

started this weekend, thanks god.

M: 6mi (8:41)
T: 8mi (8:31)
W: 5.5mi incl track workout interrupted by dust or oak pollen. I
managed 1xmile (6:09, w/1st 400 a very stupid 81s), then a very limp 800
(3:15) before I couldn't breathe anymore
R: 8mi (8:33)
F: 9mi (8:46), muggy and warm
Sa: 7mi (7:47), cold front came through
Su: 11.31mi incl 12K race (50:49 chip, 50:52 gun). 2nd in my age group, I think. Some of the faster 35-39 ladies have had birthdays, dammit. Since I'd never raced 12K before, this was a PR.

total: 54.8 miles

Wednesday's track workout was something of a wash, but (and don't I feel like an Oprah-watchin' Dr-Phil-ophilin' whatsamacallit) at least I got out there and ran at least part of the workout. I have really made a career this past 18 months getting by on just mileage, not-doing the things I didn't want to do. This year I'm going to do a lot of the things I don't want to do - track workouts, stupid 5K races - and see if it helps.

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The third level will not be opened unless necessary.

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March 10, 2007

help me find my proper place

I've recently joined a band whose raison d'etre is to play Velvet Underground covers, and I've had "Jesus" in my head the past couple of days, especially while running. The beat (if you can call it that) matches my stride rate almost perfectly, and since the song is verse chorus verse chorus verse ad infinitum, it's perfect to carry around even ten miles or more.

Not only is this band a Velvet Underground cover band, it's an all-girl Velvet Underground cover band. Years ago I would have looked down my nose at such a thing - whatta schtick, I'd sneer; how uncreative - but nowadays it seems like fun. I've played in a lot of bands, and the best of those were the ones in which I pretty much rode the coattails of some musical genius or other. I still know a few of those genii but some aren't playing music anymore and some don't have room for me on their coattails, and I don't have a lot of time to be creative and anyway I find more and more that musically there's nothing I really have to say. But before I quit for good, it's good to have some fun.

oh yes and

Su: 13mi (7:50), maybe GPS was off
M: 6mi (8:44)
T: 8.02mi (7:55), last 4mi 7:39, 7:20, 7:02, 6:52; maybe GPS was off
W: 8mi (9:03), tired
R: 3.5mi (8:21), flying spaghetti monster struck me with stomach pains at mile 3
F: 9mi (8:10)
Sa: 10mi (8:02), maybe GPS was blah blah blah

total: 57.5 miles, lordy cha cha cha

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March 3, 2007

progress, maybe

The foot-healing has stalled, hovering between 97-99%. I can run without limping. I can even run fast without limping, though "fast" is relative at this point and limited more by my general lack of fitness than any crunching or creaking in my foot. The peroneal-tendon pain is mostly gone most of the time, leaving this godawful ache in my heel that sometimes wakes me up at night. Still, I don't even limp the first few steps anymore. The week was as follows:

Su: 12mi (8:12), 4 to warm up, then 7 faster, the last bit slower
M: 6mi (9:13) alarm clock died, no coffee, tired heavy legs
T: 8mi (8:23)
W: 6.01mi (8:04)
R: 8.01mi (8:28)
F: 6.01mi (8:44) tired/sore again, took it easy
Sa: 8.01mi (7:20) impromptu easy/hard 1/2/1/2/1/1. I think the GPS was wrong for part of it, but still a good little workout.

total: 54 miles, most in a while but still woefully few

I'm wondering if my foot will ever be totally pain-free, and whether I should just dive in and start running workouts and racing again. I'm not getting any younger.

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