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February 28, 2007

five months plus

It's been a bit more than five months since my friend died. The time passed, along with the clutter in my life, makes the ache less acute. I still dream of him at least once a week, but in dreams we're as we were a year, five years, fifteen years ago. He's not about to kill himself and I'm not trying in vain to stop him. We're mostly just sitting around talking.

It still hits like a ton of bricks sometimes.

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February 24, 2007

no go joe

this goes under "not runnning" because the title refers to the marathon I didn't run.

Despite the lightest most restful running week ever, my foot was not in any shape to go 26.2 last Sunday, so I didn't.

This week started out with me alternating between short runs (4-5mi) and longer jaunts where I'd walk a minute, then run 5, or 6, or 7. This was working so well that on Thursday I decided to run 6 miles with the last 3 at MP, which is actually no longer a pace but an sad in-joke. It felt ok while I was doing it, but that sad in-joke of a pace set me back more than 3 miles had any right to. I've spent the past 3 mornings working my way back to here. My foot doesn't hurt, exactly. It's sore. It's uncomfortable. When I run I can feel it every step. But I can run at a normal pace, and without limping. Yowza.

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February 11, 2007

abject pessimism

A couple weeks ago I injured some tendons during a long run. I took a couple days off and a couple days easy hoping all would be well by Feb 18. Things have improved, and I can run (at hoped-for marathon pace even, for about a mile at a time), but it just doesn't feel good when I do. The first half-mile of any run is spent hobbling on PF-like goings-on on the medial side of the foot. Once that cools off, the tendons on the other side hurt - mildly, annoyingly - every step of the way. And I wonder - every step of the way - how this is gonna feel for 26 miles. I can't imagine it will feel good. But then again, it might.

I also wonder: I haven't raced since Dec 30, nor have I done a lick of speedwork faster than "tempo" pace in, hmm, I don't know. The schedule for the past few weeks had an 800s workout and a 4xmile workout, but those got axed while I waited for my foot to heal. My easy pace is faster than this time last year, but even if the foot magically healed up tomorrow, could I expect to run a decent race on a steady diet of miles and miles? Gosh, I don't know.

This morning I ran 13 miles in gorgeous running weather (winter has finally arrived in Florida), and I managed an OK pace and even got in a couple miles at 7:05, but it felt stiff and awkward and, yes, the foot hurt the whole damn time and it hurts now. I am discouraged. Train and train and train for one specific day, and watch it circle the bowl and there's nothing you can do about it. Then again, I'm not the first person this ever happened to, nor am I the least deserving of it. Mike suggested I try and run the race next week, and if it seems like it's gonna end badly, drop and try the Sarasota marathon in early March.

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February 1, 2007

oh, what a week it's been

and it's only Thursday. Yet what a week it's been! Or not been. Because of the tendon strain/compensation injury/whatever I managed to do on Sunday, I did not run Monday, nor Tuesday (though not for lack of trying), nor very much Wednesday either. Sunday's stoicism and Monday's patience gave way to ill-temper, worry, and other filthy habits. I finally beat Duncan Larkin at something running-related, yay: worrying about how much imaginary weight I imaginarily gained during these three long days.

This morning I went out for 6 fairly slow miles. The bad-tendon-place ached dully (but only slightly! really!) throughout, though I did have one or two twingeworthy landings. This afternoon I kept the appointment I'd made a couple of weeks ago with the massage therapist. I'm not so naive as to think that massage can cure acute tendonitis, but I figured any work done on chronically tight calves would be a good thing. This he did and more. He also did something called Kinesio Taping, which is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard of and which I won't yet claim as a miracle cure until I run on it, but I must say I keep expecting to hurt when I get up from my chair and I don't. Weird.

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