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January 28, 2007

a little anatomy is an entertaining thing

Still here, still running, still studying, and now about to start working part-time for The Man (company I left around this time last year, yes, I know, I know). The marathon is 3 weeks from today. This running week was one big near-miss, as

M: 8mi (8:57), recovery from Sunday's 20
T: 8mi (8:14)
W: 13.25mi - 3 wu, 10@7:13 avg. Was trying for 7:05 and got right on it for 6 miles, then faded to 7:20s. The last mile was like those cartoons where someone wants to go faster and faster but the legs go in slow motion instead.
R: 7.11mi (9:36) you read that right. In wind and pitch-dark and rain, feeling mighty sorry for myself too.
F: 10mi - 4wu, 6@7:01 avg. Was trying for 6:45. I had trouble getting to the pace and even more trouble holding it the few times I got there. Last week I had no trouble running 3@6:35 pace, so I was flummoxed by this.
Sa: 10.25mi (8:07)
Su: 23.02mi (8:01)

total: 79.6 miles

Today's run really surprised me; after a short warmup, I fell into a pretty steady 7:50 pace which felt way easier than it should have, especially considering today's 15mph wind and Wednesday and Friday's crappinesses. Unfortunately, at mile 22 I got some sharp pains in my PF-plagued foot, not in the sole but on the dorsal side near the 4th and 5th extensor tendons. I guess I'd been running a little funny without realizing it, trying to spare the heel. Anyway, I had to slow way down the last mile, and it still hurts to walk on it 7 hours later. I've been icing and advil-ing and hoping for the best. I've had a few Sunday runs where I was sure I'd broken something only to be fine the next day. I really hope it's a tendon or two instead of the bones underneath.

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January 14, 2007


83.5 miles, as:

M: am 6.19mi (8:29), pm 5mi (8:18)
T: 12.04mi (7:28) - 3 warmup, then 9@7:11 avg
W: 10.1mi (8:35)
R: 10.01mi (8:37)
F: 8mi (8:12)
Sa: 10.16 incl a 10K with a hole in it
Su: 22.01 (8:08), pushed miles 10 - 18

In the 10K I went out too fast, but it felt good so I kept going. At 2.5 miles the course turned into the sun and all my sins came back to me. I decided to drop at 3, then at 4. I shut off my watch and stepped onto the sidewalk, (inadvertently) right in front of a girl from my club. We chatted a bit, and somehow she talked me into finishing the race. I headed back out - the wrong way. Finally got turned around and realized I'd forgotten to turn the watch back on. So what, just run. Surprisingly I found the pace again, and was able to pass people in the last 2 miles (of course, they didn't have the luxury of a break in the middle of the race). With all the drama, I finished in 42:29, which was an AG win but not a masters win. I have no idea how long I stood on the sidewalk at mile 4, maybe a minute, maybe more. The girl from my club has my undying gratitude.

not-so-happy news: I've had plantar fasciitis in one foot for most of a year now. It comes and goes, and usually flares up with races and workouts. It's gotten a little worse the past few weeks, and was pretty sore after the race yesterday. This morning's long run (and 7-mile push) really toasted it, and I can only walk on my forefoot at the moment. Anyway, as regards the half-marathon next week: I'm not sure whether to race it, run it at marathon pace, or avoid it altogether and just run the 20 miles I have scheduled. We don't have hills here, but the half-M course hits two big bridges, twice. I know that course pretty well, and I'm not sure running hard downhill (or up, for that matter) is the best thing at the moment.

other: Although we study 5 or 6 different subjects at massage school, they're all taught by the same instructor in sort of a one-room-schoolhouse setup. There are no class periods; you come in at 8am and sit there until 2pm, with a 53-minute lunch break. So the 10 of us spend a lot of time in thrall of the instructor, hanging on her every word. And I can't hold back any longer: this instructor has one of the most condescending teaching styles I've ever experienced, and she treats us like we're in kindergarten. There, I've said it. Now maybe it won't bother me so much.


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January 10, 2007

___ is the new ___

Bloop is the new bleep. Who the hell ever came up with that? Who thought it would make ordinary joes sound like pop-culture insiders? Ugh. The only instance I can forgive is a line from a song by this guy Ben Lee that goes "awake is the new sleep." I like that, partly because I like the sentiment and partly because it seems to take a gentle dig at the obnoxious little turn of phrase itself.

oh yah:

Monday: 6.2 miles in the morning, 5 after school, very recovery
Tuesday: 12 miles, the last 9 of which were supposed to be at 7:04 pace, only got 7:11 pace instead
this morning: 10 daydreamy recovery miles, 8:35 pace, only got going that fast because the cold front finally came through, yyyeeeaaaaagghghhhh!!!!!

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January 8, 2007

and again I say, quickly

School started last week and I've got 40 kinds of chaos happening here. But I will post my training just because I still do train and still can post. The past two weeks were as follows:

week ending 1/31/06: at this point I was still planning to run the disney marathon, but not as an all-out effort.

M: 6mi (8:29)
T: 1.78mi (9:38), sick w/cold, bailed
W: 9mi (7:38) incl a few hard miles but not a full-fledged workout
R: 10mi (7:42)
F: 8.01mi (8:03)
Sa: 9.21 incl 5-mile race (33:26, 7th OA, 1st masters, and a little
Su: 13.2mi (7:35)

total: 57.2 miles

week ending 1/7/07:

M: 4mi (8:36)
T: 8mi incl 2x2.5mi tempo (6:47 avg)
W: 6.16mi (8:58)
R: 4.24mi (8:27) incl 6x30s strides
F: 12.01mi (8:18)
Sa: 10mi incl 3 hard miles in 2nd half: 6:20 (too fast!), 6:43 (too
slow!), 6:35 (juuussst right)
Su: 18mi (8:16), muggy, sweltering, so glad I wasn't doing this in
Orlando with 12000 other sorry souls

total: 62.4 miles

Obviously, last week wasn't much of a taper and didn't have a marathon at the end of it. Last Wednesday I decided that the X-Treme Idiocy of disney logistics, along with the promise of 70s temps and 90s humidity, made this race completely not-worth-it at any level, from all-out effort to just-a-too-long-training-slog. I'd be better off saving whatever I have for the Bank of America marathon in 6 weeks. So I allowed myself one last day of pseudo-taper and started adding miles again. We'll see where this leads.

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very, very quickly...

how on earth was cellular biology ever taught before the invention of Pac-Man?

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January 1, 2007

before I forget

some stuff I never thought would happen, all from 2006:

1) ran 3665 miles, albeit mostly very slowly.

2) I left IT for real and for true (I hope).

3) I heard the phrases "Jeff Connelly aiy-kaiy-aiy Monoman" and "boy crush" uttered as part of a eulogy.

4) PRs for 5K, 5 miles, 10K, 15K, and marathon. Hope to god that's not the end of it.

5) no injuries, running or otherwise. The nagging PF I've had since March doesn't count.

6) my best dog friend, who I thought didn't have a spare brain in her head, learned to roll over when I point an imaginary gun (finger) at her and say "dead dog!"

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