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November 12, 2006

ok, let's talk about running

The school gods rewarded my last post with the start of real school (and real tests, which require real studying), so I've been too busy to blog much. But I have been running. For reasons I can't quite remember, I decided to run a local marathon in mid-February, 6 weeks after McMarathon with my training pals, so I'm doing things a little differently this time. The main difference is, instead of doing megaslow mileage at first, I'm doing workouts.

Or trying to. Halloween week I went to a track for the first time since February. Not only couldn't I touch the "speed" I had back then - it hurt like hell to try! This week I went back for more torture, and it was a little better, but still not great. Anyway, for the schedule junkies out there, here's the past couple of weeks:

week of halloween:
M: 6mi (8:36)
T: 7mi - 3x800, 2x400. This was supposed to be 6x800 @3:00, but that pace was so far beyond me that I switched to quarters to try and soothe my ego. It didn't work.
W: off
R: 12mi progression, from 8:30s to 7:15s
F: 8mi (8:28) incl 12x100m strides
Sa: 8mi (8:28)
Su: 14.94mi incl 12.17mi @ 7:17 pace, an attempt at "MP" with my pals. Whose MP? Certainly not mine, yet.

total: 56 miles

and now the week of the election that rocked my world a little bit:
M: 6mi (8:36)
T: am 8mi (8:11), pm 3.18mi (8:00); am run cut short because I overslept
W: 8mi incl 4x600, 4x400, 2x200, 200 rest between all items, not
quite as awful as last week
R: am 8mi (8:44), pm 3mi walk in street shoes after car trouble (ouch)
F: 8.04mi incl 8x200m strides
Sa: 9mi (8:18)
Su: 21.75mi (8:17) with training pals

total: 72 miles running, 3 miles walking/stomping/fuming at the unfairness of it all

This coming week I have an 800s workout and a 12-miler that's supposed to end with 4 miles at "tempo" pace, whatever that is right now. So far I seem able to handle the little workouts - probably because the mileage isn't all that high - but I doubt my ability to run fast. I still haven't raced since the marathon. There's a 10K Thanksgiving Day that I'm sort of committed to, and I'll be happy to run under my age. And I have a birthday between now and then :-)

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