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September 26, 2006

I dreamed

I dreamed something awful happened in the marathon sometime after 20 miles. I can't remember what it was; in fact, I blacked out but apparently kept running. Later in the dream the race was over, and I realized I didn't remember my finishing time. I turned to Mike and said "It was, um, something like 3:20, right?" He looked at me and gravely nodded.

And, um, in light of the recent Slate article that so many have misinterpreted and/or gotten really really really angry at: 3:20 is not a bad time. But it is a time I would not be happy with right now.

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September 16, 2006

the little PR

A few years ago I played bass in a bluegrass band made up of ex-punks, some of whom had become pre-middleaged hippies and some who remained hopelessly cynical. One night we played somewhere and a silly girl acquaintance had had a bit too much to drink and started going on and on and on about "the little guitar" (mandolin). The little guitar, the little guitar. This here's a story 'bout a little PR.

I'm not really going to write a novella about a 5-second PR in a 5K; I just really, really wanted to write "this here's a story 'bout a little PR." The story itself is pretty predictable: I went into it with a bad, bad head, the usual raceday stagefright/negativity/whathaveyou. Driving to the race I said aloud (to myself): "wow, I really really don't want to do this, not at all, no." The main goal was not to fall apart in the 2nd mile, and I accomplished that, falling apart in the 3rd mile instead. Splits were 6:07/6:13/7:11 (1.1), and yes there were a few wee uphills in that last mile. 19:33 was good for 2nd (woman). They did not have a masters division, and they apparently invented new age groups specially for this race, so I was 1st in the 41 - 45 AG.

And that was the story of the little PR.

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September 10, 2006

clowntime is over

First, as always, the facts:

Su: 18.1mi (8:31), really hot and humid but fun
M: 8mi (8:48)
T: 15mi - 3wu, then 12@6:56*
W: 8mi (10:00). yes, really.
R: 12mi incl a really awful 6x1200 on the road - legs sluggish, avg 4:53
F: 10mi (9:31)
Sa: 12mi incl 12x100m strides

total: 83.1 miles

Now the commentary:

After today's 23.5-miler, the Big Miles are officially Done and now I get a few weeks to mull it all over. I wish I could say that I am happy with the way I've trained, and I feel faster and - more importantly - stronger than I did before other marathons. I was talking with my husband about this today and we agreed that novelty can add to confidence going in (long repeats...marathon-pace runs...never did any of that before...this is gonna raawwwwkk!!!). This time around I did nothing new, except build a slightly bigger base. I don't feel any different, though. Maybe a little more tired.

* my husband, who kinda followed on the bike, got a GPS reading of 11.56 miles @ 7:13, which is not nearly so confidence-inspiring. In fact, it feeds my doubt about ths entire training cycle (what if the GPS has been vastly wrong this whole time? What if I've really only been running 3 miles at 36-minute pace all this time? oh nooooooo).

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September 3, 2006

hothouse flower*

first the rundown (pun intended):

Su: 16.52mi (8:20) in the foggy pitchdark hills with some people I have no business trying to keep up with. too fast too early, dehydrated, stopped the intended 18-miler a little early
M: 6mi (8:51)
T: 13mi (8:57)
W: PM 11.2mi (8:42) overcast, breezy, good company
R: AM 6.8mi incl 12x100m strides. slow, sloggy, sore
F: 4mi (8:56)
Sa: 12.3mi incl attempted 15K. raceday stomach at 5 miles, had to bail, jogged it in

total: 69.8 miles

Ugh, what a shit week. There's just no other way to describe it. I hate this weather, I hate running, I can't run fast, everything hurts, I wake up and don't want to run, I actually understand all those "hellllpppp!!!! I demand some motivation and petting on the head!!!!" posts on coolrunning - the very posts I stand guilty of answering with a snotty-sounding "well, if you don't like running, maybe it's just not for you." I'd hoped to run well (and pick up some much-needed confidence) at the 15K, but my wack stomach had its day. I was ok to five miles - a little off pace, but still 3rd or 4th female at that point - but after that I was in great danger of public disgrace, so I stopped for about 15 minutes, then jogged in. Something similar happened the last time I had to wake up before the bars had even closed to drive to an out-of-town race, so maybe I have Learned a Lesson.

Anyway, I have never felt so unprepared and unqualified four weeks out from a marathon. I hope this is as bad as it gets.

* I never did have the makings of a varsity athlete...

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