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April 24, 2006

this will never do

4 poky yet (relatively) painfree miles, 9:41 avg, payback for yesterday's foolishness. First mile 10:41, last mile 8:54.

In Holland they put advertising on blankets that sheep wear. At 9:41 pace, I could wear one of those blankets too, and run with the sheep.

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April 23, 2006

I want candy

first, the bare facts:

M: 6mi (9:19)
T: 8mi (8:48)
W: 8.75 incl 9x440 on a different crushed-shell path than last week, avg 85s
R: 9mi (9:11)
F: 9mi (8:50)
Sa: 10.15mi (8:55)
Su: 15.13mi (7:53)

total: 66mi; all singles; 2 good workouts embedded in a bunch of slog

commentary: the various aches and pains (PF, tight hip/butt/TFL) continue to improve, but still they linger, and it's getting me down. I know I'm not helping it with 440s or slightly-too-fast med-long runs, but not doing those things won't help me in the 10K next weekend, so I do them and hope to reach a truce with my right leg. That 10K will be my last race until sometime in August, saith my coach*, so I want to make it good. Besides, the swimmer on the team (it's a tri relay) is taking us out to brunch at an expensive and very good restaurant afterward, so I want to do well enough to feel I've earned it.

I already wrote about the 440s so I'll skip that. The only other notable bits came Friday and today. On Friday I had 9 miles, and the first 7 were so slow that in disgust I did the last 2 like so: (counting) 60 hard/120 easy, 60/90, 60/60, 60/30, 60/trot on home. This morning's 15 was with the Sunday group, which today was increased by one long-lost acquaintance and one track kid, and we goaded each other into dumb-but-fun stuff like running too fast. I'm so glad I no longer have the kind of job where I have to work overnight Saturdays. I love, and sometimes hate, but always love, Sunday group runs.

*Other: my coach, citing time constraints, cut all his online people loose this week, so my husband (who helped out a lot last summer and fall when I was doing the Pfitz plan for Baltimore) is going to be the coach. That is, he'll make the schedule and I get to whine about it. He hasn't given me much to whine about, though - we both learned a lot from coaches K and P, and Mike's schedule seems to take a lot from both. We shall see.

The title of this entry is "I want candy" because I've been craving candy all day. They had half-price Easter candy at the grocery today, including a chocolate cross (which I did not buy) and cadbury eggs (which I did). I can't wait for dessert.

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April 19, 2006

Wednesday in the park with Ray

This afternoon I met my friend Ray for 440s in a different park than last week, on a slightly more packed and much less undulating and curvy shell path. It was still a little rough for flats, and the PF in my heel is finally starting to mend, so I stuck with trainers. Somehow (idiot) I managed to clear all the splits from my watch as I was trying to store the workout (idiot), but we mostly ran 85-86s, with at least one 84 and one 87 in there too. I'm happy with this workout. I can tell I worked hard because I could barely eat my dinner and all I wanna do is drink water (the fact that it was 85F might have something to do with that too). But on the other hand, these times were better than last week's, and as an extra bonus I'm not sore or tight, and I have this feeling I'm not gonna be.

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April 18, 2006


what a wonderful site! Seriously, or not-so-seriously, I thought it was great for anyone who's ever been unsure about formal religion as it conforms (or doesn't) to personal beliefs. Or maybe I'm just happy to have been diagnosed as a 100% Liberal Quaker.

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April 16, 2006

the week that was

M: 4mi (9:47)
T: 8mi (8:42)
W: 7mi incl 8x440yd+full recoveries on a crushed-shell path, avg 87s
R: 7mi (9:05)
F: 8.07mi (8:44)
Sa: 11mi (8:39)
Su: 15.12mi (8:11)

total: 60.22 miles

Commentary: I'm still battling PF and now a sore achilles on my right, but I think it's getting better, thanks to stretching, occasional icing, massage (self and professional), silly strengthening exercises like scrunching a towel underfoot, etc. The soreness has me warming up slower and longer. Monday's run was slow because I was recovering from a hard Sunday run, also because I was thinking and crying about my ex-dog, who was about to be put to sleep (a blessing, really, but it still made the humans sad). Wednesday afternoon I met my friend Ray for the first speedy workout I've done in months. He'd marked out 440yd on a crushed-shell path, and we did 8 of these with full (and I'm talking full full) recoveries. The path undulated a bit and was sandy in places, so I didn't even try wearing flats for this, just hoped for the best. We managed to average 87s and nobody died. Saturday my foot was sore enough to keep me out of a 10K I'd thought about running, so I did 11 around the neighborhood and paid a visit to Peacock Park, which is not really its name but which is a greenway, as I found out from signs posted within. The invisible peacocks were across the river, speaking in words of only one syllable (rrraawwhhhh instead of ee-yoh, ee-yoh). Today - I mean Sunday - I met my friends Ray and Albert for 15 or so over in Clearwater. We started slower than 9:30, finished faster than 7:30, and had a blast. Even though it's Easter, the Scientologists were all converging on whatever it is they converge on every Sunday.

Other: My new job is picking up a bit, enough so that it's interesting though still not yet (over)stressful. I have only made one mistake that I know of, and hopefully this won't tag me as a complete idiot. I signed up for the Akron marathon (September 30), booked the flight/hotel/car and everything. Hopefully my heel will heal itself by then.

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April 9, 2006

about the bar

On the bright side, the goodie bag from yesterday's race contained something I'd never seen before: a candybar masquerading as "energy food" called HOOAH! which is purportedly what soldiers eat sometimes. According to the wrapper (better image isn't available online, so you'll just have to believe me) its steady-energy capability beats other energy bars all hollow, and if you buy HOOAH! you will support a troop or two. When I first saw the package I thought of the Sopranos Jersey-wiseguy pronunciation of "whore", but I learned from the internet that people in the military actually say HOOAH! to each other (I'm a navy kid, and that's news to me). This reminds me of Tang and Pillsbury space food sticks, but it's much funnier. We've been going around saying HOOAH! to each other all day.

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April 8, 2006

I suck

5-mile race this morning at (and for the benefit of) a supergreat cancer hospital on the campus of the University of South Florida. I was certain that 6:30 pace would be completely doable, and in fact my husband said I should try for better, so I thought 6:25 - 6:30 would be good. I have no excuses for what actually happened. It was 72F and humid, and there were some grades and just enough wind to be annoying in my face and sweat-inducing at my back, and I could not keep up with the folks in front of me so I ran mostly alone, but so fucking what. I've raced in all those conditions before, and recently too. The splits are a study in linear apathy: 6:24,24,53,57,7:07. I spent much of the race counting to 30 (not 30s but 30 strides) and then checking the GPS, trying to keep a steady pace but finally just hoping not to slow down any faster, if you know what I mean. The last mile I even made a point of trying to pick it up for 5 whole seconds every 30, and look where it got me. I was 4th overall and 1st masters, and since I'd only ever run one 5-miler before (in 2002) this was a PR, but I was Not Happy, even felt crappy accepting the award, though I accepted it anyway (how crappy, I suck). What the fuck is wrong with me. Suck, suck, suck.

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