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March 31, 2006


I could not resist.

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now this has really got to stop

10 miles this morning, and I resolved (again) not to look at the GPS until the last mile, just run whatever pace thinking whatever thoughts. I daydreamed for a while, then wondered how fast I might be going. I have absolutely no feel for pace and it could've been sixes or it could've been tens - I would have believed either pace if I'd looked at my watch. Which I didn't, until the last mile when it said something like 7:22. This probably doesn't strike any of you 4 or 5 readers as blazin' fast, but it's a lot faster than I usually go on training runs unless there's a purpose to them, and there wasn't today.

Despite all this newfound fresh-leggedness, all is not peachy and I know I need to watch it. The PF remains a problem, and something's wrong with my leg bone right where it inserts into the butt bone (or maybe it's the butt bone that's sore, or both) and I'm not sure what I can do for that except keep poking at it to verify that yes, it's still sore. I probably won't run the 5K tomorrow because in my head a 5K has the same injury potential as a track workout. My husband - aka Super Doctor Mister Assistant Coach Mike - will be pleased with this decision, but I do wonder if I'm not just a wimp.

Otherwise it's been a very pleasant day topping off a very pleasant week. I upgraded KDE yet again, then spent a while reading about it and playing with some of the things I read about. While browsing the Running Times that arrived earlier this week, I turned a page and saw a picture of my friend Mary Ann in the "Age Group Ace" section, wow, whatta cool thing! She is one of my heroes. She works so hard and has done so well. I was really happy to see her recognized in that article. Check it out.

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March 30, 2006

more dessert

This morning I went out for an easy 8 with some strides in the last 2 miles. It was kind of warm so I was sure I'd be slower than lately, and I decided just to run and not look at my pace at all. I clomped around the neighborhood for a while until I figured it was about time to get down to those strides, checked the GPS to be sure and saw I'd been running in the low 7s, holy hell, that's the marathon pace I didn't run. This will never last. It's getting hotter, and I'm increasing my mileage, and next week I start working again so I'll be tired, and I still have this damn PF and now a little hamstring soreness too. It's only a matter of time before I start slogging around like the middleaged midpacker that I am. But for the moment, it's wonderful.

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March 29, 2006

busy like ze bee

I finished up at my job last Friday, and I have a week before starting the new job, and I've been so busy not working I haven't had time to post. I haven't had anything blogworthy to say, either, but I'm not going to let that stop me. It's been really productive so far. I've done a lot of stupid little shit I didn't have time for or was too tired to mess with the past year and a half - cleaning stuff, throwing stuff out, having the water heater replaced, fixing stuff that's been broken for a while. And lots of computering. I set up a friend's new machine and got him online. Then I upgraded this machine from SuSE 9.2 to 10.0 (very scary) and then upgraded KDE to 3.5.1 (even scarier). Scariest of all: I finally installed the driver for this ATI video card, which involves the kernel and which I will have to repeat every time there's a kernel update or risk losing video altogether. But at least TuxRacer looks the way it's supposed to now.

Runningwise, I took it insanely easy last week, running just over 32 miles. The marathon soreness lingered until Thursday and then suddenly I felt great except for some PF in my right foot. This week I'm increasing the mileage a little and adding some strides. This is my favorite part of marathon training - the part where you just finished one race and haven't started training for the next one yet. You have this really big base, and now the race is over and you're running relatively low miles and it feels like taper, but without the stress. If the marathon is the main course, this is dessert. I want to run some shorter races during the next month, starting with a 5-miler next weekend. But I'm really tempted to run a 5K this coming Saturday too.

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March 24, 2006

can't sleep

just as the title says. Went to bed around 10, wide-awake-up three hours later. Maybe it's because I have a slight cold for the first time in a couple of years, but more likely it's because tomorrow's my last day at work. All bitching aside, I've got mixed feelings about leaving. I really liked some of the people I worked with, and the work was pretty interesting too - I actually think I'm a better DBA now than when I started. But god, at what a price. When I woke up a little while ago my mind was racing and my chest was tight, and I thought how ironic it would be to have a heart attack just as all this was ending. But my chest loosened and the drama's gone, and I'm just waiting to get sleepy enough to go back to bed for a few hours.

Running has been slow and steady this week. This is the first time I haven't felt fresh-n-refreshed two days after a marathon, and I hope that means I emptied more of myself out onto that course instead of holding it in reserve for post-marathon training jogs. I'm thinking about taking the next six weeks or so to 1) get mileage back to the 70s, and 2) reap some of the benefits of marathon training by running some shorter races on relatively fresh legs. Then, once it gets too hot to race much (like mid-May), I will get down to work. I mentioned earlier this week I might run Richmond in November, but then I read about Akron tonight and I'm leaning toward that. It's at the end of September, which sounds better to me than a marathon eight whole months away.

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March 22, 2006

more great spam

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March 19, 2006

short story

3:11:30 - a PR, 8F, and 2nd masters (but no money since they allow double-dipping for prize money and 4th and 5th of the top 5 were masters).

My hopes for light airs came to naught. I had a barely-thrown-together plan to hang just back of the 3:10 pace group for a while, then pick it up however I could up to 20 (depending on wind), then pick it up for real from there.

The 3:10 group dashed out doing 6:40s; the pace leader, running on a stress fracture (he said), actually fell down during the first mile. I decided then not to let the pace group interfere with the possibility that I might have a decent race. The first 6.5 miles were mostly with the wind, but I knew what was coming. Miles 6.5 - 20 were in a 16-20mph headwind with gusts to 26. I tried to stay conservative during the worst of the wind and pick it up last 10k. Once I got to 20 and had the wind at my back, I was amazed at how easy it was to drop the pace down even below my (long-lost) goal pace. I passed a lot of people in last 10k (including a woman) but still couldn't crack 3:10. That pace group did sneak in under 3:10, but they were slowing by the end; if I’d tried to stay with them through the wind I’d have died a horrible death. Camber aggravated an already-tight rt hip starting at 17. Really sore by the end and it was hard to walk back to the hotel. A bath and some advil helped a lot, but I need 1) a massage quick, and 2) to watch it.

This was really a weird race because of the long difficult stretch in the middle. In the vast experience I have gained from all 4 marathons I have run, I've come to think of the race as being divided into two tasks: getting to 20 feeling ok (if not absolutely great) and then flooring it on home. The middle miles of this race were such that I was spending 7:15 effort but only getting 7:30s for my trouble. I certainly wasn't going too hard, but I was behind - and kinda tired - when it came time to pick it up.

1st 10K 44:52, last 10K 44:20. The GPS reported 26.4mi.

  cold marathon
  experience getting water on one of my gloves and losing all feeling in my hand for a while
  negative-split marathon (something like 3 minutes)

I'm not all that happy with my time but I'm happy with the way I ran, if that makes any sense. Next marathon will not have long straight-shots in any one direction. I'm thinking about Richmond, in November.

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March 18, 2006

everyone wants to see the dead whale

From the window of my hotel room I can see a dead whale that washed up on the beach sometime yesterday. I noticed it last night as dusk was falling, but it was so far away on the empty beach that I had no sense of perspective and thought it was maybe a baby dolphin. Later I heard someone say it was a whale. This morning some guys came out with a small caterpillar-like earthmover and sort of danced around it for a half-hour but couldn't load it into the shovel so they left, but not before one of them walked up and stood next to the shape on the beach and then I could tell it was, in fact, a whale. Since then the whale has drawn a steady stream of visitors despite the 40ish chill and 20ish winds.

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March 16, 2006

ok, everything hurts

Plantar fascitis in right foot. Very tight right hip. Startlingly-sore right psoas, or some muscle in front, to the inside of my hipbone, and radiating down into the upper thigh. I believe that's what most people would call the groin, though my husband insists that women don't have groins. No matter. The last 3 miles of today's 8 were supposed to be 7:05s, and I was close, only a few seconds fast. It might have been just a nice brisk run except for the annoyance of having to check my pace every minute or so . How the hell am I going to do this?

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March 15, 2006

oh, please


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March 14, 2006

I really don't need this

Yesterday my boss returned from vacation so I gave 2 weeks' notice, just like I'd planned. There was a bit of chat about it, but he accepted my decision and it was mostly painless - the worst part was worrying all day how to tell my partner, and in the end my boss said he'd do it for me. Ok.

Today my boss told his boss about it, and so there was an intensely uncomfortable meeting this morning during which boss's boss asked if there was any way I'd consider staying if they made it so I don't have to work all the time. I felt it would be rude to say flat-out NO, but I probably should have, since this led to another intensely uncomfortable meeting this afternoon to discuss the details of this Proposal, and there's another meeting set up for Thursday morning where I have to give my Final Answer rather than slink away via email as is my wont. I hate meetings, and I hate making people unhappy, and I hate my boss's boss, and I hate how I just spent 2 days optimizing a stored procedure lowering the runtime from 8 hours down to 2 minutes and the development team is bitching about having to maintain their shitty 8-hour-takin' code as well as my 2-minute-takin' code, and I hate how people just dump their broken shit in my lap and expect me to fix it, and I just don't need this kind of shit the week before a marathon, damn it.

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March 13, 2006

my legs

are starting to feel like legs again.


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March 12, 2006

my running week, by joe p

M: 4mi (9:40)
T: 11mi incl 4x800 w/2:30 rest. 2:54, 3:00, 3:05, 2:59. It's hard to run fast, whaaa
W: off, for real and for true
R: 14mi (7:47) incl last 8 @6:56 pace, realized too late I was only scheduled for 12 miles
F: 4mi (9:30)
Sa: 9.1mi (8:32)
Su: 6mi (8:53) after lousy, work-all-night napsleep

total = 48.1000983 miles
5 oak-pollen flowers that blew into my mouth and nose while running
4 loose-dog standoffs
3 stops to avoid cigarette-smoking, cellphone-totin' mommymobile drivers
2 sore legs
1 sore butt
0 peacocks in peacock park

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March 11, 2006

it also makes you wussy and weak-willed

I don't like 5Ks. I was supposed to run a 5K today. Last marathon I ran a 5K the week before, so I decided it might be a good thing to do it again. But I woke up this morning at 3:30 with sore legs and a restless mind (composing and worrying about the I-resign, here's-2-weeks-notice email I have to submit Monday morning), and by 6:30 I'd pretty much talked myself out of the 5K. To atone, I ran 9.1 around the neighborhood, attempting marathon pace for miles 6 and 8 but going just sub-7 instead. I can hold 6:5x a long time, and I'm afraid this may be my undoing. I think I'm going crazy in a very sane, measured, lucid way. I can't understand why my legs feel so crappy. This week had much less quantity but nearly the same amount of quality, so the percentage of quality has been higher (yeah, that's it). The weather is actually looking good for VA beach next weekend, so for lack of anything else I will worry about the wind. There's also the flight up there to worry about; once we get to Charlotte we have to sprint to our connecting flight, which leaves 40 minutes later. But other than some anticipated extra work-stress this coming week, the only real thing to worry about is: what if I just screw up?

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March 9, 2006

taper makes you stupid

It's not the weekend yet, so I'm posting with limited time/energy/attention span. Saturday I ran my last double before the marathon, and today was my last double-digit workout. It was supposed to be 12 with the last 8 at 7:11 pace, but I ran those 8 at 6:56 instead (I also just this second noticed the schedule said 12 and I ran 14 instead, whatta idiot). It was either 7:20s or 6:50s - I couldn't hold anything in between. Anyway, it's done and the only hard stuff left is a 5K on Saturday and a 3mi MP dress rehearsal next Thursday. Will she make it? From the state of her brains, it doesn't look good. I will leave you with the most poetic piece of spam I have ever received:

translate the crucifix

by "Margaret Lujan" (HOconnorn@easysounds.com)

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March 5, 2006

waiting for robo

(sitting here waiting for a very big file to copy from one place to another)

It's been a long week, but the hay is in the barn, I guess. This week I ran 97.6 miles, most of it very slow to spare my legs for the two workouts that really mattered. The first of those two - Tuesday, 14 miles with the last 4 @6:40 - I didn't quite get. I felt ok and wasn't yet tired or beat-up feeling, but I seemed to settle in at 6:50 and I found it easier to daydream than to push 10s faster and hold it. I ended up with 6:43 pace, not dead-on but ok.

Despite the fact that I ran everything else really easy, I was still tired and sore by this morning's 18, which was my last long run and was supposed to be 7:05 - 7:10s for the last 11 miles. Surprise, surprise, it turned out ok. There was a bit of a northeast wind, enough so I noticed it while going north or east, so I decided this would really be a good training run for Shamrock (what else could I do? pout?). During the headwind parts I tried to concentrate on cadence instead of freaking out at the drop in pace. That good turnover helped me gain some ground during the tailwind parts. There were a couple off-pace miles, but I ended up running the last 11 at 6:59 pace, which will never be my marathon pace but it was a good hard run. I learned I can deal with some wind, and I re-learned that I hate running in wind. Of course Shamrock won't be exactly like this: that course is essentially 6.5mi south, then 13mi north, then 6.7mi south again. Unlike my neighborhood, the course doesn't change direction every quarter- or half-mile or so. So if the wind is out of the north that day, I'm screwed.

Taper starts now. This coming week will only be 48 miles, though there's an 800s workout, a mid-week MP workout, and a 5K Saturday morning (yikes, now that I think about it, that's kinda hard). Next weekend I will work my very last overnight, and the week after will include 25 measly miles, which gives me plenty of time to work very very hard at not freaking out.

file's done. thanks, robocopy.

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