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May 22, 2005

another solo Sunday

This morning I got up super-early and drove 30 minutes to meet my club at 6 for the weekly long run. As it turns out, I was too slow for the fast folks and too fast for the slow folks so I ran the whole thing alone. I ran 16 miles @ 7:57 average pace - the first 4 way too fast, then pretty consistent 8s - 8:10s for the next 12. It was kind of hard keeping that up alone, and I missed my old long-run partner today. He has recently joined another running club.

I've been thinking about joining another club myself. My club is based in St Pete - 35 miles away - and the time spent driving is kind of a drag. Right now I'm neither as fast nor as slow as anyone in the club, so why drive a half-hour each way just to run alone? I can step right outside my house and run alone.

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May 21, 2005

coolrunning makes me tired

I read the Mainstream Racing and Competitive Wire forums on coolrunning because I keep hoping I'll learn something, but I'm beginning to give up hope. The same people post the same crap over and over, get mad at each other and start fighting, meanwhile none of 'em seem to have improved as runners despite all the hot air.

One guy tries to micromanage the forums (starts topics, exhorts people to respond, chides people for not responding, always has to have the last word). Another guy - apparently the resident laconic guru - responds to most questions (regardless of the question) with descriptions of his bizarro workouts (30 miles straight, 100x200 with 20s recovery, kenyan-style billat progression lactate Lydiards, all uphill on an indoor track), yet he never tells us how all this pain has helped his race times, because apparently he hasn't raced since 1982. There's also a woman who has never run competitively, but she knows a lot of famous people like Billy and Joanie by their first names, and this somehow lends her credibility when she insists that high mileage isn't good for people and that runners have about 8 years to peak and then it's all downhill. gahhhh. I'd like to put 'em all in a dirigible.

Next time, I'll critique letsrun :-)

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titles are a drag

(first): thanks to the people who said nice things about that sorta-5k last week that I won. I've said this time and time again, but it's true: it's really cool that people I don't know take time to read this thing and comment and cheer on the good and commiserate with the bad.

Things at work are slowly returning to normal, and I'm starting to feel like I have a life again. I don't have to work at all this weekend if I don't want to, and so far I don't want to. On the other hand, I haven't really taken full advantage of the decreased stress. I increased my mileage a little this week - up to 59, whoohoo - but practically all of it was easy running. Instead of going to the club's track workout Tuesday, I ran 7 miles around the neighborhood with 8 x 100m strides in the middle. Since I was planning to run a 5k this weekend, I took it easy on Thursday too. Then last night I decided I wasn't in the mood for 5k pain, so I bagged the race this morning and ran 10 with some little hills.

Back in late December when I started running again after the stress fracture, my easy-run pace was dismayingly slow and I got all freaked out about it and wrote whiny emails to my coach and just about anyone else who would listen. Even sub-9 seemed like both a long-lost memory and an unattainable goal. As I trained more, my pace got better, but was still decidedly slow. When I got back from Boston I noticed that easy runs were faster, but I chalked it up to reduced mileage and fresher legs. The pace got faster still, but I figured the GPS was screwed up and giving me suspect readings. This week I finally decided to admit that yes, my easy pace is about 40s faster than it used to be. Progress!

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May 14, 2005

what if they had a race and nobody came?

why, joe positive would win!

This morning there were 3 5k races in my area - one certified, one popular, and one (inaugural) charity race. The certified and popular races were 45 minutes away, while the charity race was 3 miles from home, so I chose that one.

The race was held in a park that hosts about 15 races a year. There is a certified and an uncertified (read: short) 5k course in the park, and switching between the two is achieved by moving the start and the finish lines a skosh or two. Although this race wasn't advertised as certified, I was pleased to notice that the start and finish were in their "certified" places. If nothing else I thought I could get an idea of my current 5k fitness.

With the other races going on today, I figured this would be sparsely populated, but there were a few things I didn't count on: 1) no mile markers, and 2) construction in the 2nd and 3rd miles, with no one to direct the runners. By the end of the race there were 3 guys ahead of me (I told you it was sparse today) and we all missed a hard left detour that would have kept us on course. Anyway, I finished in 20:35, which was not what I'd hoped for 5k but is all right for the 3.28 miles we actually ran. And I was first woman, which has never happened to me before and probably will not happen again.

disclaimer, lest anyone think I'm an ass: the title of this entry is a takeoff of a book or article or slogan or something from many, many years ago called, I think, "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" I think that in and of itself was a takeoff of some other popular book or article or slogan. Anyway, I didn't mean that the people who raced today were beneath my notice; as a matter of fact, a woman that used to beat me all the time 2 years ago was there, and I was afraid the lack of mile markers might have led me into some fatal mistake she could take advantage of. Anyway, what I meant was that all the superfast ladies were elsewhere today.

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May 8, 2005


This morning I ran 14 miles with my husband. He's not an early riser, so it was a little hot by the time we started, but it was so great to run with people again that I didn't mind so much. Since things got so busy at work I've only been able to run alone, and I've felt like I was stealing time to run, and I would end up thinking about work the whole time anyway.

Today's run was just about running. We ran his long-run route, which I'd never run before. We are at the point right now where we can run together without either of us holding the other back. That's not going to last much longer, I suspect, but it's fun for now.

Two more days until my work partner comes back. Seven more days of being on call. I can hardly wait.

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May 7, 2005

no, this is the crappiest weekend ever.

Make that the crappiest week. No, 3 weeks. I haven't had a day or a night off since April 19. I was supposed to race 5K this morning and had even registered, but I had to work until 4:30 this morning and I didn't want to race on a half-hour's sleep. I don't have time to make it to any club runs, and running by myself I just think about work. I'm more tired and stiff than my 40-something miles this week warrant. One of my best and oldest friends is turning 40 and his girlfriend has invited us to a surprise party tonight, but I don't feel like going, and anyway I'm on call. I just don't feel like doing anything. Whaaaaa.

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May 1, 2005

just the crappiest weekend ever

lets see...

My husband, guilt-smacked by his mother, left town Friday for a 1-day family gathering a day's drive away. I could not go and share the misery because I am still covering for my vacationing partner at work.

Friday I worked from 7am until 8pm, staying late to handle last-minute gotta-haveits and code changes that (it turns out) nobody would care about until next week.

Saturday night was database-server-maintenance night, which means that from 6pm until about 4am I get to watch the databases, er, maintain themselves. The monotony was broken when one of the boxes was rebooted right in the middle of maintenance and then refused to come back up. Fixing it took some very nervous sweat and a call to Microsoft support, but I guess it helped pass the time.

During all this excitement I managed to screw something up on my linux box and spent a lot of time trying to find out what the hell I'd done.

Got to bed at 4:30 this morning only to be awakened by a call at 8:30 from my husband letting me know he was leaving for the 11-hour drive home.

Though I promised myself I wouldn't work any more today, I just had to spend a couple hours fixing something that's been broken a while but I haven't been able to fix because I haven't had a couple uninterrupted hours to do it.

I did run this weekend though: I moved my "long" (12-mile) run to Saturday and then ran 5.3 this morning after the phone rang and I couldn't get back to sleep. Yesterday felt pretty good but I could tell this morning that I was physically and mentally flagging; long-gone aches and pains reappeared out of nowhere.

I am tired, cranky and miserable, frustrated, and all I've done this weekend besides work and run is eat.

Let's go find some mindless tv.

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