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March 19, 2005

let it be known that

on this date,
4 weeks and 2 days from Boston,
during a 22-miler in the (real) hills 40 miles north of here,
at a pace faster than that of my only other marathon,



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March 13, 2005

5 weeks out

It's been a very busy week. In my job I'm switching from being in charge of 3 dozen little things to working on one very big thing. I think this will be good, ultimately, but any kind of change can throw things a little out of whack. My big hope is that I can keep going with the training I've got left before Boston, without 1) getting sick, 2) getting injured, 3) losing my mind.

This week was sort of a cutback in intensity if not in miles. I've continued to include lots and lots of goofy little hills (goofy because 'round here we really don't have any hills; these are lumps) every day, but most of my daily runs have been in the 9:20 pace range. Friday was the worst yet - 5 miles at 10:22 pace, yikes - but everything got better in Saturday's 15k. It was a PR (1:04:54) not only for 15k but for 10k too, whatta bonus. Granted my 10k PR is really soft, but anyway...I was really happy to run sub-7 for 15k. The best part is I'm not particularly sore or beat up from it, and was able to do a medium-long run with club people this morning.

Tomorrow: 7 miles at some very slow pace in my go-slow shoes, then work work work work, then a massage I don't really need after all.

The next 3 Sundays are 22, 23, and 20 miles respectively, and I consider them to be the most important days in the whole next 5 weeks. My new work stuff involves a fair amount of Saturday-night work; it's not physical stuff at all but means staying up late waiting for some process to finish. I hope I can get those long runs in, and get 'em with my club friends. If I have to run those alone they'll be in the 9:30 pace range, much slower than I want. Maybe I need to push myself more when I run alone.

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March 6, 2005

not as exciting as the ohio state game on tv

21 miles today with my sometime running partner Albert, who races much faster than I do but prefers to take long runs at a pace I enjoy. We managed 8:04 pace for the whole thing, which is pretty funny considering most of my shorter solo "regular" runs are in the 9-to-9:30 range. I don't think I'm running the long runs too fast - the pace is sometimes brisk but not uncomfortable - but I often wonder if I'm running the bread-and-butter stuff too slowly. My coach isn't too concerned about it, but compared to almost every training regimen I've read about, this is completely backward.

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March 4, 2005

life gets more sane for a day, and more sad

Where I work we have an extremely casual and unofficial policy that says if you work more than 8 hours on a weekend or holiday you're entitled to a comp day. In reality there's no way I could take all the comp time I've earned, but that's beside the point - today was a whole day off, whoohoo! I slept until I woke up (6:20, but still...). Ran 7 miles in my neighborhood in daylight. Saw my back yard in daylight. Went to the Asian grocery with my husband and looked at all this interesting food whose wrappers we couldn't read. Did not check work email at all. Took a nap. Having a drink now and watching the sun slant itself across my front porch. This is amazing - release the pressure for 14 hours or so and I'm almost as good as new.

On a different subject: today I learned that someone on a running-message-forum I lurk at died - apparently very suddenly - after fighting cancer for years. She was a little older than me. I think she started running kind of later in life, in her 30s maybe. She was a much better runner than I'll ever be. Even these past couple of years while she was going through lots of chemo and other crappy stuff she was running 80-mile weeks on her treadmill. She was a regular on this forum; I mostly lurk and only had one brief online conversation with her, so I can't say I really knew her. But her very sudden death is very, very sad.

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