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December 26, 2004

not a whole lot of interesting stuff

This week I ran 37.9 miles, the most since late September. Although I ran anywhere from 4 to 12 miles at a shot, all of it was about the same slow pace. My legs just don't want to go any faster at this point, and I'm ultra-conscious of any pain in my feet (or anywhere, for that matter). I often catch myself in awful form, with my right arm too high, stiff, and close to my body, and I know that's because I expect to hurt on that side. I *don't* hurt, but the body remembers.

Don't get me wrong. It's been a good week for running. In addition I put in 21 miles on the elliptical and almost 7 on the stairmaster. My "long" run (ha) this morning was 12 miles. My coach seems pleased enough with this progress to schedule a bit more mileage next week. I just wish I weren't so dang slow.

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December 19, 2004

put your head down and run

When last I posted I thought I had another stress fracture, this time in my foot. That turned out to be sort of not the case. The radiologist who read the xray saw two old, healed stress fractures I never knew I had. What I have now is just extensor tendonitis in my foot, brought on by - what else? - too much too soon. It's very slowly going away.

The last couple of weeks I've gone from non-weightbearing xtraining to weightbearing xtraining to walking to gallowalking and, finally, to running. Today was my longest run since early October - 8.69 miles, yowza! My plan is to increase the miles reasonably, supplementing the running with an hour of xtraining 5 days a week.

I'm really happy to be running again, but oddly enough there's a downside too. I'm afraid of every ache and pain, afraid I'll injure myself again. Even worse is the fear I've lost too much (maybe), that I'll never get back with my old training partners again (probably), that I'm in even worse shape than I was this time last year (definitely).

What a bunch of blah. For the time being I've set up the gps so I can't tell how far or fast I'm going. I try not to think about whether I'll be in decent shape for Boston, try not to think about all the prep races I may have to sit out. I have a lot of work to do, but I just have to put my head down and do it.

Last night I dreamed I was running with my coach and the rest of our club on a typical Sunday long run, and we decided to run (not race) a 34-mile race someone was putting on. The race was a 28-mile loop followed by a 6-mile loop. At 28 miles my time was 3:30.

If only :-)

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December 4, 2004

sometimes people you don't know can be just great

first off, I am just floored by all the comments to my last post. That's just so nice. I can't get over it. Thanks very much. It's been a lousy week, but 100% better because of the encouragement.

I am definitely going to ask my doctor about bone density testing. If a medicine like fosamax would help me to hold up under a reasonable training load then so be it.

The pain in the foot is slowly, slowly getting better. I've been in the gym a lot this week, riding the bike a lot at first but getting back to the elliptical and the stairclimber. I'm amazed at how much my legs and lungs want to go go go, and the only thing holding me back is the foot pain (and the fear of some new injury). I didn't think xtraining was good for anything but maintaining. It would almost be better if xtraining provided no benefit - that way people wouldn't be able to run too hard/fast when they started back after an injury.

Today was a beautiful chilly day, the coolest so far this fall. We have this local 5/10K with awards 5-deep plus amazingly nice and useful prizes (sunglasses, watches, shoes, etc). This year's races were held today. Some very admirable people go to races they can't run just to cheer their friends on. But I am not so nice as all that, so I went to the gym and laughed at the president whenever I saw him on TV.

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