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September 30, 2004

quick whine

Very busy lately with work, hurricane-recovery, training (such as it is). Last week was the best running week I've had in a while. I finally felt I had some legs under me; I was closer to my pre-injury training pace, and had no trouble with 10-mile runs or longer. But we had another hurricane this weekend (stress), and work has been very busy (stress), and I can't get enough sleep (stress), and my quads are sore and the plantar is bugging me again and my leg hurts a little and I'm just plain tired. Last night I asked my coach about a plan for the marathon, and he said to try for 3:25 or 3:30. What a huge letdown. I'd hoped I could do better than that, and I really had hoped he thought I could do better than that. All those miles, all that time lost, money spent on massage and doctors and miracle cures, all that energy for nothing. I know that plenty of other people train plenty harder, but this first foray into 70+ mile weeks was a lot for me.

With a week and a half to go, it seems so useless.

Please forgive this whine.

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September 20, 2004

creeping touch of fall

Most years we don't see temperatures below 70 until mid-October. Even sub-75 is cause for wild parties. But this morning the remnants of Ivan drifted back down our way, and at 5:15 it was close to 70F with a light north breeze. Heaven! After yesterday's race I was sore in a completely undifferentiated way, and was expecting an 8-mile slog. After a mile in the unsweaty dark I loosened up quite a bit, and after 3 miles I was pretty darn happy. Ended up with 8.13 at a crazy-slow pace, but it felt swell.

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September 19, 2004

sort of a benchmark

Today I ran a 20K - my first race longer than 15K since March, and my first race of any distance since mid-July, back in those long-lost sub20-5K days. I've been coming back slowly slowly from injuries, and I went into the race feeling I lacked strength, speed, and (above all) confidence to push the way a race demands.

Back when I was 100% healthy, I'd hoped to run this at around 7:00 pace. Last year I ran this race in 1:40:something. This morning I had no idea what I should try for or what range of paces should freak me out (too fast or too slow). I ended up deciding that something between 7:00 and 8:05 pace would be ok.

I lined up decidedly mid-pack, started off with the usual amount of first-mile discomfort and wound up with 7:25 after a bit of weaving through people. I wondered what I should feel about that (push, you're going to slow? slow down, you're gonna re-injure yourself and anyways you're not ready for 12 miles of this?), then decided to stop wondering and just go on. I won't bore anyone with splits, but I did run a positive split (boo), did finish in 1:31:33 (ok), did walk through one water stop (boo), did feel - even in the final miles - enough control to push when I wanted to, even if it was only 50m or so (yay). I ended up 7th female.

Two of the top 3 women (including the winner) were masters. I took 1st for my 40-44 age group. My husband, who swore he was just using the race for his long run, came in about a minute behind me.

Now, 8 hours later, I'm a little more sore than I'd usually be at this time of day. But I plan to take it easy tomorrow, and I have a sports-doc appt plus some massage scheduled for this week (what a primadonna I am). Chicago is three weeks away, and I guess I'm still going. Back when I was healthy, I dreamed of a 3:15 race there, but now I guess a 7:45 pace would be ok.

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September 12, 2004

turning a corner, maybe

This injury really got me down, to the point where I didn't want to post here, didn't want to log my lousy runs, didn't even want to read about running or racing. Some people have posted encouraging comments, and I really appreciate that. The reason I haven't replied isn't because I didn't care, but because I was sick of sounding so negative all the time.

But things might be looking up. It took a hurricane to force me into it, but last week I took 2 days off running. During that time, 2 out of 3 injuries settled way down, leaving only some PF that I'm attacking with everything I've got. Finally I can run with something approaching my normal gait (I wouldn't admit it while it was happening, but my gait was seriously screwed up with these injuries). I'm dog slow and my endurance is low, but I can run normally. Now my question is whether I can get anything back in time for Chicago.

4 weeks seems like an incredibly short time.

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September 4, 2004

well, I thought

Well, I thought I'd hold off posting until I had something else to post about besides injury and miserable runs.

Earlier this week I thought I'd turned a corner. I was feeling better and better; on some runs I actually needed to hold back because I didn't want to push too hard too soon. I was even looking forward to track this week, but that workout (measly 8x400) ended up setting me back at least a week. I managed 72+ miles this week , but since Wednesday there's been pain every step, and my stride is all screwed up, and I can hardly get my legs to go and I get tired way too soon.

So it's 5 weeks to Chicago. The trip is paid for; the registration's paid for; I got the time off from work. But the voice of reason says it's just not going to happen. I can't see making a miraculous recovery and somehow gaining all the fitness I've lost by trying to run through this for the past 6 weeks. I've been working for this since January and it's probably not going to happen, just like that.

I'm not the only person who's ever had this happen, and some people have it even worse, I know. But tonight I'm going to have a second drink, maybe a third.

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