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Munich Farewell

Hind Munich Vest 1998 - 2010


Today I had to discard one of my favorite pieces of running equipment. It was pretty much the first free thing given to me from a sponsor. It moved from 5 different residences with me, which I think only two other pieces of clothing managed to accomplish! I have used it through the fall/winter/spring of every year since college. It was the type of thing that was perfect for all conditions. If you needed warmth, it kept you warm. You needed wind protection, it did that. It was not too warm but always warm enough. It only did what was asked of it, nothing more, nothing less. Today on the way back from hill repeats, I slung it on and zipped it up just like I had done a million times before. Only this time, instead of the zipper zipping, the zipper was ripping. Sure, it had some frayed edges and the draw cord bit it years ago, but what or who doesn't have some rough edges? Vests don't last forever and this vest didn't owe me one thing. It certainly outlived it's intended lifespan. It must have run thousands of miles with me. It has seen different countries and all sorts of beautiful scenery from Colorado to Ireland. I know it is just a stupid vest and I will probably be seduced by another better high tech NB one as soon as I can find one, but I feel like I said goodbye to an old friend as I threw it into the bin.

That's all I got.

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