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Drowned Rat

Back from scenic, rainy, Callahan State Park after a run with Engisn Lutz. I thought I knew every inch of that park from the Salem End Rd. days in Framingham, but alas, I was mistaken. Today we went on a new fire road near the Sudbury reservoir and the Harvard research center. Great loop even if the weather wasn’t exactly perfect.

Yes, the running is still going well, I know this space hasn’t exactly been updated as often as it used to be but time has been scarce. We have been busy getting the house all ready for the new addition, work has been non-stop, and my typical Sunday writing day has been filled with weddings, races, reach the beaches, anniversary’s and birthdays making time to wap on the keyboard limited to paying bills, banking, and what not.

The most relevant running in the past three weeks was the Army 10 miler in Washington DC. This was my 10th running of army 10 so it was important I guess if you are into such hallmarks. I have actually run it 11 time but one year it was 11.5 or something due to being re-routed for the dangerous ham sandwich on the 395 bridge. 52:01 is not bad but I was hoping for 5:05 pace. Most likely hoping for too much. Had trouble finding a group to run with as the race went out very fast with 5:01 opening mile and I found myself behind a group running about 5:00 pace and in front of a group running 5:15 pace. Should have just dropped back to the 5:15 group rather than battling the wind the whole way solo but the heart was set on 5:05 which worked through 5 and then came apart at the seams. Team Raytheon raced very well with some fast times all the way through our ninth runner. Everyone coming in sub 65 minutes is a solid corporate team.

Yell loud for the patriots today. The weather looks like it is going to be worse for the patriots game than it was for Baystate this morning. Glad I didn’t have to run that in this.

That’s all I got.

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