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June 1, 2009


A whole bunch of action on the easy gait front that has not been reported because times have been busy. It has been a busy busy time at Raytheon getting ready for a big install at SBX-1 and there hasn’t been a lot of time to write. Now that I am at 36,000 ft traveling in a Boeing 767 for 8 hours, all I have is time.

I have started running with a somewhat regular schedule. This week I had two take two zero’s, Thursday for a crazy overtime/meeting filled readiness review and today for a fun 15 hours of travel. I could be like those crazy runners who never miss mileage and run around the airport during their layovers. My layover was in Dallas, and there is now way I am going to run 8 miles, in 94 degree heat, not shower, and get on a plane for 8 hours. Just not going to do it, so it looks like this is just going to be a down week.

Last Saturday was a return to racing with the Mt Wachusett road/trail race and the Run to Remember ½ marathon the following day. The race I was racing was the Mt. Wachusett which had a very different course than last year. Instead of the 4.2 mile race up the access road to the summit, it was a road start for the first 1.3 miles and then it was into the trails for the final 3.9 miles. The distance of this race was 5.2 but I have no idea how accurate that is. There is no way it is wheeled. When I tried to google map the route it gave me 5.17 so it is probably right around 5.3 with the severe changes in elevation. It was a great race with Kevin Tilton. We started up the first killer hill on the roads and Brad K took off to the front, which surprised me. On these straight up hill starts, the wheat gets separated pretty quickly, and to no ones surprise, Kevin Tilton and Andy Mccaron matched my first surge as I headed up to the second parking lot interest. Mario and I had spent the previous weekend previewing the new course, so I was not sure how much to spend on this first hill. I knew the second climb up old Indian trail was just a heart rate pegger. I also didn’t want the first descent to be done on legs that were too worn out because the first descent down the downsboro trail was extremely rocky and technical. Kevin and I crested the top of the first hill right next to each other and had a little mini race to entrance of the trail head. I thought if I got there first I would be able to get a gap on him by taking some risks but, that gap maxed out at about .5 seconds when were kicked out at the bottom onto old north road. There Kevin took over and just followed with the plan to accelerate before the next turn onto the straight up the slope old Indian trail. Well, he was intent on getting there first and put in a huge surge at the base of the steepest climb. I remember thinking “If he is going to run the whole slope like this, it is over.” Luckily he slowed a touch 1/3 from the top and I was able to scoot by on a wide section of the narrow trail. This was a very technical, steep, rocky, and rooted climb. One really had to pick the footfalls or else our momentum would just be shot. I got to the top about 20 meters clear of Kevin so I tried my new relaxed speed technique on the 1.9 mile descent down old north road. Figuring Kevin would have to surge and take risks to catch me, I wanted relaxed, controlled speed, so I could really unwind the last 800m if that was required. One thing I didn’t count on, was all the runners we would double up heading back up the trail. It was crazy because a lot of them were running three abreast with their heads down. The closing speeds of someone bombing down a fireroad with others coming up are quite high. I just started yelling “pick a side” because every time I picked a side of course that was the side they picked and we would almost collide. Total craziness. Kevin and I got through that section without major incident and headed to the fastest part of the race. The final 600m went straight down the righthand side of the bunny slope of Wachusett to the finish around the pond, over the bridge, and finish in front of the lodge in the parking lot. This was a great finish because everyone could you see you bomb off the mountain all the way to the finish. I channeled my best super grover for the final 600m and just flew down the final section. My descending has really improved from last year which is positive. My hope from this race was to head up to cranmore for the mtn championship but looks like work has other plans for me. I may go up anyway but it all depends on how this trip goes. I just have to figure out a way for them to send the checks and not actually require any work, my training would take off again I am certain.

The following day, Christy Mae and I did the Run to Remember for fun. It was a good time because we have never done a competition together before. Neither of us was really pushing but it was still a good run.

Run to Remember ½ marathon with Christy Mae

I am going to leave the trailer now.

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