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May 11, 2009

Not too good at all - Boston 09'

This entry has been a long time coming. I wrote something up on the marathon really quick on the 21st but the site this blog is attached to wouldn’t let me post it for some odd reason. I know nothing about web software so for a few weeks I just fumbled around with it trying to post it and post it and now I am just going to write the full recap. I don't want to because it will just bring back more disappointment but here goes.

The 113th running of the Boston Marathon was a complete disaster, again. I don’t know what it is with marathon but I absolutely suck at it. I spend all this time and energy doing these crazy workouts and stupid distances on the track and roads and result is just crap. Good training, good mileage, taper, no injuries and I run 2:32. It was so disappointing that the next day at work was just torture. Everyone kept stopping in and talking about how great it was and how amazing it is to come in 65 out of 25,000 people. I tell them all it was tough going out there and it was a solid effort. I just got sick of lying to everyone but did not feel like explaining how a 2:32 actually sucks when you have the type of fitness I had so after the first 20 people came by I just went to the lab to hide out with my laptop even though I had desk work all day that day. I basically spent an entire week trying to figure out what went wrong and still don’t know. Maybe more races are needed to harden the legs. Maybe less miles. Maybe the 115 was too much? Who knows.

Didn’t start too fast. Pretty much right on through 16, then it just unraveled so fast it was frightening. David Bedoya and two other guys got together at about 5 miles and we started trading ½ mile increments into the wind. The wind was really bad in some sections but never really blew more than 15 mph in the first 16. It was very constant though. Once we turned the corner onto Comm Ave and hit the hill and wind at once it got tough. I really started struggling. Had to fight hard up the first hill and I couldn’t turn the pace back on over the other side. My legs felt pretty dead and the pace just kept slowing and slowing. By the time I got to heartbreak hill the pace was completely foreign to me. 6:26 up the hill is pretty bad. I tried to bring it back off the hill but that was temporary. The last 5 miles were just the typical marathon death march into the finish. I thought sure my 24th mile was going to be 7:00, which was double embarrassing because the New Balance Boston crew was right there watching me jog along.

I was so pissed I could not keep up with David through the hills. He went on to run 2:27 which was the time I was shooting for. It also would have made the final 10k of wind tunnel a bit easier. Next year, if I decide to run Boston again, I will do more work on the hilly sections. The one little thing I could take from it was beating the guy from Columbia who keep following me and would not lead at all the entire way. The last mile I finally broke away from him.

1.) 5.25
2.) 5.37 11.03
3.) 5.32 16.36
4.) 5.31 22.07
5.) 5.39 27.46
6.) 5.28 33.15
7.) 5.33 38.48
8.) 5.37 44.26
9.) 5.36 50.02
10.) 5.34 55.36
11.) 5.35 1.01.12
12.) 5.33 1.06.46
13.) 5.37 1.12.24
14.) 5.37 1.18.01
15.) 5.39 1.23.40
16.) 5.24 1.29.04
17.) 5.42 1.34.47
18.) 5.51 1.40.38
19.) 5.48 1.46.26
20.) 5.59 1.52.26
21.) 6.26 1.58.53
22.) 6.03 2.04.56
23.) 6.25 2.11.21
24.) 6.44 2.18.06
25.) 6.35 2.24.41
26.) 6.11 2.30.52
26.2.) 1.20 2.32.10

Them are the facts. Kind of hard to look at them but they are what they are.

I am just going to do some fun races off the roads in the mountains and decide it this is something I want to continue doing. This is supposed to fun thing that keeps you fit and is enjoyable. What it is leading to is constant disappointment. I just can’t continue to miss my goals by 6 minutes. They way I have felt after my races the past few years just isn’t making it fun anymore so we will see.

I have a few weeks of training that I will post as well though it just pretty simple recovery stuff.

That’s all I got.