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November 30, 2008

Playoffs! You want to talk about Playoffs!!!

If I was not laughing right now I would be crying. This entry should have been posted before the Patriots 60 minute Suck-Fest against the steelers and it would have been in a much nicer tone. Did we ever blow it out our butt today with the 5 turnovers and I don't even know how many drops. It was truly tough to watch. Maybe next year with a healthy Brady we will make the playoffs but after tonight it doesn't look like anything other than a major overhaul of the defense will help our cause. The good news is next week we have the Seahawks and they stink as bad as we do.

On to running related news, today was a nice little cartpath/fairway race. The Andover Striders 6kish Cross Counrty race at Andover Country Club. I always enjoyed this race and figured why not head up and give it a go again. Good race today with Double J out there on the course on a cold crisp day. I was a little surprised at first at how my legs responded at the start because I thought they would be slow in responding to any sort of race pace but they actually wanted to run faster. I felt great on the up hills but sluggish and slow on the flats and downhills. Not quite sure what to make of that as of yet but it must be because of the workouts I have been doing which have involved a lot of strength and no speed at all. I will start working on that pronto. Well, maybe not, but I will think about working on it. I think I could have pushed the pace a little more in the middle section but I think my knowledge of the last hill through the townhouses slowed my roll. Good race to everyone out there, especially the over 30 crowd who dominated the top 10. Geezers Unite!!!

I am the speck in blue shorts.


I am now in the no mans land of my schedule. Nothing really on the agenda until February but I don't want to shut it off either. Just going to maintain for a while and then start a another build up. Things would be so much better if I was going to club nationals, but alas, it was not be this year.

That's all I got.

November 26, 2008



Happy Thanksgiving runners. Enjoy your turkey trots and traditions on a beautiful thanksgiving morning. Run fast.

This will be the first thanksgiving in a long time I am not entering a turkey day race. We are hosting my family for thanksgiving and it makes a crazy day when I travel for a race and then come back and rush to get everything ready. I have a work tomorrow I can pretend is a race and a race lined up for later in the week that will have to suffice.

This morning I did a new loop I have never done before in the south to north ARWR loop. I met up with Mark 18 minutes into the run, ran with him for 4.4 miles and then dropped him off at his car and ran another 3 miles. Good times.

That's all I got.

November 25, 2008

Crown Royal

The illness is gone and the running is back. Today marks one entire week of running with out feeling like garbage. No missed workouts. No half-efforts. Not a whole lot of miles but all of them were quality. I may even race this weekend if the mood strikes.

Today was supposed to be pick up the yard day, but it poured all day long. The weatherman said it was going to pour all day long, so I had a back-up plan, crown molding. I am not the best at that sort of thing but I was sick of looking at the hard corners in the family room. They are gone now. I bought too much molding so friday I may put some up in the dining room.

Enjoy your turkey trots everyone. Good Luck.

That's all I got.

November 21, 2008

not much happening here at

No real running to report. I think the bug is gone. As soon as it is, i will make another run at some training.

that's all I got

November 3, 2008

almost a trained professional

Not a whole lot of running going on lately. End of year work rush with no real end in site. Have a lot of meetings during the day and that means the work gets done at night. I also came down with a weird fluy/cold type of thing that made all my runs feel like absolute garbage. I missed two straight workouts but think I should be back on the horse tomorrow morning with some running at a fast pace.

This is what an add for New Balance Boston would look like if I were a fully sponsored stud racing with factory backing.

photo from t. derderian

After seeing this in runner's world, running times, or road and track people would say "I should buy some of those 1001b's, I bet they are fast as the dickens."

Special thanks to my man D.G. who will probably get fired for using his NB logos on a hack but it will be well worth gainful employment to make me smile.

That's all I got.



I absolutely stink at web sites. I spent hours this weekend trying to get this site a little bit different from what it has been for the past two years. I can't seem to do it. I was lucky I was able to get it back to this crappy format after screwing it up so bad.

If anyone has any suggestions with helpful sites in modifying blog pages in movabletype just go ahead and send them right along. Make sure they are simple so an incompetent person can follow them.

That's all I got.

November 1, 2008

Umass A-10 Champions


Umass won the A-10 conference tittle down in Charlotte today. 1 point is a dogfight. Every runner counts and every second counts when it is that close. Exciting stuff, too bad it was all the way in Charlotte.

Congratulations to the team and all their hard work.
Congratulations to Coach O'Brien who has forgotten more about running competitively than most of us will ever know.

Go Umass.