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October 30, 2008

Life as a fish

My house is a total and complete disaster. New windows went into the house today. I thought is was going to be a two day job but the crew that was here did them all today. 26 brand new windows. What fun. I had to take down all the curtains and molding as they went and tried to put it back up as the completed the windows. Let me tell you something, taking off molding is a lot easier than putting it back up. Same with Curtains. So I am about 1/3 of the way done with reassembly. It is like living in a fishbowl fish.jpg with all my neighbors looking in watching me watch tv, eat, and go to the bathroom. Ha, jk, i put those curtains up first. We are good there.

In running related news, the first workout since Baystate took place yesterday. It went very well if I may say so. 4 x 700m hills from fire hydrant to fire tower on Nobscot hill.

Hill repeats at Nobscot hill.
Fire Hydrant to Tower.

That's all I got.

October 27, 2008

Marathon Regret

Pangs of runner's regret were hitting me pretty hard yesterday as I watched NBB race through the 5k and 8k during the Mayor's Cup yesterday. Really wishing I could have been out there running with team. If I decide to do a marathon next fall, I think it will be Hartford because that is over in time to run the entire list of cross country races. Cross Country is far and away the best of all the running seasons. I have had the least amount of success there but it is still my favorite. It was a nice perspective to chase people around the course and lend some vocal encouragement but racing would have been better.

Not a lot of running last week as I wanted to be sure to get the marathon out of my legs.

Monday 20 Day Off - Sore quads, left posterior tib tight on inner shin.

Tuesday 21
Training Run 6:00:00 PM - 2.00 mi @ 16:44 (8:22 pace)

Wednesday 22
Training Run 12:00:00 AM - 6.00 mi @ 45:26 (7:34 pace)

Thursday 23
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 52:33 (7:17 pace)

Friday 24
Training Run 12:00:00 AM - 7.00 mi @ 49:33 (7:04 pace)

Saturday 25
Training Run 12:00:00 AM - 6.50 mi @ 45:23 (6:58 pace)

Sunday 26
Training Run 7:00:00 AM - 7.00 mi @ 48:25 (6:55 pace)

TOTALS Running: 35.7 mi

That's right, 35 miles. 36 if you round up!!!

Time to get back into shape and start training for Cross Country season or what's left of it.

That's all I got.

October 23, 2008

Peruvian Flute Bands

Bruins lose, again. Three in a row all at home. It is going to be a long season. No goalie.

Tuesday = 2 miles in 16:44
Wednesday = 6.5 in 46:22
Thursday = 7.2 in 52:12

At least I am moving again. The posterior tib is still a bit tight but it gets better every day. The central quad and calf pain is gone. It is crazy how many aches and pains you get after marathon.

In non running news, one of the most hilarious episodes of south park was on tonight. A gerbil is attacking the US and all the peruvian flute bands were rounded up and sent to a camp.

Stan: Craig is just being a dick because we are having a tough time right now.
Craig: You guys stole my birthday money, got me arrested, sent to miami with the only way out to take down the country of peru, and I'm being a dick
Cartman: Man, there's just no talking to this guy.

That's all I got.

October 19, 2008

Baystate Marathon

A good marathon at Baystate today. If you look closely down the list you will see christy mae ran a huge PR of 2:51.37 all by her lonesome.

Perfect conditions minus the crazy wind the last 12 miles. It was swirling off the river and hitting you in odd spots that you thought you would be sheltered. Hat, gloves, singlet, shorts and I was plenty warm. Ran conservative, safe, but I have been feeling a bit jet lagged and tired lately and figured today was no day for heroics. A more scientific method was in order. Let's face it, the caution to the wind approach has not exactly been a hit. I could not have run 2:21 mid anyway so going out with Matt P and Casey M would have been suicide and I would have most likely had to drop out like Titus or died like Ndaya. Let this be the point where I thank Mike Maceiko, fellow Umass alum and 1/2 marathon winner today. When he went by at about 3/5 of a mile Ben Ndaya jumped on him and followed him up to the leaders. They probably ran about 5:15 or so as I just cruised. Way too fast for a second mile unless you are running a 1/2 marathon. The yellow numbers were 1/2 marathon and white were marathon so it is not like he couldn't figure that out. Thanks Mike!! While I am giving shout outs, special thanks to Mario, Terry, Kevin, and Paul who were out in force on the course offering gels, gatorade, water, and encouragement. I have never had that much support during a race. It was also great to have my mom and dad and Yvonne out there hollering for runners as well. Thanks a lot.

I started out smart and searched for a tempo for 4 miles and then found it and locked in at mile 4. Just tried to churn out the miles at an even tempo and not hit the redline but not to pussy foot it either. I was trying to run in the yellow. Ran with John LaRosa for a the first few miles but that pace was a touch too slow for me a touch too fast for John so went our separate ways around 3.0. I couldn't see anyone until about 7 miles when I spotted Ben Ndaya of in the distance. Ran down Ndaya at 13.1 and caught up to Titus at 16. He didn't look well. There was no way I was catching Matt P but I did try to drive the last 10k. Huge head wind the last 5 miles. Mile 24 was especially bad because it opened up to the field and river there with a 5 lane highway so there was no wind block at all.


1 5.36
2 5.41
3 5.45
4 5.38
5 5.35
6 5.36
7 5.37
8 5.31
9 5.30
10 5.34
11 5.35
12 5.34
13 5.36
14 5.29
15 5.34
16 5.38
17 5.31
18 5.33
19 5.34
20 5.35
21 5.35
22 5.35
23 5.36
24 5.54
25 5.46
26 5.39
.2 1.13

26.2 = 2:27:13

Not a PR but I wasn't really in PR shape and it wasn't really a PR type field on a PR type of day.

That's all I got.

October 16, 2008


I am back in the continental states after a brief training camp on the Oahu' south shore in Hawaii for my last second tune up for Baystate. I thought the concrete sidewalks, hot and humid conditions, and dirt tracks would really help my last 10 days of training so I headed out there to sharpen my fitness. The 6 hour time difference and the red eye from LA will be a big help in getting used to really boring monotonous tasks. I will be sharp as a tack for this race on Sunday.

Actually, I was called last minute to go to the SBX vessel that is currently stationed in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor.


I have done a lot of design on this particular program but never made it to the shipyard during the build because I was off on other tasks. The scale of this project is enormous. We were using 3 inch diameter bolts and 28" long torque wrenches. Everything about SBX is big.

The timing could not have been worse for the trip but as kevin said, at least it was during the easy section of training. It was extremely hot and humid over there and we worked 7 straight days from 6 to 6. The 12 hour shifts are because the vessel is only in port for 4 weeks and a lot needs to be done during these maintenance periods. At least I got the 6 am to 6 pm and not the other way around, then I would be really messed up.

I did not miss one day of training but don't have all of the training into athleticore yet. I will get it in there and post it soon.

I am off to bed now to try and get back onto EST time.

That's all I got.