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September 28, 2008

Training Log Sept 22 - Sept 28

Monday 22
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 51:50 (7:11 pace)
Training Run 6:00:00 PM - 7.20 mi @ 52:24 (7:16 pace)
Tuesday 23
Training Run 5:45:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 53:02 (7:21 pace)
Training Run 6:15:00 AM - 5.20 mi @ 36:22 (6:59 pace)
Wednesday 24
Training Run 11:15:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 34:55 (6:59 pace)
Running Workout 6:00:00 PM - Aerobic Capacity Intervals - - 10.00 mi @ 53:35.00 (5:21 pace)
Thursday 25
Training Run 6:20:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 53:35 (7:26 pace)
Training Run 6:15:00 PM - 6.00 mi @ 40:17 (6:42 pace)
Friday 26
Training Run 6:30:00 AM - 6.00 mi @ 39:37 (6:36 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 52:12 (7:15 pace)
Saturday 27
Running Workout 7:45:00 AM - Aerobic Capacity Intervals - - 10.00 mi @ 52:05.00 (5:12 pace)
Sunday 28
Training Run 8:40:00 AM - 20.00 mi @ 2:22:13 (7:06 pace)
Running: 107.2 mi

Finally able to hit a mileage target. Three weeks to go and the training is coming along.

That's all I got.

September 27, 2008

Table number 7 for Fast Eddie Felson

Paul Newman, one of my favorite actors, died today of lung cancer at 83.


He is mostly my favorite actor for The Hustler and The Color of Money. I know, I know, Tom Cruise was in it, but that was before he became a couch jumping Sci-tolo wack job. Martin Scorsese directed it and it has the sweetest shots of pool with a great soundtrack. Just a great story with a great cast made back when you didn't need huge explosions or trucks turning into robots to make a good movie. TCOM is the most quotable movie ever made and he has two great quotes and my favorite movie quote of all time. "You study the watch . . . while I study you." and "Pool excellence is *not* about excellent pool." are two I love to quote all the time but the one I quote still every time I get some money at a race is ...

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Damn straight it is. Would you rather earn 1000 bucks grinding out your job for a week or win 1000 bucks in a huge kick with two foreigners hammering out the final 200m of a 10k all out. If you are reading this log I already know what your answer is, but it proves the point. The sense of victory is heightened when money is involved and if you take the largest prize it is all the sweeter.

I also was captivated by Paul Newman because he raced a kick ass corvette GT in SCCA races. Kind of sweet when an actor doesn't just act like a cool race car driver, he actually is a cool race car driver. He would dominate at Road Atlanta and Sebring.


Sweet Corvette No?

He also started a business and gave all the profits and proceeds to charity. 200 million dollars total to charity. That is walking the walk when you say you are going to help out. How many actors do that today? He wouldn't talk about it much though because he knew you gave back like that because it is right thing to do, not to look like philanthropist.

Here's to a super cool guy who will be missed.

That's all I got.

September 24, 2008

Some Semblance of Shape

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to the contrary, training does what it does and you get pretty fit. Take tonight for example. I have been working way too many hours and missing way too many runs to do the workout tonight at the level of effort it took.

Only one interval was the good news.
The bad news was it happened to be a 10 mile interval with alternating pace efforts at 5:30/5:12 pace.

Mario and I alternated every 800m and tried to focus on keeping the effort smooth and constant. As with every workout of this type, some miles were better than others but the whole workout was one big positive. It just didn't feel as hard as it did the first time I did this workout in 06.

Here is the data from the watch:

1. 5.30
2. 5.14 10.45
3. 5.29 16.14
4. 5.13 21.28
5. 5.26 26.54
6. 5.11 32.06
7. 5.31 37.38
8. 5.14 42.52
9. 5.30 48.22
10. 5.12 53.35

As I am sure Uncle Fire would agree, it was a good time.

That's all I got.

September 22, 2008

Too much to write

Things have been crazy busy, to say the least. Work has just been a bear with a lot of OT and travel and the running has suffered a bit. I have been constantly about 10-15 miles below my goal mileage and it is pretty frustrating. About twice a week something comes up which stops a run. There is no way around it either. I have been doing a good job of waking up in the morning and getting at least that in but between fire team meetings and proposals it has been an absolute challenge to get the second run in. The good news is the career is going well and I have yet to miss a workout, but one of these days I will not be able to dash out at 6:00 and make it to the workout. Lets hope it doesn't happen but I know it will.

On to running.

Just to let everyone know, New Balance Boston won the reach beach relay!!!
The first mixed team to ever win the race outright. We were in a fun race with Hello Kitty from JP. The crazy thing is we started at 4:00 on Friday and finished at 2:00 pm on saturday and only won by 5 minutes. For 22 hours we traded leads back and forth all through the night. It also helped that our women were a bunch of killers who not only didn't mind racing against guys, they relished it. I thought a few of them wanted a piece of me after it was over. The whole team was strong and we needed every second of every mile. It was great the way NBB stepped up and adjusted to some team misfortune. We had people scheduled to run 20 running 27 an people scheduled to run 20 running 14. The whole thing slid sideways for a little while but that is all part of the fun. Adapt on the fly. The SUV smelled like a giant fart at the end but no one really noticed. To all of you reading this, if anyone still does, put a team together for RTB and run it. It is just too much fun.

We had the bestest most funnest team in the whole race.
Here is the band of happy marauders about 5 minutes after we were done.
It also about 5 minutes before we jumped in the ocean. It was chilly but felt good on the knees.

Next on the agenda is the army ten miler.

That's all I got.

September 2, 2008

6k of race

The Chamberas Race was run last Sunday and I wanted to write a report on it right away but things have been busy. This is one of my new favorite races so I was looking forward to running in beautiful Great Brook state farm in Carlisle again. This place is right out of a postcard of New England Farms. We had a picture perfect day with temps right about 80, air a perfect humidity and not a cloud could be seen.

The course last year was a long 5k and this year the course was short 6k without actually changing the course. Weird right? I think the course is certainly closer to 6k than 5k but who gives crap because everyone knows where the start and the finish are and who ever gets there first wins. I like the simplicity of the event. Unfortunately this year would be more complex because the field that signed up was much deeper and more experienced than last year.

Dave Hannon once again ran a great race and the bonus this year was tech tees and a free boston marathon jacket to all finishers. Pretty sweet SWAG. Dave also wins the award for best pre-race speech. It was a week ago so even though I am quoting him I may be screwing up some of the exact wording.

“Thanks to everyone for coming. We have a pretty good day and a pretty course out there. It is marked very well with red flags, ribbons, and chalk. If you don’t see any ribbons you are off the course and you may want to go back. Be careful of the footing because there is some single track. There are no mile markers out there so you are on your own with that, I don’t know what you do with those splits anyways. I am going to say on your mark, go. When I say “Go” you go.”

So he said go or blew a horn or something and I got off to the worst start in my cross country career. It was so bad I even commented to the guy next to me “How did I get here?” Still not sure how I got shuffled so far back but I did and had to work a little harder then I would have liked to get into fourth place before the single track.

Nice start there guy. Not even in the picture.


Ben Strain of CMS was the first guy to the single track while I was in fourth behind Mario F and Mathiew Haringa. It was wild looking back down the switch backs and seeing the line of runners coming up the trail. I was quite comfortable for the first part of the racing and was just waiting for someone to go. That happened as soon as we got out of the single track section and headed into what I have been calling the woods loop. This part of the race is a double wide trail full of twists and turns for about 2k. This is my favorite section where you can carry speed through rollers quite easy if you focus. Right after the single track as you swing down a steep hill Mario let his legs roll heading past Ben and the race was on. Right there I think the lead changed hands about 4 times in 200 m. It was a lot of fun. Mario, then Jim, then me, then Aaron (I think that’s what happened).

Then I passed Aaron, then Aaron passed me, then I passed him, then he passed me, and somewhere in all that passing we got a gap to the other runners. I also decided enough silliness and just sat behind Aaron as we climbed out of the woods loop up the hill and back into the corn fields. I tried to make a move in the first field but Aaron picked it up so I just decided that side by side for a while would be fine. I wanted to be in the lead the last 1000m because the plan was to gradually increase the pace making the kick an 800m drive so there wouldn’t be a big kick-off in the final 100m that I couldn’t win. My legs were severely deadened by weekly increases in mileage and the lengths of my workouts. Strength was all I had that day. It worked very well as I took the lead exiting the first cornfield, took a quick line through the woods, and pushed the pace hard through the 2nd cornfield onto the road.

This is Aaron and I exiting the 2nd cornfield onto the road.

Hearing the click clack of his spikes on the road made me really push the road section heading into the rollers on the third and final corn field. I didn’t want to be in a kick on grass against a guy wearing spikes. It worked pretty well because I had a second on him exiting the road and grabbed another two going through the rolling hills, which were a huge pain, in the 3rd cornfield. Turned for home and kicked it in.

Very satisfying race all around. 20 seconds faster than last year and I felt better doing it. After a five minute break Mario and I did the loop again in 19:33 for 12k (give or take) worth of work.

The results can be reviewed here
That’s all I got.