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March 30, 2008


Training log entry. I am doing my taxes so this is all I have time for. Yahoo for taxes.

Monday 24
Training Run 6:00:00 AM - 4.80 mi @ 33:25 (6:57 pace)
Training Run 11:00:00 AM - 10.20 mi @ 1:10:45 (6:56 pace)
Tuesday 25
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 36:25 (7:17 pace)
Running Workout 6:30:00 PM - Aerobic Capacity Intervals - - 6.00 mi @ 29:00.00 (4:50 pace)
Wednesday 26
Training Run 6:10:00 AM - 8.00 mi @ 54:45 (6:50 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 10.50 mi @ 1:13:45 (7:01 pace)
Thursday 27
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 8.50 mi @ 58:25 (6:52 pace)
Training Run 6:00:00 PM - 7.00 mi @ 49:00 (7:00 pace)
Friday 28
Training Run 12:00:00 AM - 7.00 mi @ 51:22 (7:20 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 54:22 (7:33 pace)
Saturday 29
Running Workout 12:00:00 AM - Tempo Run - - 9.20 mi
Sunday 30
Running Workout 9:50:00 AM - Long Run - - 22.00 mi @ 2:29:29.00 (6:47 pace)
Running: 119.4 mi

That's all I got.

March 29, 2008

Return to Lincoln

Tough workout today in scenic Lincoln, MA.
Winter will just not release its cold grip on the region and we are still in temperatures between 30 and 35 with a wind that makes it feel much colder. Today called for 2 x 4.6 over the New Balance Boston tempo course. The first 4.6 was to be a marathon type effort that just served almost as a warm-up to the last loop. The second interval was to be a much harder 5:05 paced effort.
Jeff and I did the first loop no problem. We picked up Justin for the faster loop and he thankfully did a lot of the work. Felt pretty good the whole way until the last hill before the three mile mark where I had to work a bit to stay with Lutz. With warmer weather and less wind I believe it would have felt better. I just hope the wind dies down and the temperature goes up a little bit for the tuft snowflake classic this afternoon.

Watch Data:

1. 5.27
2. 5.39
3. 5.25
3.6. 3.06
4.6 5.10
Total: 24:48.94

4.59 rest

1. 5.05
2. 5.13
3. 5.06
3.6. 2.58
4.6 4.45
Total: 21:11.28

That's all I got.

March 25, 2008

1600m Repeats

The last night at Reggie Lewis Center for the season for some 1600m repeats.
6 x 1600m @ 4:52 with 2:30 rest w/Jeff Caron alternating 800m.

1. 4.52
2. 4.50
3. 4.50
4. 4.52
5. 4.48
6. 4.48

Really good workout. Felt very smooth and controlled. Maybe should have made it 4:44 because 71 pace felt right about the place. The chart said 4:52 and who am I to go against the chart? This is a good sign because the last time I was doing 2k's and 3k's at a pace a bit slower than this it felt much harder. Tonight felt like a breeze. Looked like Jeff had an easy time with it as well. We just cruised through the splits easily adjusting as we went. The last two we went out in 72 and just left it there because it felt smooth. The entire crew actually looked really good tonight. Everyone on the team looked like they were moving right along. OK, I am off to bed.

That's all I got.

March 24, 2008


I was reading CNN.com this morning with my bagel and came across this article on a gamma ray burst in a galaxy far far away. I enjoyed physics a lot in school and would sometimes think about the fleck of dust we are in time and space compared to the grand scale of our universe. Nothing like some easy thinking with your peanut butter and bagel on Monday morning.

The Star was 7.5 billion light years away.
And a light year is 5.9 trillion miles.
44,250,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles away.
That is quite a ways, but it is still only halfway to the edge of our universe.*

To give a sense of scale, the most distant space probe, Voyager 1, was about 14 light-hours away from Earth in the week ending March 9, 2007. It took that space probe 30 years to cover that distance. As it leaves our solar system to explore, well, more space, it is traveling about 17 km/s or a smoking 38,000 mph (which would give Voyager 1 a nice 5k PR of .294 seconds, eat it Bekele.) Traveling at that speed, it would take Voyager 1 a scant 1.3284E^17 years or 132,000,000,000,000,000 years to get to the star that we just detected exploding. Who is up for a road trip? I will buy the food if you buy the gas.

Here is this weeks training. Decent week. Took it pretty easy to recover from New Bedford and will pick it up a bit these next two weeks before pulling the ripcord.

Monday 17
Training Run 11:40:00 AM - 10.00 mi @ 1:09:26 (6:56 pace)
Training Run 4:35:00 PM - 7.20 mi @ 53:17 (7:24 pace)

Tuesday 18
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 52:44 (7:19 pace)
Training Run 5:35:00 PM - 7.00 mi @ 56:14 (8:02 pace)

Wednesday 19
Training Run 6:05:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 36:11 (7:14 pace)
Running Workout 6:45:00 PM - Aerobic Capacity Intervals - - 8.00 mi

Thursday 20
Other 9:25:00 AM - 0.00 @ 8:00:00 (8:00:00 pace)
Training Run 6:45:00 PM - 7.00 mi @ 51:44 (7:23 pace)

Friday 21
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 50:38 (7:01 pace)
Training Run 5:30:00 PM - 10.00 mi @ 1:09:32 (6:57 pace)

Saturday 22
Running Workout 8:15:00 AM - Fartlek - - 20.00 mi @ 2:07:51.00 (6:23 pace)

Sunday 23
Training Run 8:10:00 AM - 14.00 mi @ 1:38:25 (7:01 pace)

TOTALS Running: 108.6 mi

That’s all I got.

*Astrophysicists think

March 19, 2008

Chicken Stir Fry Sub

Reggie Lewis Workout

4 x 3200 stepdown with 2:00 rest.

1. 10.27
2. 10.13
3. 10.04
4. 9.55

Good workout with the BAA crew. I have to apologize to them for first of all being late because a huge traffic mess at the 27/20 intersection in wayland. Rain makes people stupid. I also have to apologize for blowing the pace of the first mile of our first 3200 so badly. Don't know why I couldn't get my legs moving. Just had to shake sunday out them I guess. I felt very good all things considered. The longer the workout went, the better I felt. Had to take a bathroom break between the 2nd and 3rd so don't eat a chicken stir fry sub for lunch on days you have a track workout.

time for bed.

that's all i got.

March 16, 2008

New Bedford Half Marathon Report and Training Log

New Bedford Half Marathon was today in scenic New Bedford, MA along the atlantic ocean. The windy Atlantic ocean. You can see the results on coolrunning. Very diverse race with two Ethiopians and a guy from Vermont I couldn't recognize mixed in the usual suspects from the New England running scene. I was initially very happy with the result and how I felt during the race and they way everything came out of the wash. The more I think about it though, the worse I feel. I definitely should have taken more risks today. With 100 miles under my belt for the week already I wasn't in a risk taking mood fearing the bonk or what ia hard hard effort would do to the rest of my Boston Marathon prep. Soooooo, I played it really safe today. Super safe. The more I think about it, waaaaaayyyyy too safe. Here is how it shook out from my perspective.

The first mile felt like a jog. It was down hill with a little head wind. There was a lead pack of about 75 guys at that pace for the start of a big race like New Bedford. A guy with a shaved head (which must have been cold in the wind) from Toronto AC took off after feeling the pace was too pedestrian and the race started. From there the group didn't really pay much interest because the second mile was the same and then the two Ethiopians decided enough was enough and bridged the gap. This move made everyone take notice and pace picked up accordingly to not just let the westchester NY guys run away with it. The jumped the gap pretty quickly and the chase pack was responding with a 5:10 to keep it close to about a telephone pole gap. This is where I made my fatal miscalculation in being able to be in position to match the winning move. From 4 to 8 is down hill with a slight tailwind. I thought that I could pick up the pace enough to ground swell the lead pack with the chase pack. The three leaders picked it up more than we did and I was scared, there's that word again, to push it much below 5:00 pace in fear of tearing a head gasket or pushing a piston through the block. Safe or Cowardly, call it what you want. At the time I called it safe but as I reflect it feels more cowardly. Anyways, they were gaining about 3-4 seconds per mile and then at 6 miles the eventual winner from Ethiopa took off on the lead pack and that was all she wrote. The lead car went out of site and the chase group which was paired down from surges by myself, terry, matt, and some others was out the chase to win and had to be content to go for 2nd on down. When we hit the seawall matt, terry and I found a good working pace and started to gain on the guy from Vermont AC the other Westchester Ethiopian. I had a feeling they were going to be toast because everyone in the group looked strong and I have been throttled by terry before over the last 4 miles of this race. We did a great job together through about 10 and then our coalition started to fracture. I felt great so I just pushed on ahead hoping they could stay through the tough wind from 10- 11.5 but I lost them somewhere in there. At the same time I bridged the gap to the 2nd and third spots. I hung around with them until I caught my wind and decided to lead them steadily building to the bottom of the hill at 12 and the unleash my final move. I had a lot of confidence in my kick based on the 200m workout thursday but the two people I was racing with were unknowns. I figured, just take it up the hill, the strength is there, and if they stay with you there is no way there tired kick is as good as yours so go now. I was a touch worried because the ethiopian stayed with me up the hill about 3/4 of the way then I grabbed a second on him. As soon as I felt that small gap I nailed the throttle and put six more on him the last 800m. Second place was nice but if i had a little more attitude I could have had a big PR today. I am just happy that all the work I have been putting gave a positive result. 5 more weeks until Boston will give me 3 more weeks of solid training and 2 weeks of easy does it.

Here is the data from my watch.

1. 5.23
2. 5.22 - 10.45
3. 5.10 - 15.55
4. 5.16 - 21.12
5. 4.59 - 26.12
6. 5.04 - 31.16
7. 4.58 - 36.15
8. 4.56 - 41.11
9. 5.13 - 46.25
10. 5.21- 51.46
11. 5.22 - 57.09
12. 5.12 - 1.02.22
13.1 5.44 - 1.08.07

Here is the weeks training.

Monday 10
Training Run 11:15:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 55:25 (7:41 pace)
Training Run 5:00:00 PM - 7.00 mi @ 53:42 (7:40 pace)

Tuesday 11
Training Run 11:50:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 36:17 (7:15 pace)
Running Workout 7:00:00 PM - Aerobic Capacity Intervals - - 9.00 mi @ 45:45.00 (5:05 pace)

Wednesday 12
Training Run 6:20:00 AM - 6.40 mi @ 50:09 (7:50 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.40 mi @ 53:17 (7:12 pace)

Thursday 13
Training Run 9:00:00 AM - 10.00 mi @ 1:10:45 (7:04 pace)
Running Workout 5:00:00 PM - Anaerobic Capacity Intervals - - 0.75 mi @ 3:15.00 (4:20 pace) 6 x 200 34 working down to 31.

Friday 14
Training Run 7:00:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 34:53 (6:58 pace)
Training Run 5:30:00 PM - 9.67 mi @ 1:08:10 (7:02 pace)

Saturday 15
Training Run 9:30:00 AM - 7.53 mi @ 52:11 (6:55 pace)
Training Run 5:00:00 PM - 5.00 mi @ 34:24 (6:52 pace)

Sunday 16
Running Competition 11:00:00 AM - New Bedford Half Marathon (Road Race) Half Marathon @ 1:08:07.00 (5:11 pace) Place: 2
Training Run 4:15:00 PM - 4.50 mi @ 30:40 (6:48 pace)

Running: 113.75 mi

I stole this subprime loan primer from Flash Gordon's log and it is hilarious.

I have also made it so you have to approved by me to get a comment on. Apparently I have trouble getting aroused, need to meet women, and have a small unit based on the amount of spam I have been getting lately. Please do comment though I will approve almost anybody as long as they are not trying to sell me a blue pill from an eastern bloc county.

Sorry about the rambling of this entry and all the mistakes but I wanted to do one detailed entry during this build up because I have been posting some pretty boring crap.

That's all I got.

March 12, 2008

Round and Round

Reggie Lewis Workout

6 x 2400m @ 5:05 pace with 90 seconds rest.

1. 7.34 (5.04,2.30)
2. 7.39 (5.06,2.33)
3. 7.37 (5.06,2.31)
4. 7.35 (5.02,2.33)
5. 7.38 (5.06,2.32)
6. 7.35 (5.05,2.30)

Solid workout all around. Did the first one solo and then was lucky enough to have Jeff step in and do the last 5 with me. Switched off every 800m which made the workout a lot easier. Never felt good but never felt bad either. Just going through the motions. The legs felt heavy but not dead. Could get them to respond if a 1/4 was too fast or too slow but the typical crispness was not there.

That's all I got.

March 10, 2008

Training Update

Another solid week of training.

Nothing spectacular, nothing bad either though. Weather wise it was crappy again.
I did manage to get one run in on trails which was great. The Framingham trails are 95% clear while my Hudson trails are still an icy snowy mess. I will doing most of my runs from work this week to try to stay on the soft stuff.

This week was two solid workouts and a pseudo mini workout.

Pushed Saturday’s workout to Sunday to avoid the storm and got one of the windiest days I can remember since the marathon last year. Maybe it got out of its system and New Bedford will be nice and calm.

Monday 3
Training Run 6:45:00 AM - 6.00 mi @ 40:27 (6:44 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.30 mi @ 49:47 (6:49 pace)

Tuesday 4
Training Run 6:30:00 AM - 6.00 mi @ 40:11 (6:41 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.50 mi @ 54:05 (7:12 pace)

Wednesday 5
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 5.10 mi @ 34:24 (6:44 pace)
Running Workout 6:30:00 PM - Aerobic Capacity Intervals - - 6.20 mi @ 30:45.00 (4:57 pace)
Workout at Reggie Lewis with the BAA Crew

2k 6:09
3k 9:16
3k 9:14
2k 6:04

Felt really good. Nice to workout on the track with people again. Ben and I did the first two together then it was various people jumping in.

Thursday 6
Training Run 6:15:00 AM - 8.30 mi @ 57:12 (6:53 pace)
Training Run 12:00:00 PM - 8.20 mi @ 56:13 (6:51 pace)

Friday 7
Training Run 6:10:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 34:24 (6:52 pace)
Training Run 11:25:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 55:17 (7:40 pace)

Saturday 8
Training Run 9:30:00 AM - 11.00 mi

Sunday 9
Running Workout 11:00:00 AM - Fartlek - - 19.50 mi @ 2:01:00.00 (6:12 pace)

Last Squires run most likely. Did the Woobly Hill Stow loop with Christy Mae and doubled back a few times to make sure she was on the right path. 6 x 9 minutes on 1 minute off. My gel fell out of my pocket but no problem at all with energy levels.

TOTALS Running: 103.3 mi

March 4, 2008

Stu's Tempo

Monday 25
Training Run 6:00:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 35:12 (7:02 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 9.30 mi @ 1:04:09 (6:53 pace)

Tuesday 26
Training Run 5:00:00 AM - 10.38 mi @ 1:11:25 (6:52 pace)

Wednesday 27
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 34:00 (6:48 pace)
Running Workout 7:30:00 PM - Aerobic Capacity Intervals - -
10.00 mi @ 51.55 (5:12 pace)

Thursday 28
Training Run 6:10:00 AM - 8.30 mi @ 58:12 (7:00 pace)
Training Run 12:00:00 PM - 8.20 mi @ 56:12 (6:51 pace)

Friday 29
Training Run 6:00:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 34:26 (6:53 pace)

Saturday 1
Training Run 11:00:00 AM - 7.00 mi @ 50:48 (7:15 pace)

Sunday 2
Running Competition 11:00:00 AM - Stu's 30K (Road Race) 30K Road Race @ 1:49:00.00 (5:50 pace) Place: 2

TOTALS Running: 96.84 mi

Got in two great workouts this week and all signs are positive towards a successful Boston Marathon. To those of you who didn't enter, better be ready to get on your knees and start begging the powers that be because I just found out Boston is closed. Lets hope that they allow some last time qualifiers in.

Sunday was the Stu's 30k in my old stomping grounds of Clinton, MA. It is a perfect pre Boston tune-up because the terrain is so similar. The hills and changing cadence of the course is spot on as well as the last three hills which want to take the life out of you before the finish. The great thing about this race is that I had running compatriot Ian Nurse there the whole way to help shoulder the load of the target 5:50 to 6:00 pace we were looking for in this "Up-Tempo" long run effort. Two other guys mark hudson and chris senestad were also there for the first 8 miles or so. I started to let it flow a bit more after 70 heading up to 290 because I felt a little hog tied at 5:55 - 6:00. Moving it to 5:45 - 5:50 felt much better. Ian agreed so we did it. There is a great picture you can see here. It would appear that Ian and I were neck and neck kicking it in for alpha male status but that is not the case. We were actually having a little discussion about how we should finish. I wanted him to come in second and he wanted me to. Just as I was picking out my spot where I would pull a "maverick" and stop so he would cruise by, he stops jumps in behind me, and would not pull ahead. I didn't want things to get silly with a "you first! no you first!" type of thing so I just cruised in wondering why I didn't just duck in first. A gentlemen’s gesture if there ever was one.

That ends my three straight weeks of racing/pseudo workouts and am now off until the New Bedford Half-marathon.

That's all I got.