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February 28, 2008

A Wicked Good Time

There seems to be more stupidity than usual at Reggie.

The crowds have died down but as the quantity has gone down so has the quality.
There was a group of idiots in there last night just having a grand old time in lane one. Not looking before steping onto the track, running thier strides onto the banking from the straight away, and just stopping and walking in lane 1 when their intevals were over. One girl I had to tell 4 times to get out of lane one when her intervals were thru and all I got in return was more standing in lane one and the "don't blame me I am an idiot look" in return. Then there was the moron who was running a 50 down the back stretch in lane 4, passes me then abruptly turns into lane 1 and starts running the wrong way with his head down. Who the hell does this? When I realized this idiot was not going to see me I jumped towards lane 2 at the last second but we still collided. He was nice enough to say "that was mostly my fault." Yeah mostly, idiot. There is just no ettiquette at all there anymore. Everyone just thinks it is their track and just for them. It is a huge place with plenty of room for everyone, all you have to do is pay attention, stay out of lane one unless you are in an interval, and don't start your interval until there is a break in the action. When you are done, go onto the infield or up the banking but don't just stop and grab your knees like some sort of drama queen.

Anyway, Pretty good workout last night except for the fact I had to be on moron patrol the entire time.

4 x 4k at with 2:30 rest @ Reggie Lewis

13:08 (ran into a jackass sprinter who thought it would be a good idea to run by in lane four turn around quick and start running in lane 1. that lap was a 43. the effort was probably at 13:02.)

Here is last weeks training as well. I have a race report from the 5k/3k at New Englands but no time to type it up now.

Monday 18
Training Run 6:30:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 35:16 (7:03 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 8.00 mi @ 53:17 (6:39 pace)

Tuesday 19
Training Run 7:30:00 AM - 10.38 mi @ 1:11:26 (6:52 pace)
Training Run 3:45:00 PM - 4.50 mi @ 31:00 (6:53 pace)

Wednesday 20
Training Run 6:20:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 35:44 (7:08 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 12.00 mi @ 1:21:13 (6:46 pace)

Thursday 21
Training Run 6:05:00 AM - 7.00 mi @ 49:42 (7:06 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 9.30 mi @ 1:04:10 (6:53 pace)

Friday 22
Training Run 6:05:00 AM - 10.38 mi @ 1:11:52 (6:55 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 5.21 mi @ 36:00 (6:54 pace)

Saturday 23
Training Run 8:00:00 AM - 6.40 mi @ 44:25 (6:56 pace)
Training Run 1:00:00 PM - 5.00 mi @ 36:00 (7:12 pace)

Sunday 24
Running Competition 10:20:00 AM - USATF NE Indoor Championships (Indoor Track) 5K Run @ 14:55.00 (4:47 pace) Place: 1
Running Competition 2:25:00 PM - USATF NE Indoor Championships (Indoor Track) 3K Run @ 8:55.00 (1:11 pace) Place: 3

TOTALS Running: 104.15 mi

February 22, 2008

Deteriorating Conditions

So close! We were so close to having the leg saving, life giving, and all powerful trails deiced and open for running. As I type this there is 7 inches of fresh snow on the ground making the roads the surface of choice for the next few weeks. I was able to pull one over on the snow by waking up this morning at 5:45 and getting in 10.38 miles in the Cross St. 10 course that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It only feels like I am doing 7. Of course when you wake up at 5:45 who is really getting who. I was on the treadmill for 5.21 miles in 36:30. I think the treadmill actually helped me out this time because I have been doing my easy runs a bit too hard so it was nice to set the treadmill at 8.6 and just let it be. Kept things under control.

The weather is not the only thing that is deteriorating. Things are not looking so good for US spy satellites that lose power months after being launched into orbit. Such bad behavior from expensive space programs gets dealt with swiftly and harshly. The satellite with the bad attitude has the privilege to get targeted and tracked by my current project SBX and blown into tiny little pieces by a Raytheon issue Standard Missile 3 (SM-3). When two objects traveling at such high speeds collide the energy released is just unbelievable. As you would expect from one thing powered by hydrazine and another power by ammonia and crushed aluminum. It takes a lot of money and a long time to develop, design. and manufacture such systems but when they work as well as they did on Wednesday it is all worth it. Seriously, who wants a satellite fuel tank full of hydrazine falling in their back yard? Me neither.

Now over the next few days everyone can enjoy the light show of of a million tiny pieces of spy satellite burning up upon re-entry as they tumble out of orbit.

That's all I got.

February 19, 2008

New Loop

This morning I decided to try a new route from my house to get in at least 70 minutes but also some hills. Below is the Cross St. 10 miler even though it mapmyruns out to 10.38.
Felt a little sluggish the first 6 miles but the last 26 minutes I felt much better. Tight legs should be expected after the harder effort on Sunday and not stretching properly yesterday after my lunch run and going straight to my desk. I have to focus on the little things a bit more now as I move forward.

February 18, 2008

Old Fashion 10 miler

The 2008 Foxborough old fashioned 10 miler is now in the books and it is a mixed bag for me. It was a good result because I felt great the whole way and could have run much faster with no problem. It is was bad because I really wanted to negative split the last 5 miles and did not do so besides feeling great the whole way.

The wind was a whipping out there and I had the pleasure of blasting into it almost the whole way. When ever anyone in the pack went to the front they typically put in a really hard move to try to break up the group and it typically failed. Only TPS managed to throw a move in that stuck. I started to match it and then decided it was not a smart thing to do. The plan was to run even and feel good, not race, so I am actually pleased I could control myself which I typically can not. I think I saved this week of training by managing to hold off. When I run a ten miler too hard I am out of it for 7 days and I can’t afford 7 days right now. I did take one huge break from the 8 mile mark to the 9 mile mark because I was just sick of the wind. I peeled off the front and ran in 7th place the entire mile just sucking off the group. It really helped re-charge the spirit and the legs. At 9 I made a drive to run the last mile in 5:15 or so and actually got it down to 5:11. The home stretch of the race was straight into the wind and made it difficult.

Here is the data: (directly plagiarized from Mario)

22:00 warm-up, Old Fashioned 10 Miler (3rd, 53:05), 30:35 cool down.

1. 5:30.16
2. 5:13.72
3. 5:22.37
4. 5:19.80
5. 5:02.48 (26:28)
6. 5:16.29
7. 5:21.43
8. 5:25.65
9. 5:19.95
10. 5:11.44 (26:35/53:04)

Monday 11
Training Run 6:15:00 PM - 6.90 mi @ 48:24 (7:00 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.30 mi @ 47:54 (6:33 pace)

Tuesday 12
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 34:00 (6:48 pace)
Running Workout 6:00:00 PM - Aerobic Capacity Intervals - - 6.00 mi @ 29:36.00 (4:56 pace)

Wednesday 13
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.00 mi @ 50:47 (7:15 pace)

Thursday 14 Training Run 6:50:00 AM - 7.10 mi @ 48:35 (6:50 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.30 mi @ 47:24 (6:29 pace)

Friday 15 Training Run 6:30:00 AM - 9.00 mi @ 1:03:44 (7:04 pace)
Training Run 4:45:00 PM - 5.00 mi @ 33:42 (6:44 pace)

Saturday 16
Training Run 8:15:00 AM - 7.00 mi @ 50:26 (7:12 pace)
Training Run 4:30:00 PM - 5.00 mi @ 33:44 (6:44 pace)

Sunday 17
Running Competition 11:00:00 AM - Old Fashion 10 miler (Road Race)
10 Mile Road Race @ 53:04.00 (5:18 pace) Place: 3

TOTALS Running: 95.6 mi

February 14, 2008

24 hrs.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was one the worst runs of my life. It was not quite sleeting but it was certainly too cold for rain. On top of that the 5 inches of snow we got overnight was quickly being turned into 3 inches of slush. Not that tasty Coke slush that they serve at the fair. It is that nasty sand/salt slush that gets into your shoes about 5 minutes into the run and gets colder as the run progresses. After slogging 7 miles at lunch in yesterday’s horrible conditions I had to abort the evening run due to fear for my life on the dark slicy roads of Hudson.

This morning I awoke and laced up the shoes ready to get in my token 7 miles. Out the door I almost killed myself on my front steps, then almost killed myself in my drive way, almost killed myself on my street, and was almost killed on the road off my street by a pick-up truck. I decided in not too long all the “almost killed” would soon equal a “killed” and walked back to my house wondering when was the last time conditions were so bad. Oh yeah, last night. I grab some work clothes, stuff them in a bag and high tail into the unknown but functional “Raytheon Fitness Center” for the belt of death rumba. I hate the treadmill so much it is sad. I should probably seek conseling. The rules of physics do not exist on that machine. You feel you have gone about 2 miles and it is .6 miles. The wretched machine and I have a little cold war going on with each other where I don’t make it go faster than 10.0 and it won’t make the odometer or chronograph tick backwards. It is a shaky ceasefire and could boil over into acts of aggression at any moment with me randomly punching buttons or the treadmill starting to make the most annoying screeching noise. I made it through 7.1 miles at 6:50 pace and no shots were fired. All is peaceful in fitness center and the concept II refugees felt safe enough to return.

Let’s hope I don’t have to use the machine again, ever.

Which brings us to lunch.

Yes, glorious lunch. The sun was out, the slush was mostly frozen, and the birds were singing. Ok, no birds but a bunch of diesel trucks rumbled by on their way to a construction site off Horsepond Road. Compared to yesterday, it was springtime in San Diego. Today I set a PR for French road while doing a pseudo workout with 6 x 2min on/2min off after a 15:00 warm-up. The last mile was 5:55 when I was supposed to be cooling down. Must have been cruising on the fartleks because the cool down pace was significantly slower than the fartleks and I was aiming for 5:25 pace on those. I always look to an unintentionally fast run as a good sign of easy speed. Easy speed is what I am after. You don’t even feel it but you just cruise through the run. When you check the watch you just think “how about that, it is finally coming back.” It is about time.

If one day you are cursing the fact you are living in New England trying to train for a marathon in the winter, just wait 24 hours and it will be better. Unless of course it is worse, then you can dance with the treadmill.

That’s all I got.

February 12, 2008

Positive Step

The fitness is starting to come around finally. Looks like the body is getting used to the volume and workouts. I was a little nervous about the workout on Saturday and how the last two miles felt. The workout this evening put a lot of that to rest.

2 mile 10:07
1 mile 4:45
2 mile 9:58
1 mile 4:46

The two reps with Roland and Justin L. and the last mile and a half of the second 2 mile with Roland. The last mile was solo.

6 miles stepping down each one was a good sign. The 5 mile shake-out at lunch may have been a help as I typically do seven. On workout nights I am back to 5 at noon.

That's all I got.

February 11, 2008

Training Log 2/4-2/10

A little down week this week because I missed a training run on Thursday due to the ice covered roads that morning. The training is heading along in a predictable fashion with no show stoppers. Towards the end of the cool down on Saturday my left middle quad started to tighten up and has yet to loosen so lets hope that goes away before the workout on Tuesday.

Monday 4
6:00:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 34:08 (6:49 pace)
11:30:00 AM - 7.50 mi @ 52:07 (6:56 pace)

Tuesday 5
11:50:00 AM - 5.20 mi @ 37:35 (7:13 pace)
7:55:00 PM - 12.60 mi @ 1:21:19 (6:27 pace)

Track workout at Reggie with Fabian and Andrew.
2 x 1200, 3 mile, 2 x 1200.

1200 3.35.54
1200 3.35.50
3 mile 15.56.71
1200 3.38.12
1200 3.35.47

Wednesday 6
6:00:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 34:01 (6:48 pace)
11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 55:22 (7:41 pace)

Thursday 7
11:50:00 AM - 9.50 mi @ 1:05 (06 pace)

Friday 8
11:30:00 AM - 8.00 mi @ 53:27 (6:40 pace)
4:45:00 PM - 5.00 mi @ 34:10 (6:50 pace)

Saturday 9
7:30:00 AM - Tempo Run - - 10.00 mi @ 55:16.00 (5:31 pace)
10 mile Tempo with David Bedoya and Liam Revell.
Mile 11 to Mile 21 on Boston marathon course.

5.34 11.04
5.25 16.30
5.32 22.03
5.31 27.35
5.41 33.16
5.31 38.47
5.25 44.13
5.31 49.56
5.29 55.16

Felt pretty good until the last heartbreak hill. Maybe a little fatigued from all the volume this week.

Sunday 10
3:30:00 PM - 14.00 mi @ 1:33:50 (6:42 pace)

TOTALS Running: 96 mi

That’s all I got.

February 5, 2008

training log

Last weeks training. Starting to get the mileage back up and doing some quality work. Have about 6 more weeks of volume ahead until I start sharpening up for the race.

The workouts on tuesday and saturday went very well and the added volume did not seem to negatively effect either one.

Monday 28 - 14.00 mi @ 1:35 (06 pace)

Tuesday 29 - Workout - Anaerobic Capacity Intervals - 4.00 mi @ 19:00.00 (4:45 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 33:22 (6:40 pace)

Wednesday 30 Training Run 6:20:00 AM - 8.20 mi @ 58:00 (7:04 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 52:13 (7:15 pace)

Thursday 31 Training Run - 4.80 mi @ 34:00 (7:05 pace)
Training Run - 8.00 mi @ 56:00 (7:00 pace)

Friday 1 Training Run 7:00:00 AM - 9.00 mi @ 1:02:12 (6:54 pace)

Saturday 2 Workout 9:30:00 AM - Fartlek - 18.00 mi @ 1:53:21.00 (6:17 pace)

Sunday 3 Training Run 9:00:00 AM - 18.00 mi @ 2:04:51 (6:56 pace)

TOTALS Running: 109.4 mi