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January 26, 2008

PMP in the cold

8 mile PMP this morning with Liam and Mario from mile 3 to 10 to 9. We needed to get this done quickly so no one lost their job so we started at 7:30 this morning from the 10k mark on the course, warmed up to the 3 mile mark and started to pmp from 3 to the 10 in natick, did a quick turn and continued back to 9 with a 3 mile cool down back to the cars. It was very even effort even though it was a cool 22 degrees at the start. The first mile we just used to get our legs spinning and then found our pace after that.

Here is the data
0.07 (turn around)

Good workout. Lets hope the legs are still fresh for tonights 800m at the Boston Indoor Games Sprint Medley relay. If anyone is heading into the reggie center for the meet be sure to get there before 5:40 so you can watch the premier event. The BIG Corporate Sprint Medley Relay with Raytheon hoping to defend its tittle against all comers. I have no idea how fast I can run an 800m leg but I know I can run 2:36 based on this mornings PMP. Let's hope it faster than that. If you are going to be there yell loud for us!

That's all I got.

January 17, 2008

Allez Lance

This just in, Lance Armstrong is racing the Boston Marathon. I wonder where he will be starting. I wonder who he will be running with. I think I saw in New York he had 3 – 4 people with him all the time. Should be and interesting story to follow as we head towards April 21.

In actual running news, I went back to the track the other night for the first time in 2008. It was a very unmarathon type workout of 1 x mile, 8 x 400m w/90s rest. I was very fearful at first but then the legs came around and I had no trouble with pace.
Here is the data.

8 x 400

I plan on running on the track once a week or maybe every other week. We shall see. Certainly not twice a week as I intend to do a lot more road and hill work this year.

That's all I got

January 15, 2008

Not Too Bright . . .

I just don’t know any better. I went and did it again and have no idea why. The application came in the mail, it was filled it out, and sent in.

“Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.”

Boston Marathon, Monday April 21, 2008

So since I went ahead and did that I figure it’s time to start getting into shape. Saturday morning Christy and I headed to scenic Hopkinton to get used to the fast start. I wanted to do 6 miles at 5:30 out and back but what I want to do and what I am capable of doing are two different things at the moment. The first three felt really easy, as they should because they are off the side of a cliff down hill. Then I turned around and went back. I had to do a little surge after the three mile mark to catch up to Christy Mae who missed the 3M mark in the road. I must have looked like a crazy person running as hard as I could in downtown Ashland screaming “TOO FAR! TOO FAR! COME BACK!” You know you are getting old when acting like a fool doesn’t even bother you.

Here is the data:
Mile Split
1 5.28
2 5.30
3 5.31
Turn 1.06 (quick surge to rundown Christy)
3 5.38
2 5.48
1 6.03

Sunday was just a long recovery run from the carrying on of the night before. The night was a great triumph as we celebrated the engagement of the one and only Don Juan Patrick El Quante Murph at Mr. Dooley’s in Boston. At said party I was also able to set my PPBR with a witness. I didn’t get the split on it but it was a substantial improvement over my last PPBR. Mr. Dooley’s is going to put a plaque up for me so if you are ever there make sure to check it out.

Since I have decided to start running again I will have to start posting here again otherwise I will not go through with it. Tonight the snow is forcing me onto the indoor track even though last year I swore I was done with the boards.

That’s all I got.

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!! (back to work)

Ok, Easy Gate will resume on its irregularly scheduled times as my people and the writers union could not come to terms on a mutually agreeable collective bargaining terms. I feel I have to return to work and cross the picket lines or else put my staff and more importantly my regular readers in jeopardy of their jobs.

I am back to running after some much needed downtime and vacation. I was really feeling both mentally and physically beat after cross nationals and decided to take a rest.

Today way the CMS Freezer 5 in Sterling, MA. I used it as a bench mark rather than a race to just see where I am and to try to get some basis for my next few Squire workouts. The goal was to run 5:20 pace and just try to nail down a 26:40 and be done with it. Well, this is New England in January so often times you need to adjust on the fly. The data is below.

1. 5.18
2. 5.17 10:35
3. 5.19 15:55
4. 5.19 21:14
5. 5.33 26:48

Start of the Race:

Finish of the Race
(and my excuse for the last mile)

It started snowing after 1.5 miles and then it started to accumulate about 3.0 miles into the race. The 4th mile was pretty flat so it was not a big deal but the last mile was mostly uphill and tough to get bite in the snow. It was extremely slick snow for some reason. A lot of sliding out there on the last mile. If I knew it was going to snow like that I would have gone out a bit quicker.

That's all I got.