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October 30, 2007

Mayor's Cup

Mayor’s Cup was yesterday and I have no idea what in the world happened out there. 25:41 with the fitness I have and the workouts I have been doing is a tough pill to swallow. It must just be mental focus. I am not sore at all today. I didn’t feel the least bit winded on my runs. I actually felt really good, which is a sure sign I mentally quit on myself and did not push. I know my diet and sleep were horrible the week leading up to it I figure that could be some it but I figured a bad race would be 25:20, not 25:41. I have my work cut out for me the next three weeks to get in some semblance of race shape before the USATFNE Cross Country Championships. It can not go any worse than yesterday. No pictures to post so all you have is the results.

In other sports related news, Bill Belichick has petitioned the NFL to extend the games to five quarters in order to allow his team to hit 1,000 points on the season. Rumor has it Joe Gibbs is spending the day in Foxborough digging his team out from under the 52 points the Patriots buried his Redskins under yesterday. It is really great watching the Pats play now because they just hit the accelerator and do not let off until the 2:00 warning. It is just good football with a lot of thought behind it and well executed plays. Can’t wait to read what Gregg Easterbrook is going to write about the Pats latest demolition. He may have broken his TV yesterday watching the game.

Thank you to the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series in 4 games. It looks like the Beckett/Lowell trade for Hanley Ramirez/a boatload of money was well worth it. Josh is on his way to becoming the best post-season pitcher in history. I have always wondered if guys of Josh’s caliber are not a little bit disappointed to win in 4 games. I bet he was chomping at the bit to steamroll the Rockies again. After his first time through the line-up in game one it became quite apparent they had nothing that could touch him. Of course hitting a tailing 97 mph fastball is easier said than done.

I can now start going to bed at my normal time and resume being productive member of society (although this statement can be argued I am standing by it).

That’s all I got.

Monday 22
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 50:21 (6:59 pace)
Training Run 5:45:00 PM - 5.20 mi @ 35:56 (6:54 pace)

Tuesday 23
Training Run 6:00:00 PM - 14.00 mi

Wednesday 24
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi
Training Run 5:00:00 PM - 6.00 mi @ 41:00 (6:50 pace)

Thursday 25
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 46:16 (6:25 pace)
Training Run 6:30:00 PM - 5.00 mi @ 32:14 (6:26 pace)

Friday 26
Training Run 7:00:00 AM - 7.00 mi @ 47:17 (6:45 pace)
Training Run 4:45:00 PM - 4.80 mi @ 32:04 (6:40 pace)

Saturday 27
Training Run 8:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 48:22 (6:43 pace)

Sunday 28
Running Competition 12:00:00 PM - Mayor's Cup (Cross Country) 8K Cross Country @ 25:41.00 (5:09 pace) Place: 41

TOTALS Running: 81.78 mi

October 19, 2007

Training Log Oct 8 - Oct 14

Here is last weeks training. I am trying to get better at posting this stuff but I have been a very busy person and a lot has been going on this fall at the big R. The last thing I want to do after working at a computer for 10 hours is turn on my machine at home and work on one some more. Once we get this work out the door things should become a bit more consistent. But you have heard that before! Monday thru Wednesday was in Washington DC!

Monday 8
Training Run 5:00:00 PM - 10.50 mi @ 1:12:56 (6:56 pace)

Tuesday 9
Training Run 7:30:00 AM - 11.50 mi @ 1:19:25 (6:54 pace)
Training Run 4:00:00 PM - 8.00 mi @ 56:49 (7:06 pace)

Wednesday 10
Training Run 9:00:00 AM - 6.50 mi @ 45:26 (6:59 pace)

Thursday 11
Training Run 8:00:00 AM - 7.00 mi @ 48:24 (6:54 pace)
Training Run 5:00:00 PM - 6.00 mi

Friday 12
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 48:32 (6:44 pace)
Training Run 5:30:00 PM - 4.00 mi @ 28:32 (7:08 pace)

Saturday 13
Training Run 9:00:00 AM - 16.00 mi 5 x 6 minutes with 4 minutes rest at Weston Fields.

Sunday 14
Training Run 9:00:00 AM - 16.00 mi @ 1:48:24 (6:46 pace)

TOTALS Running: 92.7 mi

October 18, 2007

Corporate Running at the highest level

A lot of action the past couple of weeks with a long travel trip and some back to back racing that I am not sure what to make of.

On Saturday the 6th was the Chase Corporate Challenge Championships (if you scroll down the article you will see the picture of one handsome guy) in NYC on Park Ave. It is a great race and I always look forward to this one because it is a lot of fun racing in the city with all the skyscrapers looking straight down on you. It almost feels like indoor track. The temperature was about 75 degrees when we started which is pretty warm for 9:00 am on an October morning in NYC. Anyway, I needed to save some for the Army 10 the next day but I also wanted to have a good showing so I went out at what I thought was a conservative 5:05 pace, which actually ended up being 4:56 pace. Oops. I was in about 30th place which made me think either this race has gotten much better or everyone went out way too fast. I was right on both accounts. As I went down off the viaduct to the 2nd hairpin turn I passed two groups. After the hairpin corner heading back uptown I tried to maintain my original pace figuring others would not be able to hold the hot opening tempo. Turns out none of the Americans could hold the tempo but the Africans and British had no trouble with it at all. I drove the final half mile pretty quick in about 2:24 and managed to out kick one African and the German I was battling with the whole way. Ended up with a 17:25 for 3.5 miles, which is respectable at this point in my training with the unusual circumstances of the weekend.

4:58.53 9:55.24
5:02.66 14:57.90
2:26.94 17:24.84

Corporate running is not at all what it used to be. The winning time was 15:53 by a guy named Enos from Johannesburg. As a matter of fact, I think the top ten except two guys from England were from Johannesburg. I guess it is up to me to get faster which I don’t see happening so I will be shooting for top 15 again next year instead of trying to win the big one which has remained an elusive goal.

After the NYC race, we piled into the momish, yet functional mini-van, and headed down to our nations capital of Washington DC for the army 10 miler. We woke up at 5:30 for a 5:45 van meeting and headed pre-dawn to the pentagon. This is the most paranoid race in the world so you have to go through metal detectors and they go through your bags. There are snipers on the roof and a couple of swat vans nearby.

This race has a 8:00 am start time and the temperature was already at balmy 84 degrees. One of the nice things about the army 10 is all the land along the course is dead flat.
The unfortunate thing is it is wide open. On a hot day with no cloud cover, we were just cooking out there. It felt really hot just on the start line so I decided to scrap my 5:10 plan and try to go out in 5:12-20 and then pick it up. Well, my plans don’t always work so I ended up just bouncing around 5:15 pace until the last mile. The second 5:12 is slightly downhill and the 5:20 is slightly up hill so those balanced out and 5:15 was the pace. I was in a real competitive battle the last 3 miles with a guy from brazil and a guy from redstone arsenal. I was chasing them down but they were only going about 2 seconds per mile slower than I was so it was tough. Next year I will probably take a little more risk in going out with the faster groups because running alone the whole time just gets boring. Here is the data.



Monday 1
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 10.00 mi @ 1:09:35 (6:57 pace)
Training Run 6:00:00 PM - 5.20 mi @ 35:45 (6:52 pace)

Tuesday 2
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 35:00 (7:00 pace)
Running Workout 6:00:00 PM - Fartlek - - 5.00 mi @ 24:00.00 (4:48 pace)

Wednesday 3
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 50:01 (6:56 pace)
Training Run 6:00:00 PM - 6.20 mi @ 44:06 (7:06 pace)

Thursday 4
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 9.00 mi @ 59:10 (6:34 pace)

Friday 5
Training Run 7:30:00 AM - 6.30 mi @ 44:26 (7:03 pace)
Training Run 4:30:00 PM - 3.00 mi @ 21:00 (7:00 pace)

Saturday 6
Running Competition 12:00:00 AM - Chase Corporate Challenge Championships (Road Race) 3 Mile Road Race @ 14:57.90 (4:59 pace) Place: 12

Sunday 7
Running Competition 12:00:00 AM - Army 10 Miler (Road Race) 10 Mile Road Race @ 52:28.00 (5:14 pace) Place: 13

TOTALS Running: 88.9 mi

That’s all I got.