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September 30, 2007

Sept 24 - Sept 30

Good week. Tiring week. Not much to say except training is going well and the legs are not as tired as I thought they would be given the extra miles and crazy week at work.

Monday 24
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 9.00 mi @ 1:01:35 (6:50 pace)

Tuesday 25
Training Run 6:00:00 PM - 14.00 mi
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 5.00 mi @ 35:00 (7:00 pace)

Wednesday 26
Training Run 6:25:00 AM - 5.70 mi @ 38:00 (6:40 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 49:46 (6:54 pace)

Thursday 27
Training Run 6:45:00 AM - 5.50 mi @ 37:05 (6:44 pace)
Training Run 5:30:00 PM - 13.50 mi @ 1:36:24 (7:08 pace)

Friday 28
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 9.00 mi @ 1:01:32 (6:50 pace)
Training Run 5:30:00 PM - 5.00 mi @ 36:12 (7:14 pace)

Saturday 29
Running Workout 9:00:00 AM - Tempo Run - - 8.00 mi @ 42:25.00 (5:18 pace)

Sunday 30
Running Workout 8:45:00 AM - Long Run - - 17.00 mi @ 1:55:13.00 (6:46 pace)
Running: 106.9 mi

Haile is a disturbing runner.. 2:04:25 is sick.

That's all I got.

September 28, 2007

on and on

Falling into a little bit of a routine this week as everything looks like it is back on track. Tuesday night was the typical light to light on the carriage path grass. Started at 1:52 and finished at 1:48 with every interval in that range. Feeling more pop than last time with reach the beach out of the legs. I was a bit more fatigued from long weekend in Clearwater but the legs felt better.

Odd running weather we have been having lately with a lot of sweat producing conditions.

Last night I finally had a free thursday in which I could make it back out to Lincoln for our 13.5 mile loop the BAA boys and girls. The light was limited at the end of the run and we may have gotten a little lucky on a few our footsteps in the last mile. Danger is my middle name.

That's all I got.

September 25, 2007

September 17 - 23

Monday 17
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 48:43 (6:45 pace)
Training Run 5:30:00 PM - 5.20 mi @ 34:19 (6:35 pace)

Tuesday 18
Running Workout 12:00:00 AM -Heartbreak Hill Repeats 8 times 1:55 - 9.00 mi
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 6.00 mi @ 38:49 (6:28 pace)

Wednesday 19 Training Run 6:30:00 AM - 5.50 mi @ 37:26 (6:48 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 9.00 mi @ 1:01:25 (6:49 pace)

Thursday 20 Training Run 12:00:00 AM - 7.20 mi
Training Run 6:15:00 AM - 5.20 mi @ 36:12 (6:57 pace)

Friday 21 Training Run 9:30:00 AM - 7.50 mi @ 54:12 (7:13 pace)

Saturday 22 Running Workout 8:30:00 AM - Tempo Run - - 5.00 mi @ 26:17.00 (5:15 pace)

Sunday 23 Training Run 9:00:00 AM - 6.50 mi @ 44:15 (6:48 pace)

TOTALS Running: 80.3 mi

What a busy busy week. Spent Thursday night through Sunday in Tampa Bay with El Quante, Kristen, Cab Driver, Freak, Ceiks, Meghan, Dan, Yvonne, Uncle Fire, and Christy Mae. Good times for sure. The Red Sox took two out of three from the Devil Rays in Fenway South (aka Tropicana Field). I am taking credit for the second win because as soon as I turned my cap inside out Jason Varitek blasted the game tying home run to left field and the rally was on. Never feel silly wearing a rally cap when your team is behind in the 9th. Rally caps work, but you must trust the power and have faith. It was also fun seeing all the Boston fans completely take over a ball park. Poor Devil Ray fans don’t have a chance. Based on a crude estimate, I would say it was 4/1 sox to rays fans. Red Sox Nation is large and vocal.

I also have a new found respect for George Luke and all the time he spent training in Florida. Boy does the running stink. If you are not hanging out at the beach, pool, or sitting in an AC room or car, it can just be gross. 2 miles into the run everything you are wearing is just soaked with sweat. The only hills in the state are bridges, which are windy, boring, and long. If I was not a runner, it would be paradise.

That’s all I got.

September 17, 2007

Weekly Log Sept 10 to Sept 16

Monday 10
Training Run 11:00:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 49:34 (6:53 pace)
Training Run 6:00:00 PM - 5.40 mi @ 34:59 (6:28 pace)

Tuesday 11
Training Run 11:00:00 AM - 5.30 mi @ 37:56 (7:09 pace)
Running Workout 6:00:00 PM - Hill Repeats - - 2.00 mi @ 12:00.00 (6:00 pace)

Wednesday 12
Training Run 6:00:00 AM - 5.30 mi @ 35:47 (6:45 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi

Thursday 13
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.50 mi @ 49:15 (6:34 pace)

Friday 14
Running Workout 4:30:00 PM - Tempo Run - - 8.00 mi @ 50:08.00 (6:16 pace) *
Reach the Beach - Leg 3
Running Workout 11:30:00 PM - Tempo Run - - 8.20 mi @ 46:32.00 (5:40 pace)
Reach the Beach - Leg 15

Saturday 15
Running Workout 8:30:00 AM - Tempo Run - - 8.60 mi @ 46:32.00 (5:24 pace)
Reach the Beach - Leg 27

Sunday 16
Long Run 9:45:00 AM - 15.00 mi @ 1:42:12 (6:48 pace) ARWR Solo

TOTALS Running: 91.7 mi

* Run up Kancamangus Highway in Lincoln NH from Lincoln Woods Trail Head to Pemigewasset Overlook. Good times!

September 16, 2007

205.8 miles in 24 hours


What is the most fun 6 men and 6 women, 8 wheels, and 2 SUV's can have in 21 hours and 45 minutes while covering over 200 miles? Reach the Beach Relay would be the correct answer. The results can be seen here. Ryan's Adventure Race Series continued on this weekend with the historic reach the beach relay from the base of Cannon Mountain in Lincoln, N.H. to the shores of Hampton Beach. What a blast we all had. This race has always been on my to do list, and this is the year I have decided I had better do all the events I have always wanted to do or else I will be too old or busy to do them.

We set or goals extremely high for a mostly rookie 24 hour relay team. We had our sight set on taking the overall and being first to the beach even though we were among the last 5 teams to leave the mountain. Our aim was to take out defending RTB champions Hello Kitty and be the first co-ed team to win it overall. Well, we fell a touch short of our goals but still had a mighty performance that was over an hour faster than I thought we could do on our best run. Of course all predictions for something like this are completely from the hip. How do you know how fast one can run up the Kangamangus Highway? What does a 1.8 mile split at 7:30 in the morning mean during a downpour after 2 earlier tempo's and only about 2.5 hours of sleep? It is hard to judge and quantify such things so we made a goal of running on feel. If you feel you can go a bit faster, by all means pick it up. If you feel you are going to blow up and not be able to finish your last leg, slow down. We had a last minute change of plans which brought Christy Mae onto our team which caused some last minute planning and a lot of extra driving for our Van 1. Things got a little tense, sometimes hectic, but never crazy or out of control. We took some risks going off course during our vans down time which paid off large dividends in extra sleep. Uncle Fire and I had planned to sleep outside so the others could have the room in the SUV to sleep. Unfortunately during our sleep time it was raining and we were forced under the truck to get some shut eye. It is amazing where you can sleep after two tempo's and it is 3:00 in the morning. I woke up at 5:40 to skip letting us know van 2 was 25 minutes out and 35 minutes ahead of schedule. I must have been on some hard ground because I had the worst case of movie butt I have ever had. Both cheeks were numb for about 20 minutes after I woke up. Good thing that wasn't my leg coming up.

Our team ended up coming in second overall and we were the first co-ed team to the beach and first co-ed team overall. We had a great time. Thanks to my teammates and van mates for making it such an enjoyable race. I had a blast and really hope I can rally the same crew for another run at it next year. I think we can do better especially with the modifications I would make from this year. Mostly just small tunes to optimize efficiency.

Here is a picture of christy and I trying to look awake after some hard legs.


I will post splits and results as soon as I get around to it. There is a couch calling my name for a nap.

That's all I got.

September 10, 2007

Log Entry: September 3-9

Last weeks training:

Monday 3
Training Run 8:40:00 AM - 9.00 mi @ 1:02:38 (6:57 pace)
Training Run 6:00:00 PM - 5.20 mi @ 33:52 (6:30 pace)

Tuesday 4
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.30 mi @ 51:03 (6:59 pace)
Running Workout 6:00:00 PM - Hill Repeats - - 2.00 mi @ 10:00.00 (5:00 pace)

Wednesday 5
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.30 mi @ 50:03 (6:51 pace)
Training Run 6:30:00 PM - 7.00 mi @ 50:45 (7:15 pace)

Thursday 6
Training Run 12:00:00 AM - 5.50 mi @ 37:12 (6:45 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 8.50 mi @ 59:53 (7:02 pace)

Friday 7
Training Run 12:00:00 AM - 8.50 mi @ 58:27 (6:52 pace)

Saturday 8
Running Workout 9:00:00 AM - Aerobic Capacity Intervals - - 4.50 mi @ 24:00.00 (5:20 pace)

Sunday 9
Training Run 12:00:00 PM - 6.20 mi @ 41:44 (6:43 pace)
Training Run 6:30:00 PM - 7.20 mi @ 49:22 (6:51 pace)

TOTALS Running: 91.2 mi

Finally managed to hit my 90 mile goal. Third time is the charm. Feel pretty good and should be able to handle it no problem with my current workload and other commitments I have this month. I am going to keep the mileage here for a few weeks and try to up the intensity of the workouts a little bit.

Good week of training. It was nice to do two workouts with the New Balance Boston Crew. The hills and drills on Tuesday made the lower legs a little sore but Thursday they were fine again.
The Patriots kicked some major butt at the Meadowlands yesterday. I know why Tom Brady has had such a grin on his face all season. He finally has all the weapons a quarterback of his caliber covets. Good running back, awesome line, spectacular wide outs, and the best slot receiver in the game. All he has to do is decide at the line whether the defense is going to crowd the line or play some sort of cover defense and adjust accordingly. Yesterday it appeared Tom was in the Jets team meetings. It also helped that his line didn’t allow an opposing defender with in ten yards of him except on one knock down that was still an 18 yard completion to the rehabilitated Randy Moss. He must have had a big Gulp of the BB kool-aid because even he was carrying the company line clichés in the post game interviews. It is going to be a fun season watching the fireworks. The Chargers and Colts games will be some fun high scoring stuff to watch.

I took this from a NY Post article today because I thought it was appropriate.

” The second vision of horror was of Patriots receiver Randy Moss running free all over the field like a gazelle catching passes from Tom Brady as if they were playing a game of catch in a backyard with no one playing defense. “


That’s all I got.

September 4, 2007

Can't explain the likes of me

Tonight is the first New Balance Boston workout in a month so it will be great to see the team again and get going on our fall campaign. I am very excited about the people, the cross season, and the amount of talent we have this year.

My running week is posted below. I was shooting for 90 miles but missed. No big deal now but I have to start paying better attention to my goals and making the targets.

Monday 27
Training Run 6:15:00 AM - 6.00 mi @ 39:15 (6:32 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 49:49 (6:55 pace)

Tuesday 28
Training Run 6:20:00 AM - 7.50 mi @ 50:45 (6:46 pace)
Training Run 5:00:00 PM - 5.20 mi @ 34:56 (6:43 pace)

Wednesday 29
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 7.20 mi @ 49:42 (6:54 pace)
Training Ride 5:00:00 PM - 9.00 mi @ 26:00 (2:53 pace)
Training Ride 6:30:00 AM - 6.10 mi @ 16:22 (2:40 pace)

Thursday 30
Training Run 12:00:00 AM - 14.00 mi @ 1:32:45 (6:37 pace)
Training Run 11:30:00 AM - 5.20 mi @ 34:46 (6:41 pace)

Friday 31
Training Run 7:00:00 AM - 8.60 mi @ 58:32 (6:48 pace)

Saturday 1
Training Run 8:00:00 AM - 13.00 mi @ 1:29:00 (6:50 pace)

Sunday 2
Training Run 9:30:00 AM - 9.00 mi @ 1:02:56 (6:59 pace)

Running: 82.9 mi
Biking: 15.1 mi

Busy week as the summer gets closed out and we move into the school year. Saturday I was out in Amherst for the annual cross country labor day weekend show (I got my hush-puppies on) at skip’s place. We have always played a game of basketball before the cook-out but we stopped doing it because too many people were nervous about being hurt so we switched to softball. On my way into second base, I got nailed by the ball on the inside of my right calfve where it turns more to tendon than muscle. The third baseman really hummed it in fast and low and the short stop who was supposed to be covering second, not to mention any names, JOSH GORDON, wasn’t there. So needless to say Sunday’s run was a pretty painful affair of returning blood to the bruised region and loosening it up. It was also very ironic that I played eight years of basketball at this gathering and never had a problem. We go to slow pitch softball to avoid injuries and I get drilled with a softball. Stupid game.

Good thing I had the cookout after to self-medicate with ice and beer from the cooler. Sweet sweet beer. Always fun to catch up with the Umass crew. I look forward to this weekend all summer long. Skip as always ordered beautiful weather and much merriment ensued. I was able to continue the self prescribed rehab on Sunday as the Coral Reefer Band and Jimmy Buffet rolled into Foxborough and played a show at Gillette stadium. I am partial to Great Woods for the Buffet shows but he wasn’t playing there this year so what can you do. We went with my brother, his wife, and some of their friends and it was a blast. Just a good fun loving crowd at those shows. Older but more fun. You are never worried about some guy wanting to fight just because he felt you looked at him wrong. Concerts are a blast when you know all the words and everyone in the crew is dancing and carrying on. When ever my brother and I get together for a while it is always a good time.

“In my younger days I was so bad
Laughin' about all the fun we had”

That’s all I got.