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July 29, 2007

Lake Boon Take II and Tri-Geeks

Yesterday was another lake boon tempo run which went a bit better than last week. I still have no idea how to pace or what pace feels like. I was aiming for 5:15 this week and didn't come close.

1. 5.11
2. 5.22
3. 5.24
4. 5.19
5. 5.10

Corrections over and under were the theme for the day. At least the average was 5:17 which is around what I was shooting for.

Today was Christy Mae's introduction to Triathlon at the Webster Danskin Triathlon for Women.
Here she is before the start of her swim wave.
Let's just say she likes it. It was her first one and she came in 10th. She needs to work on her swim and her transitions but her bike and run are down. It says she has the 3rd fastest run but I couldn't find a time faster so that was odd. I may have just missed it. There were some neat looking bikes on the course today.

That's all I got.

July 27, 2007

Cyclocross Hopping

I have found another diversion, not that I needed one, which seems like it is right up my alley.


This is my new to me but old to everyone else Cannondale X800 cyclocross bike. It is a Caad3 with Shimano 105 components through out. Boy does it move on the trails. Last night when I returned home from work I found it stashed in my garage in some rough shape. It had been sitting in my brothers basement for about 5 years unused. He needed some space so he just brought it by. I spent all last night cleaning, lubing and getting all the stuck parts unstuck. The brakes still do not actuate as well as I would like and there is a lot of black still on the drive train which I will try to tackle this weekend. I put my nightrider light on it and took it for a cruise in sudbury state forest. It is much faster than my mtn bike but a little less comfortable with a lot less traction. I think muddy condtions would be tough with such a small contact patch.

Yesterday I took the road bike into work, ran a 7.2 nobscott loop at lunch, rode home for about 20 miles total on the bike.

This morning was 5 miles with christy mae in the refuge. The deerflies were at their worst today making the run almost unbearable. They love the muggy hot conditions. There was a whole armada of tie-fighters attacking from the moment we hit the woods. Time for the dryer sheets again. It is usually pretty bad from now until about august 15 when they start to give up a little bit.

Running with justin today at lunch so I have to rest up.

That's all I got.

July 25, 2007

Crow Mobius

Getting back into the swing of some regular training.
I really needed some type of steady running because all of my workouts have been intervals and I recognized in races my body was looking for its rest after two miles because it was conditioned to get it. Tempo’s should be the cure for this little issue and hopefully in 5 weeks the problem will be sorted out.

Lake Boon Tempo

1. 5:23
2. 5:25 10:49
3. 5:28 16:17
4. 5:24 21:42
5. 5:13 26:55

Sunday I skipped running in place of a 30 mile road ride through the scenic southern Massachusetts country in Sutton, Oxford, and Douglas. Instead of finishing off the housework, wakeboarding was the fun of the day. Tough call on that one, work on the porch, spend the day on a boat. What a blast. I am a horrible wakeboarder and it takes all my effort to get across the wake, but it was still fun.

Bentely Track with Jeff Caron, Roland Lavallee, and Justin Maloney. 3 sets of 1000/600 @ 72/71

1. 2.59/1.45
2. 3.00/1.46
3. 2.59/1.43

Felt pretty good. First workout where I didn’t have to push to hit the prescribed pace and just sort of bounced around what I was supposed to run with no big effort to make up for a slow split. Very steady all around.

That’s all I got.

July 18, 2007

Umass Attacks

The University of Massachusetts will rise again!!!

The third and final race of Silly Season was the Marathon Sports 5 Miler. Formerly known as the Nike Race, the race was hosted in the greatest town in the union, Holliston. I remember watching the Nike Race as a kid and watching Greg Myer, Bruce Bickford, and Bob Hodge all hammer away on the 5.0 mile course. At the time my father would tell me how talented they are and how lucky we are to see them race. I didn’t really think much about it until I ran the course myself as a freshman at Holliston High. We had a time trial on the route we would call “Nike” (surprise surprise) at the start of each season to see where our fitness was and to see who trained over the summer. Enough of the walk down memory lane . . . As I was saying, Umass dominated the race. Matt Ely, class of 99’ took the win convincingly in 25:08. Right behind him, Jeffrey Hill, a young incoming freshman, ran a smoking second in 25:16 (which I wish I could run when I was 18). Yours truly came in sixth after going out too fast in 4:57, over correcting too much the second mile for a 5:24, over correcting again for a 5:04, then settling in at about 5:20 for the last two. What saved me was the last section being on grass. Daniel Mackay and Joshua Gordon (another Umass product who was good for 8th) were breathing down my neck about 1 - 2 seconds behind me when we stepped off the pavement to run 3/5’s of a mile on grass then the last 300 on a track. I was able to really pull away by about 9 seconds on the last section because I was just praying for the grass to get there. I felt very uncomfortable on the road section. Maybe my lack of tempo work and all my runs being on the trails. Once I got to the grass, I just took off. Must be the cross country in me, but I felt stronger on the grass. Joshua Gordon, who moves remarkably fast for a man of his size, was the 4th scorer for the Umass team. Then rounding out the scoring 5 was Thomas Szumita who is bouncing between road racing and Tri’s right now. It is great to see the Umass crew still out there running in competitions.

Last night was a great workout at Bentley track in Waltham with R.F.
4 x 1200m @ 3:36 with 3:00 rest
4 x 300m @ 0:49 with 1:30 rest
I was nervous before hand that I would be straining too hard at that pace for 1200m and Kevin mentioned, “it may be a bit much at this point but let’s see how it plays out.” After the first one, I felt very comfortable. It helped a lot that Ryan kept the pace even the whole time as we switched off. We didn’t miss one split by more than +/- a second. I am starting to get excited about running again and am glad there will be few people working out me as we approach the Beach to Beacon in Maine.

On the cross training front, Sunday was a nice little spin through Acton, Bolton, Stow, and Hudson on the road bike with Christy Mae, D.G., and Sharon C. I just got new tires for it because on a ride home from work last week I ended up blowing a tube out through the side wall. I told my brother that the tires he gave me were crap. He shot back “they were three years old and that’s what you get for being cheap.” He’s right, can’t complain about free stuff. You get what you get. For all the runners who also ride bikes out there, buy new tires every year because the side walls dry out and crack over the winter. I guess anyone who has every ridden a road bike knows that. When you blow through the sidewall you can’t fix it on the road. What you can do though is stash your bike and biking shoes in the woods, and run home barefoot in just your socks.

73.4 miles last week. Shooting for about 70 again this week.

That’s all I got.

July 10, 2007

Get your porch on

It’s been a long time since my last entry because things have been kind of crazy. A lot of action as of late as I attempt put the lattice on the back deck and the roof on the front porch to get both of them completed by the 20th. I have a nice picture timeline of the outside transformation of the house that I may post once the projects are finished. Right now they are driving me nuts and I just want them done. I probably should have done them one at a time but I figured I would only have to pay one lumber delivery charge, pay for the cement truck once, rent the auger once, wreck the lawn once, and have the house in construction mode for 3 months instead of all summer/fall. It has made the schedule hectic and every free moment is pretty much spoken for until I finish these two little projects. Unfortunately my TV watching is way down as well as my paper reading and sports catching up on. But, my socializing is way up by way of birthdays, cook-outs, lake parties, and all around general merriment.

These two things are combining to make my running almost non-existent. I would post more often if only I had something running related to write about. How many times can you write 7 miles, nobscott loop?

Actually, there is the Johnny Carson 2 miler I forgot to report. The second round of the Silly Season was completed on the 4th of July with my favorite 2 mile road race (only two mile road race actually, but it is still my favorite one) . I figured I might be able to show up and steal some money with a 9:35 or something around there. After jogging by Said Ahmed, Pat Tarpy, Nate Jenkins, and Matt Ely I quickly realized that nothing would be stolen this day. Needless to say it was a fast race. Very fast. New course record by Tarpy in 8:50 gave him 1000 bucks and pretty much put the record out of reach for any mortal runner. My PR on that course is 9:17 and I was in pretty good shape so 8:50 is very impressive. Funny thing is that on the starting line when an old teammate asked me what I wanted to run. I told him about 9:40 given the weather and a negative split would be nice of 4:52, 4:48 would be good. Well would you know it, 4:52 low and 4:48 high for a 9:41. Odd to call it like that. I went out a little hot in 2:21 but it is downhill. Then 4:52 up hill to the mile mark and 2:24 2:24 to bring it home. 8th overall which is just about where I should have been. A good run, certainly not a great run, but a good run.

Well, I am off to swelter in the heat for a late lunchtime shake-out.

I will try to be better about posting as training starts to ramp back up for Beach to Beacon.

That’s all I got.