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May 28, 2007

Unmitigated disaster 2:38:21

The Quixotic quest to run 2:21:59 and get an Olympic trials B standard came to an end yesterday at the Vermont City Key Bank Marathon in scenic Burlington, VT. The unfortunate results can be reviewed here. It was, with out a doubt, my second worst race ever. AT about 9 miles, I started feeling completely fried from running 5:25 pace. I would never imagine on my worst day, feeling like did for the last 10 miles of that race. I had a couple of 7:26 miles thrown in during some walking breaks. Just dead dead legs. I guess I was just not as recovered from Boston as I thought. I have not posted on what I was doing because I would never, ever recommend two marathons in six weeks. It is just dumb. Desperate people do desperate things and they rarely work out. I just wish I had a better shot at getting the fitness I had built up for Boston out. I was doing workouts during that build up that I didn't think I was capable of doing and to have Nor'easter blow in and ruin it all made me try to think of a way to get a second chance. I figured, one week at 50, two weeks at 95, a week at 60 then a week at 45 would get some of that fitness awakened and I would have a shot at Vermont. Some of the workouts went so well, I had a lot of confidence going into the race. Even though the conditions were perfect, I just couldn't get all the pistons firing at one time. Thanks to Zeke and all the directors at VCM, they were great.

On the bright side, my roommate, Matt Pelletier ran an A qualifier like a madman at 2:19 flat. Giving him the full ride to the trials a huge jump in his rankings. Mario Fraioli, in his debut, proudly representing NB Boston in his first marathon with a 2:28 and 6th place. Mark LaRosa also went for the standard one last time and came up a touch short again but hung in there for a 5th place. The trip was a lot of fun and I made a lot of new friends. Except for the last 10 miles of the actual race, I had a great time.

In some track related news, the first Boston High Performance meet of the spring went off on Saturday with some great times being run at Bentley. Gabe Rivard, smoked a 3:48.75 with Sergeant Lutz right behind in 3:51. Jess Minty ran a quick 1500m as well with a 4:30.05 losing to a big kick from a Nike Central Park runner.

Two weeks off for me now. I will ride my new (to me) road bike around and cruise around the trails on my Mtn Bike. Open the pool and swim around to keep the firness up and then try to figure out if I am going to build up for road races or go back to the grass for cross country in the fall.

That's all I got.