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February 26, 2007

Quads and Calves, now I have two ouchies

The force was not with me today. Last night after I got back from USATF Indoor nationals, watching New Balance Boston kick some butt in the DMR, I went for a 3 mile shake-out around whites pond to try and break up some of the acid in the legs I knew was still hanging around. Which also coincidently gave me 26 on the day. This gives me confidence that I should be able to at least finish the marathon.

We had about 2 inches of snow on the ground when I woke up this morning so I drove into work and did 8 on the treadmill in 55:32 with the grade at 1.5%. Why did I run 8 miles up hill you may ask? I did it because everytime I took a step on a flat or down hill I felt a little twinge in my quads caused no doubt by the effort yesterday on the marathon course. No problem right? Until I went out for 8 at lunch and my calves were tight from the 8 mile up hill run. Well, needless to say, all the miles ran today were easy never dipping below 6:45 pace. The roads were a mess anyway so it was a good easy mileage day. I will stretch a lot tonight and try to rub the legs out to get the long effort out before my next workout on wednesday. Tomorrow will be easy does it again.

BIG shout out to the New Balance Boston DMR team and individual entries. Umass product and good friend of ours Rebecca Donahue ran an inspired 9 second PR in the 3k placing 5th with a 9:13. Jess Minty, rolling straight out of Colby into her first USATF national meet, ran a blistering 4.46.49 which is a casual 10 seconds faster than her PR only a year ago.

Positive things are happening with the club and we hope to keep the momentum rolling into the outdoor season.

That's all I got.

February 25, 2007


Long Fast Day today out on the marathon course. Hopkinton to Cleveland Circle with a quality group all willing to work. Miles 1-7 were an easy 49 minutes and then we started to step down the pace.

Here is the data:

8-9 11.27
10 5.59
11 5.44
12 5.43
13 5.53
14 5.34
15 5.33
16-18 16.21
19 5.20
20 5.24
21 5.23
22 4.59

miles 8-22 in 1.23.43

February 23, 2007

Risky Business

Thursday was 3 x 3 mile on the Boston Marathon Course from the 13 mile mark in Downtown Wellesley to the 22 mile mark in Cleveland Circle. This seemed like a good idea when Terry mentioned it but the weather conditions conspired against us. The balmy 39 degree temperatures on wednesday caused a lot of snow melt which promptly froze overnight leaving a nice glassy layer in much of the parking/breakdown lanes so popular with runners on rte 135/16/30. Carly bascially called me a wimp so I was pretty much shamed into doing it. Once we got rolling it was not too bad. You get used to the cars passing at 45 mph 2 feet away and the fear goes away. There was a lot of dodge dive dip duck and dodge going on which keeps you on your toes but is not exactly relaxed speed. Here is the data.

Mile 13 - 16
5.17 10.41
5.08 15.49
4.39 REST

Mile 16 - 19
4.30 REST

Mile 19 - 22

My right quad felt battered after the run and on the evenings 45 minute birch hill run through stow. It feels just like a mileage thing.

Yesterday was a 50 minute run in the morning wind and a 45 minute run in the evening wind which matched this mornings 65 minute run in the morning wind and will probably go along with tonights shake-out strides in the wind.

I will try to keep the updates coming but christy and I have moved onto our next house project which seems to dominate my evenings along with work as of late. Once we get the permit I will share the design with everyone. Constuction will not begin until after the marathon so my coach can relax. Currently we are in the design phase.

That's all I got.

February 18, 2007

Shame and Acceptance

I have not put in an entry for a while because I have been ashamed of myself. On Wednesday I ran on the treadmill not once, but twice in one day. Something I have never, ever done. On thursday, I did it again, and I don't know why. Something is obviously the matter with me and I know the first step is acknowledging my problem. To make it worse though, on thursday I did a hill workout on the treadmill. 3 mile warm-up, the 4 x 800m at 8% grade and 6:00 pace (max of available treadmill) with 800m rest at 6:44 pace for 800m. I want to stop but all the ice and iwind and the crappy job the towns around me have done with the roads make it so difficult. Let's just move on.

Friday and Saturday with both pretty high mileage days with 9 and 5 on Friday and 11 and 5 on Saturday.

Today was the Foxborough 10 miler. I was very nervous about the road conditions and temperature but the roads only had a few icy spots and the temperature was a perfect 34 degrees with only a small amount of wind at about 10 mph. We had a great group working together the whole the way and then the last three miles we drove it in a little bit but did not race at all the whole time. Hopefully we will be able to throw that together again for the marathon in 7 short weeks. I took all the splits but most of them are not trust worthy because the effort did not seem nearly as varied as the splits show.

Here's the data:

1. 5.24
2. 5.18
3. 5.17
4. 5.33
5. 5.02
6. 5.18
7. 5.23
8. 5.41
9. 4.40
10. 4.58

That's all I got.

February 13, 2007

busy busy busy

to bring everyone up to date I have been running and training like always but unfortunately have been working a lot. probably more than I ever have so all I have time for is work and running. sleep and eating right have takien a back seat and i have to stop that pronto.

friday i ran a crappy 5k in15:15 at 2:00 in the afternoon on my extended lunch break. worked until 12:30, high tailed it into BU short warmup, race, short cool down, back to work. probably should have just stayed at work and done something productive.

sunday I ran the stu's 30k course with mario and greg. 4 time 6 min @ 5:20 hard, 4 mins @ 6:20 easy after 45 min warmup. i planned on doing 6 but was feeling very fatigued and decided to cut it at 4. good run and good company.

tonight we had a good group of terry, jeremy, H, pat and voce at reggie for 8 x 1 mile @ 5:12 with 90 sec rest. The whole friggin world was at the track tonight but I didn't want to run tomorrow because of the storm. Reggie will be closed because they close at the drop of a hat.
here is the data.

1. 5.12

2. 5.15

3. 5.09

4. 5.09

5. 5.08

6. 5.10

7. 5.10

8. 5.07

that's all i got

February 7, 2007

still freezing

just got back from work and I don't feel like working on the computer anymore. Workout at Reggie last night to get some quick turnover going to try and repel my long slow stuff. 1 mile at 4:44 and 10 x 300m between 51-53 with 60 sec rest in between. This morning I found a nice new run into work on the roads that is 7.6 with not much traffic. Better than taking you life in you hands but not as nice as the trails.

Could people please start driving around more? It appears my lack of driving into work has caused the temperatures around here to plummet and I am a little tired of taking 10 minutes to get all the required gear on everytime I want to run. So please go out and buy a hummer or a sports car and drive a lot!

that's all I got.

February 4, 2007


Long cold solo run this morning along a new route named "country club" because it passes through both Butternut (or nutterbutt if you are my childish brother) on the way out and Stow
Acres on the way back. It was fricken cold and windy today and I was not too happy about it. My legs were feeling very tired from last nights tempo effort so I kept the pace to 6:50 to 7:00 the whole way. The old rail bed was covered with snow as well as some of the refuge roads.

Here is the route I ran in 1:51:26

The Gped put it at 16 but that is if the earth is flat. I was worried when we moved from Clinton to Hudson my legs would get soft because the area is so flat. I was wrong. Most of my runs have gone south towards Marlborough and Sudbury which is pretty flat. Stow is a very hilly area and I was pleased to get in about six significant climbs with the rest of the run on rolling terrain.

A tradgedy happened here on lake boon. When the first significant snow falls and the lake is frozen, snow mobilers come from all over to drive around on the snow covered ice. They haul around as well. I would not be surprised if the hit 70-80 mph. I can hear them screaming around right now as I am typing. The other night a young guy was cruising around on his sled and he must have gotten confused. He probably thought he was heading into the cove but he was actually heading into shore. He must have known he was in trouble because he bailed off his sled just before it slammed in a concrete wall. He unfortunately bailed shoreside instead of lakeside and was killed when he clipped a dock and hit the shore. They have powerful lights on their equipment but at the speeds they travel, when an obstacle is finally illuminated, it is just enough time to say "Oh Crap" because there is not enough reaction time to do anything but jump off. When you are traveling at 70 mph is jumping on snow covered ice really a good option? They rely on their knowledge of the lake. There is a speed limit on the lake of 40 mph but it is kind of like those no tresspassing signs you see on trail runs in the middle of no where. If no one is out there to enforce them, are they really relevent?

That's all I got.

February 3, 2007

Tough Tempo

Difficult solo tempo effort today in the slush and cold that is the Boston Marathon Course. I am getting over a bit of a cold so I wanted something not too crazy. It was supposed to be 8 miles at 5:20 with the first four being pretty easy and the last four being really rough. I went from Hopkinton Center down to the four mile mark, turned around and went back. I was hoping to the workout this morning as soon as I woke up but the 3 inches of snow on the ground put a halt to that. I fired up the Tecumsa and got the snow out of the way and went for a 5 mile shake-out around lake boon in hopes the daytime sun would clear the roads so I could make a run at the tempo efffort. After calling my old Hopkinton training partner, he confirmed the sides of 135 were not great but certainly runable. That turned out to be a good description because the car lanes were wet but not icy, the edges were slushy with some ice in spots. It was a poor time to run though because there was a ton of traffic. A lot of running in the slush which didn't seem to matter too much on the out section but I was really spinng on the up hill coming back to Hopkinton.

Here is the data from the watch.

.12 turn around

The last mile was tough because I was tired, the sun was setting and car lights were annoying, and I spent a lot of time in the slush during that section. Not a good time but the effort was there and I maintained my Sat-Tues-Fri workout effort I wanted for the next 7 days.

Big shout out to New Balance Boston 800m flyer Jess Minty who crushed her PR at the New Balance Track and Field Center today with a 2.10.10. That is get down fast and with any luck we will have more break out performances from other NBboston mates as we start to round into winter form.

That's all I got.