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January 31, 2007

The work begins

Greg wins with his pick up of my veiled blog title reference to the 80’s. What he wins is still unclear but one of these days I will actually award a prize to some lucky winner. For the time being, he wins my admiration for being such a scholar on all things biological and cheesy 80’s pop culture. He also dates himself with his uncanny knowledge of Jessie’s Girl. It doesn’t get much better than playing air guitar singing to the rafter’s “Where can I find a woman like that!”

On to the running. Monday was a 7 mi a.m. and 7 mi lunchtime run with two nobscott loops in opposing directions. Not very inventive, I know, but it is the run with the most hills around here and I am trying to get ready for hills.

Tuesday morning was an easy 5 with a nobscott shakeout loop. I made sure to go really easy in advance of last nights Reggie workout.

The track work out last night was long and tiring. The workout was 1200m, 1200m, 4 mile, 1200m, 1200m. You know it is marathon time when you are throwing in 4 mile intervals on the indoor track. What a hoot. Luckily we got things rolling early with Jeremy, H, tps, and some other hangers on who came in and out of the workout at their leisure. It was a solid, diverse, group of many clubs. Isn’t it special when people from different backgrounds and locations can come together in peace and unity towards the common cause of qualifying for the oly trials in the marathon. I feel warm and fuzzy.

Here is the data from my watch:

1200m 3.39
1.26 (rest)
1200m 3.38
2.43 (rest)
4 mile
1. 5.12
2. 5.12
3. 5.10
4. 5.12
2.30 (rest)
1200m 3.37
1.29 (rest)
1200m 3.37

Five intervals, 7 quality miles, none of it fast, none of it slow. This workout is great for that “keep it going, keep it steady” type of mentality you want for the marathon. Enough of this type of quality on top of high mileage is great for the confidence.

This morning I ran to work via Memorial Forest in 51:37. The weather people were all about the snow last night but since they are wrong 75% of the time, it was dry as a bone on the trails this morning. I will be Easy Gaiting it home tonight to try and get my legs fresh for this weekend.

That’s all I got.

January 29, 2007

the point is prob'ly moot

111 miles last week. The legs and lungs are starting to return just in time for some serious marathon prep to begin. This is my first week of actual marathon specific training so I should have an early marker on my fitness.

Here is my build phase of the Boston Marathon Training.


Steady climb in the intensity and volume of the work-outs as well as a good steady climb in mileage with no crazy jumps my body could not handle. I think the key to getting a good build phase is to make sure your body can take the weekly jumps. Just because you can run 105 miles the first week doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Saturday was a pretty busy running day. Fresh pond five with H, Mario, Brad, and Ian as well as many others but that was our group. There was a nice snow on the ground for effect. I have data written down on a scrap of paper but can’t find it at the moment. I will post numbers as soon as I locate the splits.

Found them

5.26 10.52
2.27 13.20
5.18 18.38
5.22 24.00
2.25 26.26

These splits don't mean much sense so it obviously is not true 5 miles. We should have been somewhere around 26:40 so it must be somewhere in that last half that is only .42 or something. I am going to take a wheel there one of these days and try to put down some artie marks.

Saturday evening, for those of you who missed it, was the best indoor track meet I have ever seen or heard about. The Boston Indoor games was a record smashing festival of fast people. The best race of the evening was the women’s 3k in which Shalane Flanagan of Marblehead, MA ran a smoking 8:33 taking a 6 second chunk out of the old steroid tainted record. Very exciting race.

Raytheon successfully defended the Sprint Medley Corporate Relay with a time of 3:50. I blew the chance to get the record by not running a very inspired 800. I have not gotten split yet but it felt like 2:06. There was no competition this year and the race was decided long before I got the baton. It was fun none the less and I enjoyed it. Probably my last relay effort for Raytheon because I am getting old and every year a new hire comes in with some serious speed. The corporate stuff is a lot of fun and I urge anyone who is reading this thing who works in a cubicle farm or any company and enjoys running to throw a team together and participate. However bad you think you are, it is not as bad as it seems. Fear of not doing well is no excuse.

Sunday was my longest run of the year with 19 miles in 2:07:56 throughout the trails and refuges around my house. I have given up trying to name long run routes because I modify them every week and take different twists and turns in the various trails. I don’t believe I have run one long run loop the same since I moved to Hudson.

If anyone is looking for some wacky fun on a Saturday night and does not care too much about how silly they look singing outdated synthesized music, allow me to recommend 80’s night at Game On. It is a good time.

That’s all I got.

January 25, 2007

Where did the track go?

This morning I ran a nice easy nobscott loop after driving to work because I thought I may have needed my car today to go to a machine shop. I didn't have to go offsite and decided to go to the LS track for a 6 by 200m shake out. I ran 3.5 miles to the track. At least I thought there was a track. I swear there was a track where a bunch of earth movers and dump trucks were. Anyways, the LS track is either being redone or has been disposed of. I ran back to work doing 6 x 35 second pickups. I was really hoping to a pace in my head for the 800 this weekend. Tomorrow it will be too cold to go to the track so I will just wing it. Which is what I am doing anyways, now I am just winging it blind.

That's all I got.

January 24, 2007


Monday was 7 in the morning 7 at lunch for 14.

Tuesday at the track we have gone metric. I guess we have always been metric but last night seemed really metric because the workout was 2k, 1k, 2k, 1k, 2k at 74 for the 2k and 72 for the 1k. It was great to have H and Mario for company. I felt really good the entire workout and believe the legs are getting used to the mileage being up again and then working hard at night.

Here is the data from my watch

2k 6.08
1k 3.01
2k 6.09
1k 2.59
2k 6.11

For the first three intervals we had the track completely to ourselves which was a beautiful thing. The for the last two things got really crowded. I had to step on the infield when some clueless kid just decided to jog into lane 1 and then stop. One of these nights someone is going to get hurt and it will not be pretty.

At lunch I got in 6.5 miles around the garden in the woods loop. Maybe a touch too far for a workout day. Next tuesday I will limit my shake-out run to 4 miles in the morning before work so I can get the most out of the evening session.

Today I ran 7 in the morning on a new route to work and then ran 7 at lunch because the temperature was really supposed to drop. I decided to take the advantage of the noontime sun because it doesn't look like we will feeling anything warm any time soon.

For those of you in Boston this Boston this weekend, come to the Boston Indoor Games. The highlight is my High School cross country coach and he is going to be there so you can meet him! There is going to be a sick mile with Alan Webb and a crazy 3k with Alistair Craig. The real feature event with be the corporate Sprint Medley Relay featuring yours truly anchoring the Raytheon Team with an 800m leg. Pretty funny isn't it. An 800m on an indoor track with all the marathon work I have been doing. I think about 6 minutes after if is over I should be warmed-up and ready to roll!

That's all I got!

January 22, 2007

With a cold Hard Wind

Ok, where am I. 94 miles last week. All doubles except for Friday and Saturday. First marathon workout on Saturday in the refuge on the patrol road. It was windy as anyone who was out in NE on Saturday can attest. Good first marathon work though with a four mile warm up, then 6 sets of 4 minutes at 5:20 pace then 6 minutes at 6:20 pace which was a solid hour of decent paced effort, followed by a 4 mile cool down.

The resson I have not been blogging is because I made the final push to finish the Kitchen. It is now done done. At work we have three levels of done.

1 Done = 90% there
2 Completely Done = 95% complete
3 Done Done = 100% Released

The kitchen is level 3. I promised to post some pictures of the project so I will do so.

Here is what we had to work with.

View image

then the demolition


in go the cabinets and the pass through gets shortened.


Some countertop, lights and paint.


After this I laid the tile floor with my dad but unfortunately neglected to take some pics of that fun time of peeling up three layers of linolium flooring, laying a new subfloor, cement board, then the tile. That was a good time.

Here is a picture of me this week doing the back splash. I am wearing that goofy fleece hat because the tilesaw is a wet saw, I cut the tiles in the garage, it is winter and your hands get so cold you wouldn't believe.


Some stain, some touch up, and a that people is that for the kitchen project.

From the west

From the east

Let's Eat!

That's all I got.

January 14, 2007

Pounds all around

Big pats win today. I am excited for one more week of football as the pats go against the Manninganapolis Colts. Lets hope Irsay doesn't get any rule changes in place in the next week to make the pats defense play with 9 guys. SHould be a great game. Let's hope the patriots bring the magic beans they had in San Diego to Indy with them.

Longest run of the year today. 1:59:16 in the trails around my house. Drizzly chilly day. A little bit more like New England then we have been having as of late.

Yesterday was 7.2 memorial forest run in the morning and a 5 mile shakeout in the evening.

That's all I got.

January 12, 2007

Trot Trot to Boston

Reggie Workout tonight. Unfortunatley my combination of a bagel, orange, bannana, and a granola bar for lunch was a bad mixture I guess and I had to take three bathroom breaks during the workout.

The workout was a 1600, 8 x 400.

3.57 *
3.15 *
2.24 *
( * denotes bathroom break)

Not a whole lot of fun tonight. My stomach was a mess becasue I was trying not to have to go to the bathroom every five seconds. Just a bad one I guess. No more granola bars for me at lunch.

I am still working on trying to get my excel log to post in a .html file that looks good on the blog. I really have to figure this out because I am sick of just retyping everything. I don't really have the time to spend on fighting through it now so I will just cut an paste it in its jumbled form at the end of the week.

That's all I got

January 9, 2007

Warming Up

Another double today another night on the track last night.

Have a new training partner in one H. He and I did 6 x 1200 @ 3:36 with equal rest last night to try and get our economy up without thrashing ourselves only 2 days removed from the Friday night track workout.

Here is the data
1. 3.35
3.44 rest
2. 3.37
3.49 rest
3. 3.35
3.45 rest
4. 3.35
4.04 rest
5. 3.37
6. 3.36

Felt really good with the turnover and think it may be coming back slowly. I am pretty excited to have H on board the boston train and be able to have someone to circle the track with. Looks like it will be a once a week thing for him at first.

I tried to post my training log from last week but it was all jumbled and I could not get it into a legible form. Anyone have any hints on getting an .xls in a moveable type window?

Today and ran to and from work via the rail road track giving me 12 total for the day.

That's all I got.

January 7, 2007

Long Run

Have some cleaning to do. Not a lot of time tonight. Big win for the Bill and the Pats this afternoon by schooling the ex-asst.Mangini in a competitive game that got out of hand in the fourth quarter. All sympathy to Paul who is probably a bit dissapointed with the result. The Jets need some more experience and one or two more playmakers on defense to make a serious run in the playoffs.

This morning was a long run of 1:50.40 with Christy Mae and Mario through the three phases of trails near my house. We hit every section except for hop brook.

That's all I got

"I think I have run behind you enough to say you truly have an easy gait"
Mario after this mornings run

January 6, 2007

The most wonderful time of the year

They are finally upon us, play-offs! Even though watching Kansas city not get a first down in the first half against the worst defense in the AFC was like having water torture. The Dallas Seattle game is a real battle. I am hoping for a Bill vs. Bill superbowl so I hope dallas wins but it is a tough row for them to hoe.

Last night was a Reggie Lewis workout in scenic roxbury where a girl who was struck by a hit and run driver closed tremont street for a while making it a little difficult for Christy and I to get to practice on time. The workout was pretty easy again but I think the crazy work week with the ot and pressure to get stuff out by the 5th made for a not so great effort. Just kind of flat the whole night. Flat warm-up, flat workout, flat cooldown.
It was a 800 800 1600 800 800 with 2.5 minutes rest in between and the 1/2's were supposed to be in 2:20 and 1600 in 4:46 but I was not quite there.

Here is the data:

800 2.21
2.26 rest

800 2.20
2.28 rest

1500 4.58
2.44 rest

800 2.27
2.32 rest

800 2.24

I am employing the "It's still early" modo and just taking what I can do with and building up my base. If this were to happen in three weeks I would be concerned.

Today was far and away my best day of January running. 62 degrees this morning in a nice winter rain for 44:35 with Christy Mae. 66 degrees this afternoon for 54:20 solo in the refuge. Felt great. There were a ton of people out and about this afternoon trying to make the best of the weather. Weird stuff I tell you for January 6th. I could stand more of it but I know better. I am sure the snow blower will be fired up soon.

Congratulations to "Anonymous" who got the first reference to the Carl Weathers quote in Happy Gilmore. I did enjoy that movie. Dan, you get second on the podium. Unfortunately, I have no real awards to dispense, but you get a "Caps Lock" CONGRATULATIONS!

Everyone please yell loud and root hard for my beloved Patriots tomorrow as they take on the Jets from New Jersey. It is the brady time of year so lets hope he can pull off some of that California golden boy do no wrong Brady magic. I am way to emotionally invested in a team I have no control over. I am hoping for one more week after this one and just love to read Ron Borges article after a win. I take pleasure in his misery.

I am going back to the Dallas Seattle game. Good night.

that's all I got

No it isn't.


January 5, 2007

It's all in the hips. It's all in the hips.

"Just trying to ease the tension."

Who knows what movie? The answer will be in tomorrow's playoff edition of Easy Gait!

Five mile shakeout this morning through ARWR. Seven miles yesterday at lunch through Nobscott loop. I skipped the evening run on wendesday and yesterday because I was nervous about doing any real damage this early in the cycle. I am 12 miles behind my scedule for the week but it is better than being hurt. Always lean back is my creed.

It is scary nice out. For January 4 and 5 you should not be wearing shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt wondering if you are over dressed. Strange things are about this winter.

I spent a lot of time last night scouring various injury websites about my hip issues. I have self diagnosed myself as having a strain in my Psoas Major of my hip flexor muscle. I started rehab right away with ice and stretching and my leg this morning felt great. I am icing and stretching a specific area now and it has helped a lot. I guess we will know for sure after tonights workout.

That’s all I got.

January 3, 2007

Track work

First workout on the track of the new year. It was the traditional three sets of 400-400-800 with 90 seconds between the reps and 3 min between sets. It felt really good to be on the track again and luckily only GBTC and few other college guys were there so it wasn’t too crowded. If you picked your spots right there were only a few places where you had to go around long lines.

Here is the data:

67 400m
1.25 rest
68 400m
1.33 rest
2.26 800m
3.00 rest
69 400m
1.27 rest
69 400m
1.26 rest
2.23 800m
3.01 rest
70 400m
1.25 rest
67 400m
1.30 rest
2.29 800m

Not bad for the first workout. Unfortunately on the cooldown my left hip tightened up again and this morning on my run into work it was really tight. If it doesn’t loosen up by lunch I will skip the evening run. It is really frustrating because it is nothing that is hurt. It is just so stinking tight I have no range of motion in the stupid thing. I am at work so I have to get back to it.

That’s all I got.

January 1, 2007

I'm bringing workouts back

Happy New Year to all easy gait lurkers! I hope everyone has a healthy, mileage filled year full of PRs.

Saturday marked the start of the Boston Marathon training for me. I did a pretty easy ladder in the ARWR around the 8 mile loop. After a 15 minute warm-up I went straight into the 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 intervals at 5 minute/mile effort. 1 min rest in between the intervals. Felt very good. I have no idea if I was running 5 min pace or not but it was just a get the legs going type of workout anyway. Saturday evening I did a 5 mile shake-out on the ARWR trails. After the workout I drove into BU to watch my wife and other NB boston club runners race at the mini meet. She ran a great 3k for her in 10:07. You can see her head here behind allison and emily.

Sunday was relatively quiet long run. With Christy Mae for the first 10 and then I ran the last 6 alone through memorial forest and the assabet river cinder road. 1:50:10 which was my longest run in a while. Felt very comfortable, much more so than my first long runs for the fall marathon. I then watched the Pats beat the titans in one of slowest, most difficult to watch, football games of all time. They cemented their 4th seed for the playoffs and will face off against the J-E-T-S jets jets jets at 1:00 pm on Sunday. Let's hope it works out better for the Pats this time around than the last time the Jets came to Foxborough.

Today was an easy six in sudbury state forest in the am and the lake boone road loop in the evening with christy mae.

Tomorrow is the first track workout for me on the boards at Reggie. Should be interesting to see how the legs will respond.

That's all I got.