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December 29, 2006


The mileage is coming up just in time for the 16 week push to Boston. My first workout is tomorrow and today I did some strides after my second run. It is also starting to get really cold here. It said 38 on my thermometer but it felt a lot colder. My toes took about 15 mintues to get warm. This morning was 7 miles with the first 5 with Christy Mae. I then added on two miles in Sudbury state forest. This afternoon was an easy 5 with 4 strides afterwards. The trails are now frozen. I wonder how long it will be until the first significant snowfall closes them for the winter.

I finally got around to balancing the ceiling fan I put in on tuesday and now it is actually functional with out shaking the entire house. Here is the finished product.

All that is now left to do is the tile backsplash and repainting the walls. The original color we chose to paint it just didn't take.

You know you are in a boring phase of your training when you are posting pictures of ceiling fans.

That's all I got.

December 26, 2006


Merry Christmas everyone. A day late, I know. We have been really busy tearing around to CT, NH, and other various MA locations. I took yesterday off from running because we were so busy chasing St. Nick and eating there was just no time to run. This morning was an easy 7 through memorial forest. Tomorrow I will try a double.

Most of todays free time went to installing a new ceiling fan my parents bought us for the kitchen. It looks pretty sweet and moves the air nicely.

That's all I got.

December 20, 2006

Into the black

Not a whole lot of light around these parts in the morning and evening. The base building phase has begun in earnest. Yesterday I took the railroad tracks to work and ran back via sudbury rd to white pond. I had on all my reflective gadgets but people still drive way too fast on roads that are just no meant for it. The first double in a while felt very good. I think my legs are mind are up to it.

Today was a single through nobscott woods with a picture perfect december day. Thermometer said 38 but it felt warmer than that. It looks like we are back to more seasonal temperatures now that the warm spell has headed off the coast.

That's all I got.

December 18, 2006

Assignment Boston

This weekend was the triumphant return of the Christmas Party and a good time was had by all. I am almost sure of it. There is picture evidence of the celebration and it looks like I am having a blast. I can not confirm nor deny anything that happened at said celebration so no probing questions please. I do know that the balance of this week will be aimed at destroying all records of the evening less they resurface when I am in the middle of a presidential campaign. Things like this always seem to rear their head at the most inopportune time so the only option is to wipe them from existence.

Good week of training. Haven’t said that in a while. You can view it below.

Date Dist Time Pace Route Time Notes
2006 (Miles) h:mm: ss
11-Dec 7 0:49:20 07:02.9 NOBSCOTT LOOP

12-Dec 6.2 0:43:56 07:05.2 OLD GARRISON 10K

13-Dec 7.2 0:50:47 07:03.2 NOBSCOTT LOOP

14-Dec 7 0:48:35 06:56.4 NOBSCOTT LOOP

15-Dec 5.1 0:34:35 06:46.9 Bent rd shake-out

16-Dec 4.8 0:33:19 06:56.5 ARWR 371

17-Dec 11.5 1:17:54 06:46.4 Memorial Forest

Total Mi. 48.8 Avg. Pace 06:56.8

There it is. An actual complete week of running with no days off and no walking home. One would think that this is not much to celebrate after running a bunch of weeks of 115 miles not taking a day under 12 but you would think wrong. I was so happy after my long run of 11.5 miles. No pain, no tightness, no swelling. I think my left leg is finally alright because I have run 4 days in a row with no pain.

I am now comfortable in saying that my next run at marathon will in fact be Boston ’07. I have given it a lot of thought and contemplation over the past couple of weeks. The little set-back certainly helped because there was no way I was coming back in time for Houston marathon which was something I considered. Anyone out there who is looking to do the course with some tempo segments is welcome to join. I will be doing various parts of the course this time around to help myself out with the down hill pounding the quads are going to take. I think being familiar with the last few sections of the course will help a lot.

So there it is. Target Boston. A decision. I feel better now that I am not wasting away in what next land.

Hopefully this blog will become a training manual on how to successfully train and prepare for a killer course with uncertain weather conditions and get and oly trials standard. With any luck, the outcome will be better than the Chicago project.

That’s all I got.

December 12, 2006

Left Leg

I am trying to make my triumphant return to running with somewhat of a schedule but unfortunately my left leg is not exactly cooperating. What started out as tightness in my quad, turned into tendinitis in my knee, which turned into a sore left calf, thereby going to plantar facia issues in my left foot. I have been stretching and icing like a madman and things are loosening up but it is taking longer than it ever has. Must be getting old. I have no idea why I can manage to run 115 mile weeks for two months and struggle so mightily with the 38 spot I put up last week. Lets hope the left side of body starts to cooperate soon so this train can get back on track.

Yesterday I ran and easy seven in nobscott woods. Today was an easy 10k for the Old Garrison road loop.