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September 27, 2006

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

I was really rethinking everything after the horrible ½ marathon experience at Wilmington. Now I think that was just an aberration in the training and I am going to discard it.

MIT track workout tonight. Tonight was my first workout on the MIT track. Kind of odd that I have lived near Boston my whole life and never worked out there before. The BAA guys were nice enough to let me into their workout for the evening. The workout was 10 miles with alternating miles at 5:28/5:12. Felt like I could have done 12 but didn't want to push it so close sunday's 1/2 marathon. Here's the data.

1 5.28
2 5.15 10.43
3 5.27 16.11
4 5.13 21.24
5 5.26 26.50
6 5.12 32.03
7 5.28 37.31
8 5.12 42.44
9 5.25 48.10
10 5.13 53.23

The weather was perfect. The group was ideal. I bet there are not too many groups of 8 people who can get together on a Wednesday night and run 53.23 for 10 miles switching the pace every mile. I do believe we are sending a strong New England contingent to chicago this year.

I need some sleep.

September 24, 2006

whirlwind weekend

busy busy busy...

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day with an early 10 miler here in Hudson, a drive out to Amherst to watch umass CC defeat Maine and BC on the new home course. Then we watched the barn burner football game of Umass Vs. Stonybrook. I am not sure what the final score was because we left at half-time wiht the score Umass 42 Stonybrook 0. Then we drove to my nephws birthday party on the northshore so we spent a day in the car. I don't think they were coming back. Right now I am getting readay to watch the pats broncos game so this has to quick.

This morning I tried a solo half-marathon PMP tempo run in the Wilmington Half Marathon. The weather unfortunately did not cooperate and it was 80 and humid at 10:00 this morning. I figured I came all this way so I may as well try anyway.

Here is the data from my watch:

1 5.14
2 5.31 10.45
3 5.26 16.11
4 5.18 21.30
5 5.19 26.49
6 5.29 32.19
7 5.44 38.03 (as the wheels come off the wagon into the wind up the hill)
8 5.35 43.39
9 5.42 49.21
10 5.45 55.06
11 5.49 1.00.56
12 5.47 1.06.43
13 5.50 1.12.33
13.1 .25 1.12.58

I am not sure how to take this run because the weather was certainly not ideal. I do believe my training has been better than this efforts. Time will tell.

Kick off time.
Go Pats!!!

September 22, 2006

closing time

gather up your floaties,
it's time to put on long sleeves.
I hope you had a fun time.

I am currently getting the pool ready for its winter slumber. It's sad to see the cover weights come out and to dust the big hole in the ground one last time. I don't think I will get the entire thing done today but Sunday will probably be the last day the pool will see sunshine in months. I figured it was time to close the pool when last weekend I could barely get in even though the outside temperature was 80. the water temp is 62 and last night we hit 42 here in Hudson. I wore gloves and long sleeves on my 8.5 miler this morning so I figure it to be shut down time.

Yesterday was a nice 1:38:57 long run in Lincoln with some BAA boys, some New Balance Boston boys, and some people there just for kicks. Yesterday morning I did a quicker type of 5 mile run in the ARWR 371 to get the turnover going.

Who is New Balance Boston you may ask? It is our re-organized club with new sponsorship and new life. I think one of the worst kept secrets in the running community was our group no longer had a partnership with Reebok and were looking for support. Well, we found a great partner and friend in New Balance, which is based right here in Brighton, MA. The company is owned and run by Newton's own Jim Davis, who is casually the 160th position on the countries wealthiest list. Anyway, from now on we will be sporting the always classic diagnal stripe uniform with the NB crest. You may check out the Ollie 5 miler pictures of Christy Mae and myself if you are looking to see what they look like. Now you can pick us out in a crowd. Of course everyone reading this probably already knows what Christy and I look like, but not in our New Balance racing stripes! I am very excited about this new page in our clubs history and believe it will give us some energy and attitude for the coming racing season. We will be putting some actual content and good stuff on the website soon but we just got the url yesterday and we have yet to put together the proper template.

This morning was a nice easy calm 8.5 miler and I will plan on doing another 6-7 tonight with christy mae when she returns.

that's all I got!

September 20, 2006

miles on miles

A lot of hard work has been done in the last five days as the push towards the Chicago marathon proceeds. From Saturday through today I have traveled 90 miles on foot, which is a 5 day record for me. They weren’t all highway miles either.

Last night the team got together at Newton North for BC reservoir fartleks. Sergeant Lutz, Brad, and I were feeling pretty good and ripped 6 x 5min on/1 min off for 35 minutes of solid work. The footing was really good and could be trusted even after the sun set. Yesterday at lunch we did the full 7.2 mile Nobscott loop instead of our typical 5 mile shake-out and it didn’t have any real effect on the work out.

This morning I took it easy into work via Memorial Forest in 54:30. 6:55 pace feels very pedestrian now when I was struggling with it last week. Weird. At lunch was another Nobscott loop in 49:15. we have done our last three nobscott loops with in about 5 seconds of each other. A little scary.

That's all I got.

September 18, 2006

Hey Up


Isn’t Technology great? You are looking at the Deuce Loop from my house through the Assabet River Wildlife Refuge, Sudbury State Forest, and Memorial Forest returning back to the homestead. Sergeant Lutz joined me yesterday for the long run and brought all his sweet satellite tracking, data recording, GPS, stuff. The algorithm to figure out the distance isn’t quite there yet but we did 1:44:10 so I am calling it 15. Once he works the bugs it will be a great program for figuring out trail distance. As soon as the technology gets small enough to fit on a wrist watch I will most certainly purchase one of those bad boys.

I have to get back to work.

More tonight!

September 16, 2006

Marathoner's Unite!

This morning was by far the most positive day of training I have had since I started the marathon prep. I met up with Ben, Casey, Chris, Ian, Matt, Pat, and Terry at the memorial bridge for a 10 mile tempo at 5:22 pace. It was nice to be working out with a bunch of sub 2:20 guys just to talk about their training and get some ideas. I don't know why we don't get totgether more often, maybe that will be the goal for the next marathon we are all training for. I felt great the whole way and could have run faster or slower with no problem. The weather was picture perfect and we got the work in just before the masses of the walk for (fill in disease here) got going. We did a five mile warm-up and cool down to give us twenty on the workout. Here is the data. It won't make much sense because the marks were hard to see and I missed some and got some late but the just of it should be pretty clear.

.5 2:49
2 10:54
2.5 2:34 13:29
3.0 2:41 16:10
4.0 5:17 21:27
5.0 5:18 26:46
( 8 seconds to turn around)
6.0 (Missed split)
7.0 10:41 37:45
8.0 5:19 42:56
9.0 5:24 48:20
10 5:24 53:45

This evening I did a 6 mile shake-out just to get the 26 mile distance in. I do believe my body is finally hardening to the volume I have been doing the past couple weeks. Felt very easy.

Today was separation saturday which made it a great college football day. So great that Umass vs. Villinova was on Comcast 3. The minute had a great ground game today and just ran it down nova's throat for four quarters and ended up winning 31 - 21 but it didn't really seem that close. Umass had a huge ball control advantage and ran a lot more plays from scrimage.
They are ranked 9 in the Div 1-AA and took their first A-10 conference game. Let's hope they can keep it rolling.

That's all I got.

September 13, 2006

same old same

Another hill session in the books. Last night was the first hill session we have had with the entire team. It went very well as some newcomers were introduced to 10 x light to tree. Next week I believe we are doing a fartlek session around the res so I may not be doing any hills. We will see.

This morning was "Run to Work" day and took Memorial Forest in and Hop brook to Memorial Forest home. 8 in, 8.5 home.

I keep meaning to post my log here but I keep it on a spreadsheet on my other machine and keep forgettting to email it or flash drive it. Sunday I said I had a 115 mile week but it was actually 106 for full disclosure. This week will probably be very close that.

Branch has been traded to the Seattle Seahawks for their first round pick in 2007 which gives the Patriots a tremendous future. Unfortunately, there is no one to throw the ball to now so we will have to see how it effects Brady on Sunday. I am really looking forward to the game to see if BB can pants his protege on TV. I think Mangini is in for a tutorial in game planning. Should be fun.

That's all I got.

September 11, 2006

Mondays and sore quads

Another easy distance double today. A triple if you count nine holes of golf at Leo J Martin public golf pasture in your log. At lunch was a nice nobscott loop with both of the hills with a back from flaggstaff sergeant lutz in 49:10. A lot of chit chat on the run today may have slowed us a down a bit thankfully. Then I took three hours of PTO to play a round of golf with adam who is 100 times better than the last time I played with him. The tee box and approaches were working for me but the putter has completly abandoned me. This evening christy and I did a new loop in ARWR south that I have been wanting to do and time which I think is just about 5 miles even. The loop took 34:15 and I figure it to be about five. I should take one of the humvees from work with a GPS unit in it and drive the courses I run in there. I have no idea how many laws that would break, how quickly it would take to be dismissed from my job, or if I would be in larger trouble with the state or federal authorites, but I would have one accurate log.

The soreness in my quads from Saturdays road race has yet to leave me and I hope tonight, a good night of sleep will do the trick. Tomorrow night is a hill session that should not tear up the quads too badly. I just have to go real easy in the morning.

The Patriots again found a way to be completely out played in the first half and came back a with a great second half to beat the Bills 19-17. I hope some of Brady's linemen and receivers start to get with the program. It seemed at times the bills offensive line was beating brady back to his position in a 3 step drop. Brady was classy as always and refused to put the blame on anyone but himself saying "I have to make quicker reads." When you get sacked before your wr's can get 5 yards down the field you are not going to read much. Getting blocks and having the receivers run the correct routes helps a bit there Tom. Next week the Jets of New York for the late game at 4:15. I am absolutely way too emotionally invested in this team. Go Pats!

Saving the best for last, I have finally made The Daily Runaround quote list. I thought I was going to get in there this summer for a statement I made on a long run with mario and driscoll about hodge but that one didn't make the cut. Here is my acceptance speech. "I am honored to be on the blog site that initially got me interested in blogging. I would like to thank Blogspot for sponsoring said blog, Mario for recognizing genius when he views it, but unfortunately, I have no one to thank, but myself!"

That's all I got.

September 10, 2006

Ollie Classic

Saturday was the Ollie Classic 5 miler in South Boston. The course is not so classic anymore because the G street hill up to the heights was taken out of it. A very good field on hand to race including Mark Carroll and koichiro nagat from japan on the ivy league eikeden trade. The race for me was not as good as I would like but what do you want from a 115 mile week. I went out a little hard and paid for it. Not so much in place but certainly in time. It felt a little warmer than it actually was so I think I may be a bit flat. I am doing some workouts and strides this week to straighten that out.
Here's the data
1 4:50
2 4:56
3 5:14 (stupid hill)
4 5:19 (not cool)
5 5:09

I was happy about one thing because when I had a tough 4th mile I was able to get the pace down a little bit and salvage 3 places. If I would have gone out at 5 miniute pace things would have worked out much better I am certain. Next race will be more even handed.

This morning was the perfect long run in 1:48:20 with kyle schneck and geoff nickerson. perfect day, perfect company, and the trails were in perfect condition. very rare. I think I hit 115 this week but will total it later and post it tomorrow.

That's all I got.

September 7, 2006

Putting "Easy Gait " into practice

The code word is “easy does it.” That has been my mission this week as I try to get my legs back to feeling normal while keeping the mileage and work-out load the same. I have been trying to average 6:50 pace on my runs and have been having various degrees of success. When I run into work in the morning at 5:45 for 8 miles it is very easy. It takes about 5 miles to wake-up so I have no problem going easy. On the way home it is more difficult as I have been doing the home trip about 3 minutes quicker. Anyway, the legs are certainly feeling better and I am feeling better. I’m ok, you’re ok.

Tuesday night was supposed to be a 10 mile tempo but my legs were still a little tired from the Saturday 24 mile effort and figured getting off the roads would be better. I decided to do the heartbreak hill workout instead and threw my own wrinkle into. 2 400m in 68, 6 800m in 1:53, 2 400m in 66. Remember, 400m = 360m and 800m = 660m for heart break hill related repeats. I would just say light to tree and light to light but no one knows what that means. The workout felt pretty good for how badly I was feeling. Does this make any sense? It doesn’t matter. 5 mile warm up and 3 mile cool down gave a nice 14 mile effort on the night which threatened rain all evening but never actually meant it.

Yesterday was a run to and from Raytheon via Memorial forest. Great run, the bugs are gone, and the soil was really cushy from the rain that finally came down. 53:10 in and 50:12 home.

This morning was a run to Raytheon via the rail bed and took 35:52. Tonight I am at Lincoln for 10. I am meeting the BAA guys if anyone is interested!

Tonight is the night. The best time of the year. NFL opener is tonight as the dolphins of Miami clash with the steelers of Pittsburgh. It is hard to tell which team I hate more but I guess it is the dolphins because they are in the division. I do hate the steelers and their steel city beer with the whole one for the thumb thing. Hopefully the steelers will win on some lucky play which will just make every team think they were lucky and make the dolphins look incompetent.

That’s all I got.

September 4, 2006

Back from the motherland

This labor day weekend was spent mostly in Amherst, MA. I was lucky enough to do a pretty solid workout and run with some of the guys I went to school with on a nice egg loop. On friday we decided to ride our road bikes out there from Rutland so it was a very scenic 32 mile ride.

Saturday morning was a Greg Meyer workout on the bike path. 10 x sets of 4 mins at 5:00 pace and 6:00 at 6:30 pace. The first five interval sets I did with this guy and the second five I did solo to the curray hicks cage. Once there I met up with a bunch of x-Umassers and then we did the famous egg loop. Long cool down after you have been running for 1:50. The road work really tore me up so I did and easy nine yesterday with christy mae. This morning I did 9 and then did an easy 5 this evening. Right achilles pulling a little bit.

I will write more this week on the running but have to unpack.

That's all I got.