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June 29, 2006


Tonight I start my mini vacation. I have tomorrow, monday, and tuesday off. Nice little five day break from the engineering world.

Today at lunch was a solo Nobscott loop in 48:10 with 8 strides and abs.

That's all I got.

June 28, 2006

The Beautiful Taper

Let me use this space to write about the beauty of a taper. Is it beautiful because you are fit and can actually do a taper? Is it beautiful because 6 by 1000m gives way to 8 by 400m? Is it beautiful because doubles morph into singles? There are many more questions about why the mystical taper is so beautiful, but not enough room on this page. The energy is just all bottled up and the only thing I want to do is race. The key to the next few days is going to be keeping it bottled up and letting it out at the right time to maximize time at the 4th of July Road Race. Only 6 more days and the perfect 10 day taper will be complete. Actually, it would take a victory to make it perfect and that is certainly not an easy feat. Everything will have to go just right for that to happen. Here's hoping everything goes just right.

The Carrara Taper is going quite well. Last night was a great track workout with a new training partner and some 400m repeats 67-68 target with 90 seconds rest. There were 5 @ 67, 2 @ 68, and 1 @ 64 due to the youthful exuberance of the new guy in the spikes. Those things will happen and to tell you the truth they all could have been much faster. It felt great last night even with the wind.

Today, the rain returned. Which begs the question, if it has been raining for 2 months and then you have two days of no rain, was it ever gone? With any luck the rain will be taking its leave for the holiday weekend and we will be dry.

Lunchtime run in the rain with Sergeant Lutz and the pace was pretty decent all things considered. No lifting for me thank you very much. That is a non-taper exercise of which I will have no part in. I will be doing the abs still but those are second nature by now.

Ok, christy is at class tonight and I have to figure out what to make for dinner.
Swedish Fish, Pretzels, or Pasta. Tough choice as always.

Thank you and good night.

June 26, 2006


Yesterday was a longer type of long run for 2:11 minutes at a nice slow pace. Probably 18-19 miles. All in the ARWR north and south for a nice loop with Walter. There certainly is no shortage of marathoners around to do long runs with. Another Sunday filled with rain which matched the saturday filled with rain.

Today was a nobscott loop through humidity so thick you could see it. 49:32 with a lot of sweat. A little bit of lifting afterwards with some nice new weights we have in the fitness center.

Have to go catch up with other people blog's tonight.

June 24, 2006

Stepdown, Stepdown.

Get Down, Get Down. Claydes Charles Smith died yesterday. The only reason I mention it is because a vivid memory from when I was just a wee lad was roller skating to Celebration. Kool & the Gang is one of my favorite funk bands and Smith was a co-founder. Let's hope he is still doing the Jungle Boogie.

This morning was the second track workout of the week and went pretty well. Since it was a saturday morning track workout it was raining, of course. Welcome to the wet and rainy Atlantic North East. Stepdowns are my favorite type of track workout because they build my confidence immensely. The 800 was supposed to be the hardest effort with the 1600 and 1200 just in there to get the heartrate up and the legs a little tired.

500m active rest inbetween each interval.
1600 @ 4:46
1200 @ 3:29
800 @ 2:11
400 @ 59.6

I was very pleased to run a sub 60 400m because I just have not done it in so long it felt good to finally drop below a minute for a lap. Tomorrow will be the long run and then I begin the single sessions for a 4th of July race. The hard work is over, now all I must do is stay fit and not get hurt.

I am off to BBQ at the sergeants house.


June 23, 2006

A little humidity

Another quick update here. Been pretty busy after work as of late and have not been able to get an entry in.

Happy Day. We have a sink and a dishwasher. No more doing dishes in the downstairs bathroom. The toilet kept getting clogged.

Tuesday nights workout was a solid effort. Mile, 9 by 400m in sets of 3 with 5 minutes between sets. Here is the data:

1600: 4:50
5 min rest
400: 62
400: 63
400: 63
5 min rest
400: 67
400: 67
400: 67
5 min rest
400: 63
400: 64
400: 63

Felt pretty good. The conditions were ideal. 70's, no wind. Another track workout tomorrow morning and long run sunday. I should have some time to write this weekend with all the rain we are going to have.

That's all for now.

June 20, 2006

quick entry

I am work so this is just a quick update.

The weather as of late as been nice and hot. Not beat down July hot but still hot. Sunday was a quick 32 minutes before a road trip to rutland, VT to visit my grandfather. It was great to see him on father's day and he was moving around as well as I have seen him move in years. He is 91so any time he is up and about is a good visit. That is a 3 hour drive one way so I didn't get back in time for a second run like I had planned.

Yesterday was a Nobscott loop in 46:45 with all the hills. Pretty sweaty run but I didn't feel that bad so it must have just been the humidity. After work I did a easy 37 minute ARWR southside run. I will have to bring my trimmer in there soon. A lot of the trails are starting to become over grown. especially my speeder bike trail.

that's all for now. if I get a chance tonight I will write some more.

June 17, 2006

Saturday Long Run

Today was a bit of a switch from the normal routine. This morning was 1:45 in the trails from ARWR outer loop north to the memorial forest loop. First solo long run I have done in a while and predictably went too fast. I have to get the pace down on the solo long runs so I can recover for the workouts.

I just watched the first half of the world cup hockey game USA vs. Italy. 2 yellow cards, 2 red cards. One red for an elbow to Brian McBrides face which opened up a gushing cut and one on USA for a late slide tackle. Seemed like the slide tackle should have been a yellow but the ref obviously wanted to even things up. It is hard to tell when a player just dives on the ground or if he is pulverized down into the turf. I think there is a lot of acting going on.

Ok, back to the second half, they are done re-surfacing the ice.

June 16, 2006

Chase Corporate Challenge

Last night was the 2006 Boston Chase Corporate Challenge. I am not sure if this was a positive or negative race. I was thinking about it the entire time on both of my runs today. Just going back and forth on well it sucked or it was a step in the right the direction. Here it is in a simple Six Sigma good/bad analysis. You can scan the data and decide for yourself.

1. Did not get worked up into a nervous mess before the start of the race.
2. Ran in the lead pack until the surges got to me.
3. Was mentally in it the whole time trying to evaluate and get maximum return

1. Never made a real hard move to try and win
2. When Mortimer made his move, I knew he was making it, and didn't give 100% to go with him because I was scared of bonking last half mile and slowing down.
3. No kick

What all this added up to was a 17:25 effort of 3.5 miles on a rather hot boston night. It was good enough for third place. Some volunteer also called me "hon" at the end of the race. For some reason that was always a pet peeve of mine unless it is my mother. She can call me what ever cute name she wants. OK, back on track here. The race started just as predictably as the last 8 of them have. About 20 people who have no idea what they are doing go charging out at about 4:35 pace to get into the lead and make sure they have a good position. Then, about 300m into the race, you can almost see the acid solidify in their muscles as their pace slips to about 6 minute pace all at once. As I was running by those guys I was almost sorry for them. I was thinking, " the next 3.4 miles is not going to be any fun at all for you." Some pace advice on the chase corporate website would be very welcome to them I am sure. Alasdair McClean-Foreman went to the lead and I went with him and Mortimer closed in close behind. I was also surprised to see past corporate champion Ed Baker up there in the lead pack. Rumor around my training group was he had a hitch in his giddy up and would not be racing. He unfortunately could not finish with us because of said injury. Alasdair, Mortimer, and myself quickly distanced ourselves from the chase pack and I figured it was going to be Mortimer. He was just cruising right along behind us with out much effort what so ever. At the second bridge after the turn around at Kenmore Square, Mortimer took off and I couldn't go. Alasdair went for a little while but then he fell off as well. What we didn't see was the fastest runner in the world Eric Las who ran the race in an amazing 00:31 and won the race. Check the results. Any one who can average 8 second miles is tough to beat.

Today could be the perfect day if it wasn't for my good for nothing contractor. I had gotten today off because the contractor was supposed to come and put the counter top and sink in. Obviously it was too nice to work because he called and said the wrong color sink came in and he could not install until Wednesday. Perfect. I used to think you could never get sick of take-out. I am sick of take out. The Comcast van was on our street today, the guy casually knocked out the whole streets cable. There isn't a huge soccer tournament or anything going on is there?

Besides that, all the hassle of moving to this house was finally worth it today.
This morning was a nice 7.5 mile run through Memorial Forest with Christy Mae in ideal 75 degree weather.
Afterwards, we got to utilize this.
Pool Shot.JPG
I swear I am part fish. I love the water and love to swim. The best job I have ever had was lifeguard. They actually paid me to teach swimming lessons, hang at the beach, workout, and play guard games. Christy worked on her dives and I just sort of floated around. If any of you are looking at installing a pool or purchasing a house with one, I strongly recommend it.

Then I mowed the lawn and fixed the bike and cleaned the car and did some puttering. At 5 another 4.8 miles through ARWR in 85 degree sunny perfect running conditions. 6 strides, 30 laps, 50 kicks, and a couple swan like dives.

Pretty good day.

Would have been perfect if the cable guy didn't knock out our cable and if the contractor actually showed up. Can't get everything I guess.

Tomorrow is supposed to be very much like today and I am excited to get some more good runs in with some more swimming.

That's all I got.

June 13, 2006

Just like Pete Sampr-as

The perfect running day finally hit New England. 75, sunny, no wind and nice 6 x 200 @ 30.5-31.5 to shake out the legs. Can not get any better than that. Lunch was and easy 5 in the trails at 35:15.

I also got to have a hit after the track workout on the Bentley courts. Just a 1/2 hour of rallying with Dan. It was actually 15 minutes of rallying and 15 minutes of chasing the ball around. After taking 3 years off from any sort of tennis at all, it was pretty sad as we tried to get our timing and mechanics back. You always have to get the first hit out of the way. It wasn't exactly Federer vs. Nadal.

that's all I got

June 12, 2006

lone runner no more

Today marked the triumphant return of my training partner to the nobscott loop lunch time runs. It is really nice to have someone to train with. It is only every other day for now but it will be welcomed company.

On the running front, today was a nobscott loop in 49:15 with the two peaks scaled for variety. Tonight was the morning ARWR loop 371 in a blistering 27:25. Big PR for that course. I was trying to get a quick 30 min @ 6 minute pace effort in and actually probably ran about 5:50 pace. Felt good to get the legs turning over.

That's all I got.

June 11, 2006

your circuit's dead, there's something wrong

Another tough race last night in the 1500m. 4:07.23 in a race I went out too fast in. I haven't exactly been doing 1500m stuff but I figured I would be able to at least run 4:00 or quicker. Very odd and I can't quite pin down what went haywire. The warm-up I did was incomplete and I never really got loose. It did not help that I was redlining at 62 sec pace either. Maybe the fact it is my first week back from that little virus. That does it for Boston High Performance series for 06. Hopefully we will bring it back again next year.

This morning was a semi long run with Christy Mae. 1:25:59 in ARWR out around the patrol road through the interior along the eastern patrol road. Not a bad run. It wasn't raining which was a nice change of pace.

On the Kitchen front, our pewter drawer pulls and knobs came into the store we ordered them from today so we picked them up. Have not had the chance to install them yet but soon I will be able to do just that. They are perfect for the stain we picked out. The contractor is coming on Friday to install the counter top and put a sink in. Then it is just the floor and some paint.

that's all I got.

June 8, 2006

Misty 200

Shake-out night in a mist at Maynard High School track. That track has far and away the best warm-up/cool-down trails I have ever run on but the worst track. It is one of those tracks on a plot that is too narrow so the straight aways are long by about 5 meters and the corners are a tight radius. It is also just tar with a thin rubber surface. MHS is a little bit closer to my house than Hudson High and I love the trails there so I decided since it was just 6 200's with a minute rest I would give it a shot. The Husdon High track is brand new so I go there when I am going to be doing more than 3:00 worth of work on the track and no one will be at Bentley.

Here is the data:
1. 32.47
2. 32.71
3. 30.92
4. 31.22
5. 30.54
6. 30.07

Felt fine, not poor, not great, just doing it. The weather was that kind of not rain but not dry either weird sort of mists. At least it wasn't steady rain, which I am plenty sick of. Probably not as sick as you are of me complaining about the rain.

Sox are up 7-3 in the 8th. Let's hope they can pull on game out of the Bronx.

That's all I got.

Never gonna stop the rain by complaining

More rain has joined us here in New England. I can not remember a May/June that has been this wet and cold. My dear trails have been turned into an inter-coastal waterway. Have not spotted any Manatees yet but I am sure they are on their way up from the warm waters of the gulf.

Yesterday was 50 minutes really easy in the woods. My legs were a bit tired from the effort on Tuesday night and I have some turn-over work to do tonight on the track and therefore figured an "easy does it day” was in order. I usually do the loop in 47 so I was well off the typical pace.

I was not pleased I had to wear a jacket in June. 52 degrees with a wind driven rain with a hat, jacket, and beat up trainers is not how I envision June training. It is supposed to be 75, sunny, with a light 1.1 mph wind (so the sprint records are legal), and no rain. The weather guy said it may clear up in time to save Sunday. Sunday? What about the summer?

June 7, 2006

Positive Trend?

Don’t look now, but it has been 3 good runs in a row with one of those being a workout. I do believe that counts as a streak. A few more days and it will be a tear.

Last night on the track it was an interesting workout that is not typical of the breed we usually do. It was 4 sets of 800m – 100m jog/recovery – 300m hard with 3 minutes between sets for rest. The goal pace Kevin gave me was 2:18 to 2:20 with 48-49 but I felt 2:16 was possible without doing any damage and 48-49 was right for the 300m effort. I was working out with roland who I thought was going to be around 2:12-2:14. I could not have been more off in my estimate but that really doesn’t matter. Here’s the break down.

1. 2:15/47.7
2. 2:16/48.5
3. 2:16/49.2
4. 2:17/46.5

The first one was too fast because of my total lack of any feel for pace or cadence on the track. It is odd because I am typically pretty good at that but this season I have not been feeling it too well. I was going off of Roland and he was on his way to a 2:06 and I went through in 65, oops. I thought it would come back to haunt me the way those fast starts always have but not this workout. It actually finished off quite well with a quick last 300m that I could have run faster but I didn’t want to tear myself up and do anything that would take any significant recovery.

I will try to put an entry in tonight after my run and hopefully a light lifting session. Actually, any lifting session I do is bound to be light, but this one will be extra light.

That’s all I got.

June 5, 2006

back on all eight

The alarm clock went off and I was actually able to get out of bed. 32:14 for the ARWR shake out this morning with christy. I didn't feel exhausted or completely spent afterwards either.

Lunchtime was a counter nobscott in 46:24 with the hill and a little add on so that is a good sign. Back to doubles means there is actual training going on and not just going through the motions. Tomorrow night we will know the real status of things as the group is meeting at Bentley for a track workout.

I just hope that all eight cylinder's are firing tomorrow as they were today so I can get back on track and get some fast races in while there is still some track season left.

June 4, 2006


1:44:39 today in the woods with Dan, Mario, and Christy. Christy stayed with us for 1:10 and then headed home while Dan, Mario, and myself added on a Assabet River Wildlife Refuge loop. It was a great run at a very comfortable pace. It is one of my favorite loops as well. Next week I am going to try for a 1:55 long run. Unfortunately, the pool could not be used for swimming after the run because it was really cold out. It was nice to ice the legs afterwards in it though.

The cold/sore throat/congestion thing that has been a thorn in my paw last week is almost completely gone and I am going to bed right after this entry to try to put it out of its misery. This week, I am actually going to train. Let's hope this little virus didn't do any real damge and only delayed things.

Harvard man James Blake got ousted from the French open today by young frenchman Gael Monfils. A rare sigtht on national TV is two black players squaring off against each other in a major tennis tournament. A sport of priviledge, professional tennis could use some diversity. Good match but unfortunately Blake is just not a red clay type of player. He should do some damage in the US open.

That's all I got.

June 3, 2006


Today is going to be a first in my racing life. A big ugly scratch in a race I was really looking forward to running in. The BHP tonight has a killer 3k with Mark Carroll, Adam McKenzie, Liam, Reale, and Roland Lavalle which will be an excellent race. I am unfortunately way less than 100% which would be required to toe the line with those gentlemen. I am just going to be in the way so out of it I will head. If the rain stops and I get a good nap in after my training run I may head out to watch it. I am certainly not going to stand in a cold rain and get any worse than I already am.

Last night was the night I tried to lick this thing by getting into bed early and staying there until 8 this morning. Same cough and blah feeling which told me the effort of max sleep was in vain. Next week I should be healthy and ready to roll.

I don't know how many of you caught the last hour of the scripps spelling bee but it was a final between a young Canadian and a jersey girl. The Great State of New Jersey stood tall in the end with a correct spelling of Ursprache. She was certainly aided by the luck of the draw in the 11th round as the two people who went before her got "syringadenous" the "heiligenschein" to knock them out as she got "hukilau". That is the way the words come up. I bet the kids who got those words were thinking, "why don't you just give her "truck."

That’s all I got.

June 1, 2006

blah cough blah

I have not been writing too much recently because I have not been feeling so hot. A sore throat congestion/cold type of thing with no fever but general feeling of blah. My head has been hitting the pillow at 9:30 and then my alarm goes off at 6:00 and I feel as if I hadn’t just slept 8.5 hours. I have had absolutely no purpose in my running since Sunday. To bring everyone up to date, I was in a 5k on Saturday which was awful at 14:57. Ran a great long run on Sunday for 1:43 in Memorial Forrest with Christy, Yvonne, and Dan. Ever since I have been battling this stupid virus which has decided to settle in at precisely the wrong time. I decided not put down all trials and tribulations of trying to get better while various contractors have been coming to and from the house to install cabinets and template out the counter.

One thing for certain, if you are looking to refurbish your kitchen cabinets, may I recommend A-1 Cherry for wood. It is just the most beautiful material to use for a finished surface. Just could not be happier with the choice. I have a little digital timeline going on my camera and I will post the transformation as soon as we are through with it.

Last night we started the first baby step to getting the kitchen on its feet, a functioning stove/oven and refrigerator. We are pretty psyched with our first tiny sign of progress. The microwave will be installed tonight and I hope to start actually placing items into the cabinets. The dining room and living room will be resigning from their temporary position of makeshift kitchen and appliance storage areas and resuming their full time work as said rooms. Luckily we were able to avoid a work stoppage as they were forced to perform double duty at the same pay. It got a little tense when we moved the microwave onto one of the couch cushions but cooler heads prevailed.

That’s all I got.