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April 30, 2006

Lincoln LSD

I went to the woods because I wanted to run delibrately.

Today was the classic Lincoln woods long run with Adam in 1:37:12. Really nice run which was very controlled. The weather was a perfect 55 degrees with not a whisper of wind or hint of a cloud. Waldon Pond was in post card form with the trees budding and the whole forest reflecting green in the pond. I am sure Don Henley would be touched. Just ideal for an LSD. My legs felt good and were none the worse for wear from the racing and travel. I will go easy tomorrow again just to be sure.

The Penn Relay's coverage was lacking today but rumor has it that the Corporate DMR was supposed to be the highlight of the television program. Damn hockey playoffs.

April 29, 2006

Mixed bag of Penn Relay's

Another Penn Relay's down. The OD 5k race did not go so well. Another 14:56. It seems that is all I can run these days. I got my feet tangled at the start, had to dodge around runner who almost went down, and split a ripping fast 75 putting me into dead last place. Great start if I may say so. I went through the mile in 4:44 after trying to work trhough some traffic, then nailed a 4:36 mile, then fell apart at the seams, again, giving me a crawling slow last mile that has been the norm of my last 4 5k's. Don't know what is up. It was 5.5 hours in a car the day of the race but that is no excuse. I had great traveling companions in Dan and Yvonne and did not have to drive at all so that is a crap excuse. I spoke with my coach after the race we will try a new approach when the spring season gets here in earnest. I unraveled as bad as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are right now. I am listening to them blow a 1 run lead in the top of the ninth by giving up 4 runs.

On to the good news, the corporate dmr. To let you know in advance, I love relay's. I never really got to run them in high school because I always did the mile and two mile indoors. I never ran outdoor track in high school because of tennis. My sophmore year in college I asked my coach why I never ran any relay's at all, he responded "You are an open runner." That was all I got out of him. He rarely said more than absolutely required. My senior year I was able to run the mile in the DMR indoors at Dartmouth and an anchor leg of a 4x 800m relay indoors at UNH in challenge cup action. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it even though I had run the mile previously in both meets. I think he put me in them more for a workout than to actually have me race the relay but I ran hard and to win. we actually won the DMR at Dartmouth. Wow, I just went way off track, where were we. Right last night's DMR. Well, the Vanguard A team with Tom Parlapiano and Steve Holman scratched on thursday because their master Jim Norris pulled a hamstring and could not go. That pretty much left it between us and GE A, who won last year's corporate DMR. This year our team was completely revamped with Joe Otto leading off with the 1200 (3:12) running in front for 1100m until GE passed him in the last straight. He did not mind being used in such a fashion, someone has to lead. Joe pased it to our secret weapon, Yvonne Mok, who laid down a killer 63.x 400m leg. It was against the extremely tough Alison Chiu who ran about 55 high and was moving. You may recognize her name because she has been on a few Austrailian national teams so she is get down fast. Yvonne then handed off to our resident master racing stud, Steve Sergeant, who flew down on his own dime last minute to complete our team, for which we are all very grateful. Steve, down about 9 seconds, smoked a 2:02 800m closing the gap significantly on Jim Watts. Steve and I had an excellent hand off with no momentum break which gained us a second on GE immediately. I was then about 2 seconds down and I ran as hard as I could to close the gap immediately to try and draft off of the leader, Joe Herington. I had the gap closed down about 150m in but the effort was significant. I spent the next 1.5 laps trying to gauge how strong the leader was and whether I should got at 600m or 300m. I did not feel bad about using him in such a way because the tactic was already employed by his own team in the 1200. I was unsure of my own legs because I was feeling flat due to the 5k the night previous. A fact Duncan reminded Joe of everytime we looped around by yelling, "stretch him out, he is not fresh." Thanks Duncan. I decided at the 800m that 600 would be too early and it would have to be the 300m. Right when we hit the backstretch on the bell lap I pulled out and started to go, but Joe responded and responded hard. We were also lapping people so we were going into lane 2 and 3. I believe Joe was using that to his advantage, as he should, to keep me weaving a bit and force me to go the long way around. With 120 remaining I kicked as hard as I could and suprised myself with speed I got to the track putting a second into GE on the last 120m. My last lap was a 60.x with 4:25, 26, or 27. I head those three splits so it was right around there. Raytheon finally broke the curse and took a win at Penn Relay's. Thiw will most likely was my last relay at the famed carnival. New blood is coming into Raytheon this spring and I know he will be a better miler than I. Justin will be healthy and hungry for his own victory and it would take and act of God for me to be a better 1200m guy than him. I am getting old but am no where near the required 40 to be the master's leg. I don't plan any drastic procedures to tranfer me into the female demographic which will be a spot safely in Yvonne's hands for some time now. Thanks to all my teammates and traveling companions. It was a hoot.

Please forgive the mistakes in this post. There is no way I am going back to proof read this stream of consciousnous garbage. Hopefully you will get the idea. Post a comment if your brain hurts reading this.

That's all I got.

April 27, 2006

Road Trip

I am off to Penn's. No entries until Saturday.
When I return I will write a detailed description of the Men's 5k and Corporate DMR from a racer's perspective. You will also get the highlights, or what I consider the highlights, of the Thursday/Friday action.

Till Saturday, adios.

April 26, 2006

short work week

TGIF, in way. Last day of work for me this week. It was a long day. Ran in to work in 36 minutes and ran home in 32. oops. Lets hope we don't regret that tommorow night. 5 strides and that's it. Big 5k at Penn's tomorrow night and I hope to race well even though my milieage has been high recently. The key is going to be finding my pace early and not freaking out if things don't start out well. I will not try to force something, that is my solemn vow. I am just going to race the first mile a little cautious and evaluate from there. If any readers are going to be at Penn, feel free to say hello. I will be racing in a white reebok singlet, black shorts, and blue spikes. Just look for the guy who looks way too old to be racing around with college kids, that'll be me.

That's all I got.

April 25, 2006

I Love A Rainy Night

A little chilly out there on the track tonight for the good old turn over and shake out workout. 6 x 200m at 31 with Joe. He will be the irreplaceable replacement for the out of commision Justin on Friday for the corporate DMR at Penn Relay's. It is the highlight of the meet. Track and Field news will be running a cover story on the competition. Dick Pound and WADA will be there to test the top 3 teams along with OSHA to make sure everyone actually works at their listed company. Make no mistake, a lot rides on this.

Today at lunch I did the nobscott shakeout in 33 minutes. 3 sets of abdominals afterwards with Justin in the fitness center. Tomorrow will just be easy runs to and from work with some strides afterwards to get the legs ready for Thursday night.

Tonight we had quite a large group at practice and I hope it stays that way.

Such a beautiful sight.

April 24, 2006

Monday monday

Nothing good to report today. I think I burnt myself out on the basement this weekend because tonight I went down there to hang some pictures and set up the dart board and just watched house hunters. Stupid television.

For training I did a counter nobscott with the hill in 47:55. That is with a bathroom break I forgot to stop my watch for and the hill. I had to wear the jacket, again, so it was hot during the run. Rained on and off. Tonight I did a area 51 run in thirty minutes for a shake out and 4 strides afterwards. A lot of fun base mileage is. Tomorrow is a little turnover workout in preparation for the 5k at Penn Relay's on Thursday.

Let's hope for some sun at least. I am sick of the wet, chilly conditions.

That's all I got.

April 23, 2006

Weekend Update

Satruday was an interesting track workout/temp that I have done once before. I assumed I was doing it with Mark and Brad but we all know what happens when you ass-u-me. After waiting 20 minutes I decided it would be another solo day and did the 3 mile trail warm-up. The work-out was 1200 @ 3:34, 10 minute tempo, 1200 @ 3:34, 10 minute tempo, 1200 @ 3:31 with 2 minutes rest between each rep. This is my tempo route. I was trying for 5:05 pace but it looks like I missed because i think the route was about 1.9 and I should have been around 1.96 for miles. There was the typical spring head wind on the home stretch and for the first 3/4 mile of the tempo. All things considered I guess it was a solid workout. I took the afternoon off because I busy fixing up the basement all day and decided I would do a real long run on Sunday.

Today was the first day I was able to link together a whole loop which incorporated Area 51 north, south, and Memorial forest in a coherent manor with no turnbacks or getting lost. Christy was busy with a paper for grad school so I was solo the whole way able to run a quick pace. I believe it was about 6:35 pace for 2:07:12. I think it was just over 19 miles. Heard a constant string of gunshots while running on the east side of Area 51 north but never found the source. Most likely a range on private property just outside of the refuges boarders. I did the whole perimeter of the northern refuge and the shots always seemed to be from the east so I guess no one was firing in the refuge. Don't want to be the unintended target of a wayward bullet.

Today I have my basement almost to completion. A few patches and some touch up paint, it will be done.
This is what it looked like when we moved in.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
This is what is looks like now.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

As soon as I get the furniture, art, and games up, I will post a finished photo. I am going to retire for the night and watch some TV.

That's all I got.

April 21, 2006

Don't Dim the Sun

This entry is a little later than I thought it would be. This morning I was able to get out of bed and do the morning run through Area 51 in 32:55. Easy does it. Christy Mae even joined me even though it was her last day of school vacation and it is back to teaching for her on Monday. It would take a nuclear incident to get me out of bed at 5:45 on my day off. Maybe even then I would just sleep through it.

Lunch was a Counter Nobscott loop. I again forgot my watch on the bathroom shelf (wear I put it when I shower after morning runs) so there is no time on that. I would figure about 46:30 because I included the steep hill on this one. Afterwards I did...

Wait for it...

8 strides in the parking lot. Actually 6 stides and two sort of drills (karoake's and butt kicks).

See, I told you today's entry would be exciting. Now you are all fired up and can not get to sleep. Here is some boring stuff to put back into slumber mode. Unless of course you are a super environmentalist, then you will just get upset at the current state of affairs. So go to bed if are a super green person.

The reason this entry is late is because I was sucked into a Nova show on PBS. Yes, yes, dork you later. It was on how particles in the pollution from our power plants and jets actually help slow down global warming by dimming the sun. The green house gas emissions accelerate the warming by CO2 tearing apart the atmosphere. I am not an expert on anything environmental and I have no idea what is actually happening, just to be clear. The people on the show knew exactly what was going to happen, they had computer models. That was my huge issue with the whole show. I work with computer models every day of the week. You can change one input variable slightly and get a huge delta in your output. You can get a computer model to say whatever you want by giving precedence or more weight to a certain thing and take it away from another. One thing I am sure of, the ocean is not going to rise 25 meters in 50 years like one guy prophetized. Is that a word? Anyway, let's hope they are wrong and we can straighten out this mess. I am doing my part by biking and running to work. Then of course I turn on my stereo, lights, and microwave all while preping my basement for a big TV.

Is it getting hot in here?

April 20, 2006

Base training and bad news

Today was another riviting day of solo base training. I couldn't get out of bed this morning for my am run. Lazy ass. I did a counter nobscott at lunch and forgot to bring my watch. I am thinking a 46:00 or so effort wise. Did abdominals afterwards. Tonight I got lost in area 51 south and ended up on a cool new trail. I am calling it the cavern run because the trail is so narrow and the canopy is right above your head.

Today my training partner got the bad news from his doctor after examining the MRI that the injury is indeed serious. He will be on the DL for 2 months with no running at all. Bike and aqua jog is all he can do. Sucks on many levels, the highest of which, he was getting into fantastic shape. He had a string of PR's indoor's which would have certainly translated into a solid spring season.

Our corporate DMR at Penn's will not be the same without the 1200 meter opening leg he can produce. Lucky for us, his replacement is more than up to the task. Hopefully we will get a win this year after a 2nd in 04 and 3rd in 05.

Some good news was today was a near perfect day. A little less wind and I would call it ideal.

Tune in tomorrow for another riviting day in the life of "Base Training with Ryan." Sure to be a killer installment as I introduce "strides" into the mix. Try not to lose any sleep in anticipation of tomorrow's entry.

That's all I've got.

April 19, 2006

quick entry

Tonight I was busy working on the basement stairs trying to get the creaks our of the treads. The carpet guys are coming on Friday to put in a nice berber and I want to do all the finishing work I can before I have to start being careful about not ruining anything.

Tuesday night was our first workout on the outdoor track. I must be tired from the tempo run because I ddin't feel all that sharp. Not a waste of space, but very little knee lift. 3 sets of 400, 400, 800 in 68 and 2:20, 2:20, 2:17 for the 800's. Breezy and cold. It did not help that I showed up a half hour late because work held me up a bit.

Today was a standard area 51 code 371 and a counter nobscott in 45:51. Afterwards I actually lifted weights in the fitness center. Something I am sure to regret tomorrow. I have to get back into my cross country lifting program because I know it helped a great deal. Hard to find the time.

I will update tomorrow when I get this little basement project done.

That's all I got.

April 17, 2006

Hallelujah! Internet is Risen

Allelujah!! Internet has risen
He endured the blackness, for you and me
He pledged his solitude, to keep my knowledge
My precious internet, he died for thee

Those of you with a similar Roman Catholic youth may recognize the above verse with some of the words changed to suit the occasion.

Tonight marks a huge moment in the history of the blog known to you and I as Easy Gait. This entry is coming to you from our new office on the second level of the Hudson digs. I hope to have more content to this space with a little more opinion thrown in for good measure. As always, feel free to critique and comment anything on this page, my skin is thick. Now I do not have to use the work machines for my little bits of training minutia.

Speaking of which, this morning was a nice easy solo Area 51 Code 371 run in 32:31. It was followed by a road bike ride into work supplemented by a road bike ride at lunch to the 10k mark of the Boston Marathon. Which by the way was sweet to watch, as always. Americans going 3-4-5 with Brian Sell busting out a huge 2:10:55 effort which was astounding. Ideal conditions lead to a disgusting opening pace. The lead pack burned through in 30:01ish and looked great. That is of course 23 seconds faster than my 10k PR but that is neither here nor there. Kudo's to Reebok Bostoner's Chris Voce (2:40) and Brendan Prindiville (1:11:54 thru 1/2 marathon) who competed today. Big effort from fellow eliterunning.com blogger Bridget who came is at 3:09 after racing the race in her mind every day for about 3 weeks prior to the race. A job well done to all the racers. Next year I shall be with you because I will not have to move, or pack, or buy, or sell anything of note. I will take my revenge on that hateful, hateful course for what it did to me in 05'.

This evening I did a Area 51 south blue diamond run with Christy Mae in 36:25.

Tomorrow night is the first night on the outdoor track. It is supposed to be chilly and windy with high's around 45. Let's hope the hamstring stays attached to the bone.

That's all I got.

Total Mileage 4/10- 4/16

Mileage total for the week.
100 Miles.
1 Single
5 Doubles
0 Races

Next week goal: 100 (no more)

Marathon Monday

No internet at home yet so it has been a while since my last post. The cable guy did come on Friday and couldn’t get the thing set up so he is coming again tonight to get cable working. I have the modem and the machine ready to go, just have to get it working.

Saturday was the tough tempo run in Lincoln. We did the eight mile tempo starting with the 4.6 mile hilly tempo and adding on a 3.4 mile section to the farm loop. It went pretty well because for the first half I had Adam and Brad to pace with and then completed the last half solo. Felt pretty good the whole way, the last 2 miles were straight into the wind. The splits are below but I obviously missed some the points because I had to get some by myself. I got attacked by a German Sheppard who cut straight across the road in front of a pick-up truck to take a stab at my right foot. He then quickly retreated to the yard where he belongs. That was not too much fun. He really came out of the driveway at full speed.

1. 5:12
2. 5:27
3. 5:18
3.6. 3:08
4.6. 5:06
5. 2.22 (26:34)
6. 5:09
7. 5:01
8. 5:50
Total: 42:35

I am assuming I screwed up 6 and seven royally because I was trying for 5:15 during that section. I think I was right around there because the average of the last 3 miles is right about there.

The afternoon run turned into a road bike ride because I spent the entire afternoon burning brush from the yard. It really killed my legs so I figured a bike ride without all the weight on the quads would help a lot. I don’t think the previous owner’s took care of the yard at all. It is in really rough shape and a lot of labor this first spring should make it respectable for next spring. Once we open the pool I will probably just want to swim all day so I better get it done while the getting is good. And the fence fell down, which is hole other thing. Now I know why it was on the exclusions in the buyer’s agreement. I think it has fallen down before because the repairs I have found on it so far and haphazard, jv, and dangerous if ever want to hang around area wear the fence could fall.

Sunday was a shorter long run than last week because I think the extra 15 minutes I tacked on last week was just garbage miles that only tired me out. The week was the same amount of mileage as last week but better quality. I hope to have another quality week this week. More strides worked as we transition to the track.

Last but not least, today is the famed Boston Marathon. I will be heading down there shortly on my bicycle to cheer everyone on through six and then head back here to wish we had this weather last year. It is currently 50, overcast, with a north wind that should not affect the racer’s one way or another until they hit the city. I do believe the record could go down today. To everyone who reads this and is racing, good job, you are in the recovery period now. Take your time, rest up, and make a go at some summer racing.

That’s all I’ve got.

April 12, 2006

Marathoners Beware!

All you Boston Marathoners are in trouble this week if the prevailing winds do not change. Last night I was at Heartbreak Hill doing 10 light to light and the times were slow. The only thing I figured could have accounted for the difference between last nights 1:50’s and the previous weeks 1:47’s was the head wind. The wind was coming out of the east last night which will not make Boston a fun time. Last year was first marathon and there was a head wind the whole way. Let me tell you how much that race sucked. It was 70 degrees, no clouds anywhere, and a steady 10-15mph head wind, the whole way. A little piece of advice, if race day comes and the conditions are poor, just back off your goals a little bit and modify your plan. Last year I did not listen to reason and decided I was going to run 2:26 come hell or high water, all I got was the hell part. The last 4 miles of my race I would not wish on anybody. Dead on nuts through 13.1, 1:12:57, couldn’t ask for a better start. The idea of running 2:24 even ran through my mind. Then, at mile 22, the hamstrings, calves, and back, all revolted at the same time. It was a very organized military coup. My body knew that if it revolted one muscle at a time, I would crush the revolution with shear force of continuing on at all costs. If they all cramped at once, they knew I wasn’t going anywhere. They said we are stopping and there is nothing you can do about it. It was quite humiliating, ripping off a constant string of 5:37’s like that and throw in a 9:48 and an 8:55. The dehydration and pounding took their toll and I went from about 38th to 57th in no time flat. Let this be a warning to everyone who has dreams of conquering Boston on Monday. Raceday changes are wise, not wimpy. If the conditions will not permit it, the conditions will not permit it. Anyone trying to force the issue will be dealt with accordingly.

Here’s wishing all the Boston bound a good day with a tailwind, 45 degree temperatures, and no sun.

Ok, The IT Gestapo here at work has been on the prowl lately, so I will have to make this quick. The cable guy is coming to my house on Friday to install cable and internet so I will be good to go from then on.

Last night was ten to the top from 1:50-1:53 with a 4 mile warm-up and a 3 mile cool down. Yesterday was a Nobscott shakeout for 5 at lunch. On Monday was a Counter Nobscott and an Area 51 code 371. Today was an am Area 51 code 371 and at lunch I am going to do another counter Nobscott loop. Very exciting stuff I know. They have been with Christy or solo because my partner is still on the DL but hopefully on the mend.

That’s all I’ve got.

April 10, 2006

Total Mileage 4/3- 4/9

Mileage total for the week.
99 Miles.
0 Single
6 Doubles
0 Races

Next week goal: 105 (no more)

same old same

Not a whole lot going on in the running scene for me. Just business as usual with the typical doubles and Tuesday/Saturday workouts. I have always trained for prolonged periods and then race only when I feel I am ready to race. That obviously didn’t workout so well this indoor season but it typically does work out very well. My next race won’t be until April 28, so the log will probably be a bit boring for a while.

Saturday was the Lincoln Tempo hilly loop, and, get this, just once. Having to only do the loop 1x made my day before we even started the warm-up. We had a skeleton crew of 5 Reebok Bostonites. Corporal Lutz was off at Marine Drill this weekend and Mark Coogan was attending his daughter’s soccer game in NJ so it was a solo effort for me. The goal pace was 5:05 for 4.6 which I figured I could do right on even though some miles are much tougher than others on this course.

The Splits:
1) 5:04
2) 5:06
3) 5:02
4) 2:58 (.6 miles)
5) 4:46
Total: 22:56

Felt very comfortable the whole way and tried for a 4:45 last mile. Slowed down the last 200m because I thought the pace was too fast for 4:45, slowed down a touch too much. I really enjoy the pace play and hope to improve on that part of my running this spring.

Saturday afternoon I did a 6 mile shakeout with Christy Mae and found a really nice single track trail in AREA 51 south.

Sunday was the first true Long Slow Day I have done in a while. 2:07:46 for about 19 miles I would guess. Did the first 74 minutes with Christy in a nice easy 7:00ish pace and then I did the last 50 minutes solo. Started out in Memorial forest up towards Area 51 then doubled back through Sudbury state park. Then I did Memorial Forest solo out through Bruen Military Base. I don’t think they like me there because of the looks I get but it is a public way now so they just have to get over it.

I set a new PR on Saturday for the price to fill up a tank of gas. It cost me $41.32 to fill up my little 4 banger turbo with 14.7 gallons of gas. The engine is high compression so I put in the high octane gas which is about and extra 2:60 a fill-up. I only have a 14 gallon tank so you can tell how long I waited to fill that guy up hoping for a gas price change. Probably not a good idea to rely on fuel in the line. Anyway, this is going to be ride/run to work week because I can’t afford to drive anymore, even though it is only 5 miles.

BC lost its bid to become NCAA champs in hockey against a strong cheese team from Wisconsin. They came with in mm of tying the score with 12 seconds left and an empty net but could not finish off the scrum. My sister went to BC and I therefore chreer for them because we used to have a blast at hockey, basketball, and football games. Except for when they are competing against UMASS, then BC has to go down!

April 7, 2006

Solo Training

Today was another solo run at lunch for 46:43 with a counter nobscott with the hill. A lot faster than the last time I did a counter nobscott in 3 inches of snow. That was 48 hours ago so obviously it is 60 and sunny today. Until tonight when it is supposed to be raining. This morning chrsity and I did a Area 51 code 371 in 31:42. I am growing quite tired of that loop and will need to find another 30 minute loop in the trails. that will be my mission for tomorrow afternoon after for the post-tempo shake-out.

Yesterday I ran Area 51 code 371 in 30:50 and then rode my MTN bike into work. Took 27 minutes on the trails which I thought would be faster. Then did nobscott loop in 44:56 with sets of abdominals afterwards with Justin. After work I got a nice mtn bike ride in with one of my work colleagues. I am trying to get our old gang back together for mtn bike rides on thursday nights after work. So far I have a gang of 2. We are fierce in our spandex and yellow tinted glasses.

Have a good weekend.

April 5, 2006

DEEK workout

I now have a new favorite workout. It was one popular with Rob de Castella , I am not sure if he invented it or not, but I know he used to like it. It is just a 5k broken up into 400’s and 200’s. You do the 400’s at proposed 5k pace and float the 200’s for 4800 then do the last 200 hard. The 200m is not really running but not a jog either. It is certainly active rest. The idea is to do this workout a few times during the season keeping the 400’s at the same pace but increasing the pace of the floating 200’s. Eventually, you should see significant improvement in your fitness.

Last night was the above workout with 400’s in 68 and the 200’s in 48. The last 200 was 31.5. The total 5k was 15:56. Could have probably dug a little deeper and pushed a little harder on the 200’s but had no idea what to expect so decided to do a tough effort but certainly not an impossible one. The last 2 400’s were tough but the last 4 should probably be tough.

Lunch was a Bent rd shake-out with Justin in 32:00 and 3 sets of Abs.

Monday I ran Area 51 code 371 in the morning with Christy Mae and then did a counter Nobscott loop with Justin at lunch. No lifting because things are busy here at Raytheon.

Today I ran into work in 36:00 nice and easy. The legs took about 10 minutes to feel normal because it was flipping 28 degrees outside. At lunch it was snowing, which was a little odd for April 5, but the traction was decent. I did a counter nobscott loop in 50:59. Casually about 5 minutes slower than usual. It can be difficult to run in the trails with 3 inches of snow on the ground.

Ok, back to work slackers!

April 3, 2006

Total Mileage 3/27 - 4/2

Mileage total for the week.
92 Miles.
3 Single
4 Doubles
0 Races

long time, no write

I apologize again. I have not put in an entry since Wednesday. I do not plan blog lags like this and I apologize to the three people who actually read this mess.

Thursday was crazy busy at work and I took Friday off to evict some squatting birds out of my attic. This of course included getting access to my attic which was through a little attic hatch in the closet of the master bedroom. Well, after almost killing myself going through this hatch twice, I decided a pull-down staircase was required to do this job right! Off to lowe’s and 90 bucks will get a nice 25.5 wide 8’9” long pull-down staircase. After cutting a hole in the ceiling, covering every inch of myself with drywall, cutting through two floor joists, reinforcing said floor joists and installing the staircase. Besides the fact I almost crushed myself into smitherines a few times by trying to lift the stairs over my head into the framework, it was a pretty smooth job. Now I have access to the attic through some nice stairs. The big joke was on me because the birds I thought I heard in the attic and thought I saw flying in and out of the attic were actually in the gutter. The rest of the weekend was spent raking the front lawn which obviously was not raked in the fall.

Oh running, right. To catch everyone up, quickly, Thursday I ran a double of 5 and 7 for 12 on trails. Friday I got lost in Area 51 south and ended up running 72 minutes. I scrapped my afternoon run after my near death experience with the staircase and realizing I was way too tired to go out for another run.

Saturday was a real solid tempo run day. We met at Lincoln and did the flat-farm out and back. It was the loop so nice we did it twice! The first 4.4 I did with brad and the second 4.4 I did solo. Here are the splits, which seem a little off but not sure why. 5:22, 5:25, 5:22, 7:47 (1.4), then 8:00 rest, 5:18, 5:21, 5:18, 7:35. The run was total of about 9 miles worth of tempo which felt pretty good. Could have probably gone a little harder but that wasn’t the point now was it.

Sunday was the best long run of the year thus far. Memorial forest to Area 51 code 81064 for a total of 1:50:32 and I am calling it 16 though it may be more. The run was an actual loop and I only spun around twice. Did the first hour with Christy and the last 50 solo. Next Sunday I will try to break the famed 2 hour barrier. By break, I mean go over.

That’s all I got.