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April 3, 2006

One For The Girls

"High heels throw your entire body out of alignment and can cause foot pain, knee pain, and lower back pain. Wearing high heels causes calf muscles to tighten. A major compensation for tight calves is overpronation of the foot, which, in turn, can lead to bunions."

Lower back pain....check.
Tight calves...check.
And I don't even hardly ever wear high heels!
Wearing heels, especially if you run right after wearing them all day, also puts you at extra risk for plantar fasciitis, but knock on laminated desktop, that's one injury I've thus far managed to avoid. I do have pain in my right knee at the moment, but that has more to do with slamming it into the corner of the Irish bar I was at on Saturday night.

Manolo Blahnik & Jimmy Choo are supposed to be a New York girl's best friends, but this New York girl can only gaze longingly at those graceful accoutrements, those forbidden fruits, that seductive pathway to stature and elegance. I love the way they lengthen my legs and accentuate the flex of my calves and I love the extra few inches they give me, allowing my to kiss my foot-taller-than-me boyfriend without throwing out my back.

Of course, I'm not alone in this dilemma. A quick search of running chat rooms reveals the angst caused by the longing for pretty shoes. One website suggests that you stand on a piece of paper and draw an outline of your foot. You should only wear shoes that you can set down and completely cover that outline. Anyone who has ever held a Manolo knows that nobody's feet are naturally shaped like that. I've even heard stories of people getting surgery to remove toes to make their stilettos fit, but that's one road you'll never see me going down.

I had a irresistible moment of weakness this weekend though, on a shopping trip that was supposed to be about finding shoes to match the dresses my mother bought for my brother's wedding weekend in June. We had mixed success in that department, but I struck gold with the cutest, most me pair of heels ever. And 40% off too! I know they're not good for me or rather, that they're outright bad for me, but still, they're healthier than say, heroin.

I love summer, just for the fact that flat shoes become stylish again and you can wear things like pedal pushers and cute flippy skirts that still look good even without a minimum two inches of heel. You just can not wear a suit with flats; it looks ridiculous. So I'm psyched to be moving into the season of sequined slippers that an Andrew Jackson can buy you on the street and those plastic Chinatown slides that are inexplicably fashionable in New York and even ballet flats, which I adore even though they have no arch support or cushioning whatsoever. I'll still have to wear the new "cutest ever" pumps on occasion, but just the fact that they are SO adorable, and therefore memorable, will keep me from indulging in that sin too, too often.

I apologize if my male readers are totally bored by this train of thought, but I did find one article on this topic on a cross-dressing site, so I guess it does occasionally affect men too!

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