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Happy New Year

So far, so good for 2013, though unfortunately not quite as happy as the tail-end of the old year. December gave us a bit of a break after the gero-psychiatrist adjusted my mom's medication and her mood seemed to really lighten. She was consistently less anxious and seemed to connect better with other people, even towards the end of the day. Nothing changed since then in terms of what medicines she's taking, but maybe she developed some tolerance to the dosage, since lately it seems like she's back to experiencing more down days and she's a lot less alert during my weeknight dinnertime visits. It's worth a call to the doctor though, so I'll have to see if he has any theories.dgphoto.jpg
Having said that, she's still not nearly as anxious and argumentative as she was back over the summer. Despite a vicious flu season in these parts, she's staying strong and healthy and even though she probably covers several miles a day with all of her restless walking up and down the halls, she's still got enough of an appetite to keep her weight up. It's just been so rare through the whole process of this disease for things to ever get better, I just got a little spoiled to see those glimmers of optimism and personality again.

Another happy thing to share is that my mom has been able to visit with her sisters several times over the past couple months. One of Erin's ongoing stories is based in Missouri and she has been able to schedule STL layovers during some of her other travels. Sheelah and Brigid were just here last weekend. The excitement and conversation does seem to leave her a little more tired than usual, but I really do think she recognizes everyone and enjoys the interaction.

Other than that, things are pretty much the same. There's been a little bit of turnover with the care-taking staff, but the core cast of characters has remained pretty consistent. The same is true as far as the other residents, though I worry sometimes that not everyone will make it through the winter. Except Millie, of course. My mother's cantankerous, 104-year-old former roommate will probably outlive us all.


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Jennifer [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Glad to hear things are going a bit better. That's a really great photo!

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