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A Morning for Me

I can't even remember the last time I went running; it has to have been sometime in the spring. But in honor of the men's Olympic marathon this morning I promised myself that I'd find a way to sneak in at least a few miles this weekend. Now that our awful heat wave has finally broken, I have no more excuses.

So Nathan and I hit the road after breakfast and he took a nap (what a life) while I pounded out four and a half hilly, 11:16 minute miles -- more than twice the pace of the runners in London.

Now I've just got to make this the start of a new routine. Though minus the part where I let him clamber around in the little playground adjacent to the running trail until he started acting all weird and I peeked into the play house to find him surrounded by RATS!


Not really. They turned out to be baby bunnies. Totally freaked me out for a second though!
I got a little more exercise in the afternoon strolling up and down the halls with my mom, over and over again. She's still just so restless, but now that she's got her helmet, the nurses are okay with just letting her walk and walk (and walk and walk). I stayed with her until she was completely exhausted and she let me and a nurse aide seat her in a big BarcaLounger for a pre-dinner nap. The staff all seem to think she's doing better though. Tomorrow I'll give a call to the gero psychologist who saw her on Friday.


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Jennifer [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Glad you were able to get out for a run and that your mom is doing a bit better than she was right after Tim's visit.

Did you see that Helen Gurley Brown died? I still have her book, which you gave me!

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