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Stopping by woods

Aside from the bother of having to worry about hit-and-run incidents and crazed rural serial killers, there's something really special about a snowy twilight run. I laced up the togs last night just as the light was starting to fade and headed over the bluff to the MKT trail to see what it looks like covered in white stuff.DSCN0556
DSCN0558The city here uses cinders on the road to keep the ice at bay, so the sidewalk alongside turns into a really disgusting morass of black muck by a day or two after a snowfall. When I got to the trail though it was like something out of a dream.
The grey sky hinted pink at the edges and reflected up off the snow with an ethereal light. Even after I passed the open fields and entered the darkening woods, the snow-covered path glowed gently before me, as comforting as the ceramic fir-tree nightlight that used to stand sentry in my childhood room. For the most part, my only company was the soft crunch of my own footfalls, but I did pass a one other woman enjoying the lavender twilight. "It's hard to run in the snow," she said as I passed her. I suppose my shins are a little sore today from the slippery hills and that slight nudge back that comes with every step, so maybe it does make it a little harder than usual, but after a run that feels that magical, it really is so worth it.


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