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Bumps And Bruises

Yesterday started off portentiously, with the sky outside of my apartment building full of helicopters and the street full of emergency vehicles. When I saw the commotion and the police tape over my subway entrance, I turned around and went right back up to my apartment to get my camera. I don't think it was a morbid reaction. It just makes sense to me, if something big is happening outside my doorstep, good or bad, I want to be prepared to record it for posterity.

In the end, it just turned out to be a building collapse. It was a terrible thing to happen and it makes you think twice about walking under scaffolding, but these things are a fairly regular occurance in the city. It was a relief to hear that there weren't any fatalities, but it was just as much of a relief to find out that it wasn't terrorism. There will eventually be a morning where that is what it is, I feel a sort of resigned certainty about that.

Taking my camera out there taught me a few interesting lessons too. One, I am easily shamed. One woman snapped at me for taking pictures, saying "a baby died there!" First of all, that wasn't true and second, how does my taking photographs have anything to do with that? I also learned that I am easily bullied. I had a good angle on the scene and I hesitated and then walked away when a police woman told me that they needed to clear the street. If I have any illusions about a future in photojournalism, I need to get myself both a thicker skin and an up-to-date press pass.

I finally made it to see my accupuncture/massage guy at lunchtime and received a nice refresher course in pain tolerance. After inserting his thumbs what felt like a good foot and a half into the center of my quad muscles, he recommended that I take an entire week off from running, come see him again and then get about the business of starting up my training again. Since I leave for Colombia in just a few hours and I don't know what the running possibilities will be like in Cartegena, that advice would probably be quite easy to follow. All I have to do is pull my running shoes out of my luggage. I hate the idea that I won't be able to run even if I feel like it, but it would free up a lot of valuable space in my bag. I'm sure I'll change my mind about this ten times in the next 45 minutes.


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