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The Truth of the Matter

2005 Drinks to date:..117.....Miles: 176

I am a very bad runner.

I am not untalented. I think I've always had an enormous amount of raw potential, even if I am unfortunately a little prone to injury. I think it was the University of Colorado x-c coach who came up with the three-pronged formula for a good runner (which my ex might be kind enough to forward to me if he still reads this blog) which included durability as one of the necessary qualities for success. However, when it comes down to it, I am very, very lazy. Always have been. I used to fake injuries in high school to get out of practice and up until my senior year I was still winning races, so I didn't think there was anything wrong with that.

I had to get a little more serious about things in college because I was team captain and people actually looked to me as some sort of role model. (silly, silly people...) But that's also when I started running marathons...using the same training schedule as I did for my 5k cross country races except for adding in one 13 mile long run. One time I didn't even train at all, just went out and ran the thing. It was a miserable experience, but I still ran a 3:45, even with walking the last few miles of it.

Gradually, I've gotten more serious about it all, but it's been a slow, painful process. I really do want to know what I'm capable of though and after three years of being 'the slow Michelle' on my running team I've got a chip on my shoulder and something to prove.

Now that I've finally got exel on my work computer I can make pretty graphs to chart my progress. I'm probably cutting it close in terms of being ready for a June marathon, but it's still nice to see how many more miles I've already run this year as compared to last.


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