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Closing In Fast

2005 Drinks to date:..75.....Miles: 72

Runs are painfully boring on the same little loop over and over again, even though it's really only a tiny bit shorter than the circuit I like in Central Park. The worst part of it is that two roads cut through the park, only one of which has a traffic light. Though it works out okay since the two halves of the western loop seems to time up with the walk signal. That probably doesn't make much sense without a map of the thing, but it's late and I'm kind of rambling here anyway. I did see a cute Marine-esque looking guy running at about my pace while I was running this afternoon. I'm so kicking myself for not hollering out...Por favor senor, eres tu un Americano? Quieres una amiga por tus correres? I just wasn't sure that correres was the right word for runs.

What else? Didn't do much today since it starting raining heavily as my Mom and I were leaving the Botero museum (which was really cool) and she wasn't feeling well anyway, so we mostly just hung out at the museum cafe watching the thunderstorm. I got to practice my Spanish a few times during the day and even though I feel completely inept, my mother seems impressed with my fluency.

Tonight we watched Survivor, which was okay. The sadist in me would have liked to see the contestants receive a bit more abuse though. Tomorrow we're planning on visiting the botanical gardens to look at orchids. Hopefully my mom's cold will have let up a bit, especially since we're supposed to go away to this little colonial town, Villa de Leyva, for the weekend. They have horsebackriding!


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