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Now What?

Such a let down, but life goes on. News continues to be made, so my business will probably move on to its next obsession pretty quickly. Arafat may or may not be dead, but even if he isn't, he probably will be soon. And Elizabeth Edwards has breast cancer, so that poor family is having a really rough week.

When I look further on down the road, it's hard to feel really optimistic about the future. What place does a non-god believer have in this Christian country? Everyone says this election came down to the issue of morality. My own sense of ethics revolves around the concept of hurting as few people as possible during my time on the planet and trying my best to understand and communicate with all those other human beings that I share air with. Sometimes that doesn't seem to be what Christianity or Judaism or Islam are about at all. It does seem pretty hypocritical though for the administration to denounce the Taliban and criticize nations who base their government on Sharia, when an devout adherance to a Christ-based faith has apparently become a prerequisite for high office in this country.

And it seems to me that Nationalism or Patriotism, is just another form of religion, creating another 'club' for people to belong to. We are are such clique-happy organisms. God forbid we see ourselves a just small parts of a bigger, all-encompassing picture. The perfect example is the vehementcy (is that a word?) that GWB reacted to that "Global Test" phrase.
I understand that foreign policy can not be based on a vote by the UN, but should world opinions be completely discounted when our policy does in fact, affect the global community in very profound ways?

And hey, I also ran four miles this morning, gained two pounds and took a series of very cool photos last night. So despite my electoral distress, I personally, am actually doing okay.


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