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  • I am a mother of twin girls, who were born in March of 2011.
  • For the past 25 years, my life has been pretty running-centric.
  • I had a running blog back before most people had heard of running blogs. That’s why I own the domain running-blogs.com. I met some awesome people that way, but I shut the blog down many years ago.
  • Things I’ve been in the past: Web editor for New York Road Runners, high school cross country coach, college cross country and track & field coach, and (running) photographer. Currently, I work as a freelance writer mainly for Runner’s World, but also some other running publications from time to time.
  • I was serious about my running from 1990 to 2005. I was less serious from 2006 to 2010, then I didn’t run much at all from 2010 to 2013. Now I’m getting back into it.
  • I have PRs of 18:40 (5k), 38:18 (10k), 1:26:35 (half-marathon), and 3:09:45 (marathon). I don’t expect to ever get close to that level again, but I appreciate the opportunity to continue challenging myself.
  • I live in Natick, Mass., about one mile from the Boston Marathon course.
  • I post about my training on Instagram here. I think taking photos mostly of myself running is such an odd hobby, but GoPros are awesome and I like the challenge of getting a good shot…and I mostly run alone, so I have limited options.


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